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Military Academy

Heart to Heart, Remix Heart

At the Academy, Jin met Taro Sasaga'e and Akane Teruhiko, becoming close to both as all three of them were roommates, and all had joined the student council. In his second year, Jin won the Torifune Festival's martial art tournament, becoming its 'Izanagi' for the year. He largely neglected his duties, however.

After having saved the girls from pit they fell into, Jin was seen again in the Torifune Festival of that year. He won the tournament again, this time it being 'rock-paper-scissors'. Jin also introduced Tsubaki to Taro and Akane, having frequently mentioned her in the past. Jin also met Kajun Faycott and Mai Natsume, with the former working alongside him as the 'Izanami' of the year. [1] Jin also helped judge during the sports festival [2] and was confused when Team Remix Heart managed to bring back the Conversion Grimoire - he talked to Estella McKenzie about the incident. [3]

The weather system that manages Torifune eventually broke down, returning the city to its natural state of perpetual cold. Taro accidentally shoved Jin into Team Remix Heart, causing them to slide across the icy pavements until they hit Akane's igloo and were sent careering into the distance, landing at a beach. Jin refused to use the Golden Angel that Kajun had provided, and they waited until they were picked up by Torifune officials. In the meantime, they had fixed the Regulation Grimoire, and brought the weather system online. [4] Days later, Jin felt Ragna's presence in Torifune. [5]

Because Taro had kissed Mai, he took on Noel's "death dinner" cooking, sending him, Jin, and Akane into a bedridden state. [6] Remix Heart, bar Noel, looked after the boys, and Jin joked that Mai couldn't possibly be in love with an "idiot" like Taro. He was introduced to Shiori Kirihito, although he was never made aware that she was an assassin hired by Kisaragi members to kill him. [7] He was gifted some porridge by the girls, but Taro quickly ate some of it before Jin could even taste it. However, Jin felt Ragna's presence on Mai, and Yukianesa's influence began to take hold. [8] Hypnotised by the Nox, Jin wildly attacked Mai while Taro attempted to stop his movements. Noel soon arrived, using the Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk to temporarily distract Jin, allowing for Cypher Albar to intervene and knock him unconscious - Jin was carried back to a different dorm, as he had destroyed the one he had been staying in. [9]

Thanks to the Yukianesa incident, massive icebergs had been created around Torifune, and Jin was ordered to help manage them with everyone else who was involved. He watched Taro battle Shiori in eating shaved ice and was not pleased when a Torifune panda attacked Tsubaki. [10] While bathing with Taro and Akane, Jin watched as the former was gifted an Ars Magus sealed letter and could not open it. Taro begged for Jin's help, but he refused. [11]

Jin was soon gathered to help break Mai out of an alchemy induced coma, but he and the other students present were ensnared in the trap laid by Cypher. Taro saved Jin and Akane from the alchemy barrier created [12], and watched as Mai not only awoke from her coma, but also battled Cypher one-on-one. [13] When the professor teleported away with Shiori and Mai, Jin took control, ordering everyone present (Taro, Noel, Tsubaki, Kajun, Chachakaka, Estella, and Makoto) to gather all the strongest Ars users to create a barrier of Ars Magus that would stop Cypher's plan of creating a Burning Red Grimoire - he also ordered Akane to evacuate the student body. [14] They succeeded. Jin was told that Cypher was nowhere to be found after both Mai and Shiori were rescued from the lower levels of Torifune, and he wished to speak with Chachakaka, but she relented. Jin, with the rest of the student council, was then swamped in paperwork surrounding the event. [15]

Later that year, Jin graduated.

Ikaruga Civil War

Spiral Shift, Variable Heart, Determination

In the aftermath of the war, Jin was promoted two ranks, becoming the youngest Major in the NOL's history, and Jin went to his medal ceremony in the 2nd Hierarchical City of Iwatsuchi with Taro. [16]

Variable Heart

Kagura told Jin about the whereabouts of Meifang within the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu, ordering the Kisaragi heir to arrest her on grounds of treason. He willingly went, travelling to its cauldron and reunited with Mai, also meeting Bell. Upon entering, he froze solid one of the many Fuzzy as snow began to fall in the enclosed space. [17] He talked to the Colonel, letting her know that he was going to cut her down, remembering the deaths of the Ninth Squadron, Grimwood's execution, and Karenjina's torture. The two began fighting while Mai battled the numerous Fuzzy. Eventually, Mai launched her Legacy Weapon, the Gallia Sphyras: Outseal towards Meifang, puncturing a large hole in her shoulder - Jin followed up by freezing parts of her, yet it was not enough to take the Colonel down. [18]

Jin lost sight of both Mai and Meifang as the latter created a Phantom Field. The Colonel was defeated and Jin left with Taro pursuing him. He was reunited with Akane and Taro for a brief moment aboard an Ars Magus vessel. [19]

purgatory hell

Not long after his promotion, Jin was given a book called the "Biographies of Heroes". He looked at the book, and felt disdain towards it, mentally remarking that most of his biography had been vastly dramatized; regardless, he signed off a check-sheet to say that the book was acceptable for publishing. Jin was interrupted by Noel, who handed him a letter telling him that she had been placed under his command as his secretary. This greatly annoyed him, and he dismissed her before losing his temper at Yukianesa.

The following day, Noel handed him a letter from NOL headquarters. The letter detailed that Noel was to be deployed to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and to watch the Grim Reaper - Jin learned here that the Grim Reaper is in fact Ragna the Bloodedge, his long-lost brother. The Major began to maniacally laugh to himself before leaving his office, making his way to Kagutsuchi and abandoning his post. [20]

Calamity Trigger

A major of the NOL hailing from the Kisaragi family, who earned the title "Hero of Ikaruga" by ending the Ikaruga Civil War. Although he is supposed to be faithful to the NOL, one day he suddenly ignores his orders and heads to the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.[21]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Bang Shishigami

Bang: Jin Kisaragi from the Library, I presume?

Jin: Hmm?...Oh, those strange clothes... You must be from Ikaruga. A..."ninja," right? What does a ninja want with me?

Bang: Nuoooooooh! How dare you mock me! My name is Bang Shishigami! Don't tell me you've forgotten this face! I've tried to live my life by my master's last words... But now that I've seen you, I don't think I can do that anymore... Forgive me, Master! My last vow to you... "Don't hate people...hate evil"... I'm afraid I'll have to break it today! I am the protector of Kagutsuchi's soul! I, Bang Shishigami, will not let evil pass by! Haha, I will not miss this opportunity! My master's death will be avenged! Jin Kisaragi! In the name of justice, I must destroy you!

Jin: Do you ever shut up?

<Jin Victory>

Bang: Gugh! Master...I'm...sorry...

Jin: Hmph. What a waste of time.

Stage VIII: Noel Vermillion

Noel: Major Kisaragi!

Jin: Oh, it's you. What do you want, Lieutenant Vermillion?

Noel: Major, you've disobeyed a direct order. Headquarters said they will overlook this incident if you return to your post right now. So, sir, please...!

Jin: ...

Noel: You're a war hero with a very important position. If you don't go back, you could be tried as a deserter. Your trial would cause an uproar in the Librarium. And...this particular mission was assigned to me. Why are you here in Kagutsuchi, Major...?

Jin: Get out of my way.

Noel: Eh? Major, what are you...?

Jin: Who... Who... Who the hell do you think you are!?

Noel: ...Major?

Jin: Why don't you just...go die...?

<Jin Victory>

Noel: S-Stop it...sir...!

Jin: You trash... Scum! Get out of my way! ...Hm?

Noel: M-Ma...jor...

Jin: Oh, that's where you were...

Stage IX: Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna: Haah... Haah...

Jin: This is an odd place... It's like time has completely stopped.

Ragna: !? You bastard!

Jin: That was pretty harsh, just attacking me like that... Hm? You look injured... Are you OK? It's been a long time, hasn't it? You're reckless as always, Brother.

Ragna: Why the hell are you here, Jin!?

Jin: "Why"? I thought that was obvious: to see you, Brother! ...Heheh...haha...ahahaha!

Ragna: What's so funny!?

Jin: Oh, I'm just happy you're alive... Now I get to kill you again!

<Jin Victory>

Jin: No... Brother, that wasn't fun at all!

Ragna: Damn it... The wounds from that asshole in the mask aren't healing...

Jin: Brother...this isn't enough... I need more than that...

Ragna: You piece of shit...!

Ragna and Jin: !?

Stage X: Nu-13

Nu-13: Loading...loading...loading...loading... Complete...

Jin: Who are you?

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. Auto-mode: confirmed.

Jin: Yukianesa is reacting...

Jin: Hurgh... Something's... something's flowing into me... Information? No... these are... memories...

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. IFF determined. Processing... Subject is hostile. Activate termination protocol.

Jin: Oh... I see... So that's what you are... You... are the enemy!

<Jin Victory>

Jin: Gah! What's going on!?

Rachel: Until we meet again. Good-bye, Mr. Hero.

Jin: What!? Where is he!? Brother... Brother...!? You bastard!

-Impossible Meeting-


Jin: Hmm... This is the only place I can feel relaxed anymore.Trying to act nice around others isn't my forte, and I'm not really good around crowds of people either... Brother... Hm?

Noel: I'm sorry... That's mine...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Jin Kisaragi Arcade 01.png

Jin: Hm? Oh, this? It can get really windy here, so you should be careful. Are you new here?

Noel: Y-Yes... Thank you very much. U-Um... My name is Noel Vermillion... A first year. I joined the Military Academy this year. P-Pleased to meet you.

Jin: I'm Jin Kisaragi, a third year. Nice to meet you. Um... Miss Vermillion, was it? Isn't it a little rude to look at the ground when you greet people?

Noel: Ah! I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Jin Kisaragi Arcade 02.png

Jin: !?

Noel: U-U-Umm... I'm very sorry, uh, Jin...... but... could you give that back?

Jin: Huh? O-Oh...right. Here you go.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Jin Kisaragi Arcade 03.png

Jin: Who the hell is that girl? Saying they look like twins would be an understatement... That girl looks just like her. Damn. Just when I was beginning to forget... How frustrating.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Part 2

On the 30th of December, Jin found himself within the district known as Roningai. Here, he was found by Bang, but the major failed to recognize the ninja. Bang attacked in vengeance for Tenjo but Jin defeated him, having used Yukianesa to freeze parts of the district. He refused to kill the ninja, remarking that he was not worth the effort of killing. As he left, Jin began to mutter; each breath dripping with lust for Ragna's death. [22] The following day after having crossed over most of Kagutsuchi, he came across Noel who had been ordered to apprehend him and bring him back to headquarters. He ran towards her with Yukianesa drawn, swinging at her but barely missing. The two fought, but Noel was saved as Hazama created a smokescreen for her to escape. [23]

Jin finally made his way inside the Kagutsuchi NOL branch, finding it was empty. He expressed a brief joy for it being so; it would mean no one would interfere with him battling Ragna. Soon enough, his brother arrived, and Jin drew Yukianesa, rushed towards Ragna and clashed against Aramasa. Throughout the fight, Jin's unbridled laughter illuminated the Cathedral, yet he was not strong enough to defeat Ragna. Eventually, Jin was beaten and sent unconscious, his last thoughts being on how cold his hands were. He was found by Noel and Hazama - the latter had him detained on an Ars Magus vessel hovering around Kagutsuchi's airspace. [24]

As soon as Jin found out about the SS-Rank criminal, Ragna the Bloodedge, he was exhilarated, and filled with nostalgic thoughts of his brother, as well as murderous intent. He immediately made his way to the 13th city of Kagutsuchi on foot, as he sought to avoid being detected by NOL headquarters. As he arrived in the 25th area, Roningai after taking many detours, Jin could feel the presence of many other individuals. Not before long, Bang Shishigami, and a horde of his followers came from hiding, challenging Jin to a fight out of vengence for his Master. Jin claims to be unaware of such event, and does not even remember Bang's face, which angers him, and his followers greatly. Bang tells his followers to stay on standby, as he proceeded to fight Jin alone. Jin makes quick work of the enthusiastic ninja, defeating him with ease. As his subordinates shouted at the Major with aggression, Jin paid them attention, and continued with his travels.

Next, Jin arrived at area 5, Kagutsuchi Port, after taking another detour to avoid detection. He feared that he's running low on time, as many others have been targeting Ragna due to his large bounty, and other personal reasons. In the midst of his thoughts, he was approached by Carl Clover, and his Nox Nyctores Nirvana. Carl notices that Jin is looking for the Grim Reaper, Ragna as well, and states that if Jin were to find him first, it would turn out unfortunate. Jin, seeing this as a threat, provokes Carl to a battle, defeating him without effort. As Carl was grounded, Jin finally remembers him from the Military Academy, claiming that he was disappointed with his choices in becoming a vigilante. Claiming that he's wasted too much time, Jin proceeded to take his leave.

Finally, he arrived at the branch office, however, it was strangely vacant. He searched every single corner of the cathedral for a presence, and found a faint trail. And soon, he was face to face with his lieutenant, Noel Vermillion. Noel came in orders of the NOL, requesting Jin to come back to his position immediately. Her face, and voice both made Jin feel both irritated, and dizzy. Because of her uncanny resemblance, Jin found it difficult to be in her presence, going insane, and attacking her. When he regains his senses, Noel was nowhere to be found. Jin continues deeper inside, arriving at the gate.


There, he found his brother Ragna the Bloodedge. Discarding his aloof, cold personality, Jin became wicked, and murderous upon seeing Ragna. Much to his brother's dismay, Jin began to speak about the days about the church. Laughing hysterically, Jin then begins to engage in a battle with Ragna. Jin manages to defeat Ragna, claiming to have been dreaming about the day he was able to kill Ragna. As he was about to deliver the final blow, the gate began to open, Nu slowly emerging from it.

As Jin and Nu were faced with one another, Ragna warned Jin to stay away from her. Suddenly, memories began to flow into Jin's mind from Yukianesa. Then, Jin begins to go insane, once again, and attacks Nu. All of Jin's efforts were futile, as no matter how many times he strikes, Nu never fell. Nu heavily wounded Jin, and proceeded to walk over to the defeated Ragna. She takes the Grim Reaper, and leaps into the cauldron. Jin, using the rest of the strength in his body, runs after her, desperately calling for his brother. He jumps into the cauldron right after them, disappearing from the timeline along with them.

Continuum Shift

An Ars Magus of the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron with the position of major, known as the "Hero of Ikaruga" due to his victories during the Second War of Ars Magus. Despite being treated for injuries from the previous incident, as if being led towards something, he heads for the Kagutsuchi branch of the NOL. [25]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Hazama

Jin: ...Step aside, Captain

Hazama: Oh, you in a hurry? Looking for something, maybe? Would you like some help?

Jin: ... This doesn't concern you.

Hazama: Oh-ho, c'mon now... I was just kidding! You don't need to be such a grumpy-puss. Now turn that frown upside down before you ruin that pretty face, Major Kisaragi.

Jin: ...Ugh!? What...!? What was that?! I thought I saw... Hrg! ...Your face... your voice... You're pissing me off!

Hazama: ... Well that's a little weird. Thought I wiped you pretty clean. Maybe I missed a few bits...

Jin: ... What? What the hell are you talking about!?

Hazama: Hmm... I wonder? What a selfish guy you are. It's all take, take, take with you. Then just toss it aside when you don't need it anymore.

Jin: ... What!?

Hazama: OK, OK, I get it. You want to see Ragna, right? Hoping he'll show up and scold you a bit? Can't depend on your brother all your life, you know! Hahaha!

Jin: Shut up! You bastard!

<Jin Victory>

Jin: ... Die

Hazama: Ahahahaha...!

Jin: Are you insane? You're about to die. What could possibly be funny!?

Hazama: Oh, I'm as sane as the day is long. I just can't believe you're such an idiot.

Jin: ...What!?

Hazama: While you're wasting your time yelling at me, things've started happening... The gears are moving, and you're just about the only chump who doesn't know.

Jin:... Tch!

<Jin leaves>

Hazama Hmmm... Interesting. More mature? Well, only a little. Still... I -was- going to off you, but maybe I'll... eh heh... help you a little while longer...'

Stage VIII: Noel Vermillion

Noel: Major Kisaragi!

Jin: ... Lieutenant Vermillion

Noel: What are you doing here!? Please return to the hospital-

Jin: ... Shut up

Noel: Major...?

Jin: Shut up, Noel Vermillion! Isn't there... something you should be doing? Why are you following me?

Noel: I-It's my m-mission...

Jin: ...Mission!? Hah! That again!

Noel: That's... That's not the only reason. I respect you, as my superior, and... uh... That's why...

Jin: ... That's why?

Noel: I want you to do the right thing, Major.

Jin: Hah. Since when are you important enough to give me orders?

Noel: O-Oh... Oh! I'm sorry! What I meant was... ah... I mean...

Jin: You never change, do you?

Noel: Eh?

Jin: From the time we first met... Huh...? Ugh...! What is this!? Yukianesa? Ugh - Aaaaagghh!

Noel: Major!?

Jin: Die. You're in my way!

<Jin Victory>

Jin: *Pant* *Pant* Don't ever... Show your face before me... again...

Noel: M-Major Kisaragi...

<Jin leaves, Noel collapses>

Hazama: Ah, just what I'd expect from a hero. Like old times, eh? Such determination! Won't get you what you want, though. Almost painful to watch... But hey, you did save me a lotta time, so... I'll just be taking her now...

Stage IX: Tsubaki Yayoi

Jin: That uniform... Squad Zero, the Wings of Justice, huh? Who the hell are you?

Tsubaki: ...

Jin: ... Tsubaki?

Tsubaki: I'm sure you already know why I am here, Jin...

Jin: Tsubaki... I never thought you would become one of the Wings of Justice, unsurprising though it may be. No matter. Do you know what that thing in your hand is?

Tsubaki: ... The Armagus Izayoi.

Jin: A cursed weapon that steals the light away from the one who wields it... Don't tell me you've already-!

Tsubaki: Jin... Are you actually concerned for me...?

Jin: That's not important, Tsubaki! Why do you have something so dangerous-

Tsubaki: There is still time. Even if I lose the light of day, the truth within my heart will never fade. My own truth will always guide me.

Jin: Truth...? This world is nothing but corruption, treachery, and lies. What meaning is there in "truth"?

Tsubaki: You always hated lies, Jin... Is that still how you feel?

Jin: Yes. Absolutely. Trust, love, respect, hate, jealousy... Nothing more than lies. The only truth in this world is death.

Tsubaki: Then I suppose you will never know the pain of those who must lie...

Jin: ...What?

Tsubaki: Please go back to the Librarium, Jin. Otherwise, I will be forced to...

Jin: No. You have delayed me long enough.

Tsubaki: I can't change your mind...?

Jin: No. You cannot.

Tsubaki: I do not wish to kill you, Jin.

Jin: You must be kidding... Do you really think you pose any threat to me?

Tsubaki That is why I have Izayoi, Jin... The least I can do for you is deliver your judgement with my own hands.

<Jin Victory>

Tsubaki: Jin... No. You mustn't... go...!

Jin: Tsubaki, your eyes... They... I'm sorry, but I must see this through to the end. You should return to base.

Stage X: Ragna the Bloodedge

Jin: Brother...

Ragna: Outta my way, Jin. Whether I go through you or past you is your choice.

Jin: You're not going anywhere, Brother. No! Not... again... Stop giving me orders, Yukianesa! Gugh... ugh, argh... Shut up! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!

Ragna: Jin, you!

Jin: Ha... haha... I beat it, Brother! At last! That damn Order that's been crowding my head for so long! Gone! Ah ha! Aha ha ha ha ha!

Ragna: The Power of Order? Then... you're resistant! That son of a bitch... He knew that, and he chose to use you...!

Jin: Ahahaha! Brother, why does that even matter!? Yukianesa and the Power of Order were only the beginning! All that is in the past now! You and I are the only two who exist right now, Brother! I... I can finally kill you! My choice! Mine! Finally... FINALLY we can have some fun!

Ragna: ... Oh man, you really lost it this time, idiot! Wake up!

<Jin Victory>

Ragna: Kuh...!

Jin: Oh, does it hurt? Ha! What am I saying!? Of course it does! Don't worry, Brother... I'll put you out of your misery, right NOW!

<Hazama strikes Ragna>

Ragna: Gahagh!

Jin: Wha-!?



BlazBlue Continuum Shift Jin Kisaragi Arcade 01.png

Hazama: Wow guys, you have got some serious Cain and Abel shit here! Think you've worked that out of your system yet, Major Kisaragi?

Jin: B-Brother...!

Ragna: Dammit... Terumi...!

Hazama: Oh, calm down. I made sure to miss all your really important bits. Besides, it's not like good old Ragna'll die that easy. He's built good 'n tough!

Jin: ... You bastard!

Hazama: Wh-Whoa there! I saved the best seats in the house for you two... The real show's about to start. If you start acting up, I'm gonna have to kick you out.

Jin: Captain Hazama... What are you plotting?

Hazama: So many wannabes up on the stage these days... Made my job real tough, you know. I just want to make sure I'm 100% crystal clear on this... You guys are the audience. You ain't gonna set foot on this stage, no matter how hard you try. Yeah, not even as extras...

Jin: ...What!?

Hazama: And you, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our leading actress!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Jin Kisaragi Arcade 02.png

Jin: !?

Hazama: Will everyone please give a warm welcome to Miss Noel Vermillion!

Jin: Noel... Vermillion...?

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Jin Kisaragi Arcade 03.png

Hazama: Ladies and gentlemen! Our stage is set! Let the ultimate show BEGIN!

Story Mode

After his battle with Ragna, Jin awoke in an airship circling the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi being treated by Ellen Nelson. He questioned her, learning that he was unconscious for three days and that Hazama had assigned her to keep him on the vessel until his injuries healed. After requesting a glass of water from Ellen, Jin knocked her out and escaped the vessel using her keycard and a parachute. Landing in the outer forests of Kagutsuchi, he encountered Jubei, who explained the Power of Order to him in ambiguous terms. Dismissing it as nonsense, Jin proceeded to Kagutsuchi. [26] There, he found Makoto Nanaya, who had returned from Ibukido. The two conversed, but were attacked by Hazama. Jin defended Makoto against Hazama, but found that he could not match him in his wounded state. He was forced to retreat alongside Makoto, collapsing from his injuries soon after. [27]

When Jin awoke, he found himself in Roningai, finding that Bang Shishigami had tended to his injuries with Makoto's assistance despite Jin's actions in the Ikaruga Civil War. After Bang explained that he would not leave an injured man to die, Jin snuck out under the guise of taking a walk. [28] After getting a far distance away despite his injuries not having healed, Yukianesa tried to influence Jin to kill the Ikarugan refugees. While fighting for control, Jin recalled Jubei's words about the Power of Order and questioned his purpose. After Yukianesa fell silent, a weary Jin was abruptly teleported to Alucard Castle, where Rachel Alucard greeted and provoked him into fighting her. After a brief fight, Rachel had Valkenhayn R. Hellsing perform a painful procedure on Jin that restored him to fighting form and also secretly limited the influence of Yukianesa on him. Rachel then teleported Jin to the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi. [29]

Immediately after he was teleported, Jin encountered Ragna and initiated battle with him in a manic glee. However, he found that during the battle he was unable to draw Yukianesa. Ragna noticed this and explained to Jin that it was never Jin wielding Yukianesa, it was Yukianesa wielding Jin, and that it was not responding due to its now-limited influence. Ragna then told him that Jubei said that once Jin's mastery over the Power of Order overtakes Yukianesa, he would become Ragna's greatest enemy. Ragna then stated that he would settle the fight later with Jin, not Yukianesa, a sentiment which Jin agreed with. [30]

Ragna left after the earth began to shake, signaling Noel's smelting into μ-No.12-. Jin attempted to follow him, but was blocked by Tsubaki Yayoi, who had come to execute him for the crime of desertion from the NOL. After identifying her position as a member of the Wings of Justice and being questioned as to why he deserted, Jin revealed to Tsubaki that others who could have ended the Ikaruga Civil War on the side of the NOL were falsely accused of crimes and killed by the Wings of Justice. After Tsubaki affirmed her belief in the NOL's justice and revealed that she was using the Sealed Weapon Izayoi, Jin questioned whether or not Tsubaki knew of the side effects of the weapon. Tsubaki then created a sealed space with Izayoi to talk to Jin and begged him to turn himself in, as she had been ordered to assassinate him by Hazama. After hearing of this, Jin warned Tsubaki of the impending danger and pleaded her to stop using Izayoi before she suffered the side-effects. [30]

Childish Memories

However, Hazama and Yuuki Terumi somehow gained awareness of the situation inside the sealed space and activated Mind Eater (Maledictus Plaga), which the Imperator had placed long ago to ensure Tsubaki's subservience. Tsubaki begged Jin to help her as her white uniform corrupted itself into black and her mind became completely enslaved to the Imperator. Tsubaki then attacked Jin, with him initially still unable to use Yukianesa. However, his resolve to fight against the NOL and his unwillingness to lose Tsubaki to the Imperator allowed him to awaken to the Power of Order and draw Yukianesa. Jin proceeded to easily defeat Tsubaki and shatter the sealed space created by Izayoi, and Tsubaki was quickly summoned away by Phantom before a wounded Jubei arrived. Jubei then told Jin to save Ragna and to head to the cauldron on lowest level of the NOL branch. [30]

After arriving at the cauldron, Jin found Hakumen fighting Mu-12. Demanding that Hakumen stand aside, he faced Mu and was swiftly defeated. [31] Jin and Hakumen fought Mu until Ragna arrived with Rachel in tow. Ragna told Jin to stand back and for Hakumen to take care of him. [32] Jin watched as Ragna fought and sacrificed his left arm to revert Mu back to Noel. After the defeat of Mu, Hazama appeared and taunted Noel, Jin, and Ragna before Relius appeared with the Imperator, who Ragna and Jin identified as their sister, Saya. Jin and Hakumen attacked, only to be blocked by Litchi Faye-Ling and Tsubaki. After the Imperator informed them that the Takamagahara was under her control, she, Hazama, Litchi, Relius, and Tsubaki were teleported out by Phantom. As Ragna cursed the situation, Jin revealed to him that the one who gave him Yukianesa was Saya. Jin then left the city to train under Jubei. [33]

Chrono Phantasma

Although praised as the Hero of Ikaruga, Jin Kisaragi has split from the NOL due to certain events. Released from Yukianesa's curse through the Power of Order and having received Jubei's teachings, Jin heads towards Ikaruga.[34]

Arcade Mode

Stage 3: Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna: J-Jin... What the hell are you doing here!?

Jin: Brother...

Ragna: Kuh...

Jin: ...The cat told me everything... About you, Saya... The Nox Nyctores and the "Power of Order"...

Ragna: Master...?

Jin: I now know what I am supposed to do in this world... And who the "enemy" I must defeat is.

Ragna: ...

Jin: He said, "Don't avert your eyes from what your soul truly desires, because that's where the Power of Order dwells..." That's why, brother... I'm going to listen to exactly what my soul tells me, this... "Power of Order"...

Ragna: Jin...

Jin: ...Heh heh heh heh... Hahahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ragna: Nuoah! Jin, you bastard!

Jin: Hehehe, brother...! The Black Beast must be defeated... it must be killed! Now, let's kill each other, shall we...? BROTHER...

<Jin Victory>

Ragna: Guah! Damn this guy's tough... Jubei, what the hell did you teach him?!

Jin: Brother...is that really all you've got? How are we supposed to have fun?

Ragna: I'm not having fun here, you piece of shit!

Jin: Oh well, there are a few other things that need my attention... I guess today just wasn't the day I'm supposed to kill you.

Ragna: ...And I hope that day never comes.

Jin: But brother, just remember this: I'm the one...who's going to kill you.

Stage 6: Hakumen

Jin: ...I've been looking for you.

Hakumen: Hm... I was not expecting to run into you like this...

Jin: You go by..."Hakumen" of the "Six Heroes"...now?

Hakumen: Mmm... That determined aura... I see you've made the "Power of Order" your own... But it yet has come to full fruition.

Jin: Wha-?

Hakumen: Nonetheless, our encounter was not a necessity, but merely coincidence. It would seem in this present timeline, you are you...and I am...me.

Jin: ...Cut the chatter. I've got questions for you.

Hakumen: Hah, to badger ME for knowledge, you have gained a sense of humor. If you want your voice to be heard, you must first...master the sword, Jin Kisaragi.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: Hmph... I guess you're not called one of the "Six Heroes" for nothing.

Hakumen: I must admit I am impressed, Jin. Very well, I shall acquiesce to your request... Surely this is regarding Tsubaki Yayoi, is it not?

Jin: Huh?

Hakumen: I'm sorry to tell you, but even I am at my wit's end when it comes to lifting the "Mind Eater" curse. ...Hm, it seems my time has come. I shall now give you the stage.

Jin: Hey, wait!

Stage 7: Tsubaki Yayoi

Jin: Tsubaki...

Tsubaki: Jin... Oh Jin.....Major Jin Kisaragi, there is an order for your arrest. Surrender your weapon and follow me back to headquarters. Should you resist your arrest... then I must take you into custody by force...!

Jin: ...You fool. Are those really your words? Is that really what you...

Tsubaki: My one and only desire is to enforce the laws instated by the Librarium. Anyone who disrupts that order... Even you, major... I cannot let through my grasp.

Jin: ...The only thing your eyes can see is the world fabricated by the Imperator's "Mind Eater" curse.

Tsubaki: I repeat -- surrender yourself immediately. This is your final warning!

Jin: Tsubaki...I have two things to tell you. First, Ragna the Bloodedge is mine to kill. Don't you dare lay a finger on him. And second...you really are ignorant...

Tsubaki: ...I'm sorry we could not see eye-to-eye, Major. I must now resort to force.

Jin: I'll open those eyes of yours... Tsubaki!

<Jin Victory>

Tsubaki: Kuh...

Jin: Surely you already know...you cannot defeat me.

Tsubaki: Uh...ah...guh...

Jin: Tsubaki...?!

Tsubaki: Uhh...ah... Jin... Jin, no... Help...me! Ah...AAAHHHHHH!


Stage 8: Izayoi

Jin: This...?!

Izayoi: I shall serve the blade of justice unto those who defy the will of the Imperator.

Jin: I see... So this is Izayoi's true form...

Izayoi: My blade is the Imperator's blade. Major Jin Kisaragi, I will now sentence you to death for treason against the Imperator herself!

Jin: The Imperator brainwashed your mind, and Izayoi has consumed your heart... Tsubaki, wake up!!

Izayoi: How foolish... You WILL atone for your sins!

<Jin Victory>



Izayoi: I enforce the law...and bring justice to those who have sinned.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Jin Kisaragi Arcade 01.png

Jin: ...Gah. So this is the power of the Izayoi... Though it was designed to obstruct "Observers", it is still a Nox Nyctores nonetheless...

Izayoi: To stand against the Librarium is to stand against the Imperator. Traitors shall be punished with death... Jin, Noel, and Makoto... Everyone must die. Jin Kisaragi, atone for your sins in death!

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Jin Kisaragi Arcade 02.png

Jin: Right now, you're nothing but a puppet. You may still have memories of the past, but I cannot bear to witness this any longer... Tsubaki. Don't...! Don't lose your heart to a mere weapon!

Tsubaki: (Jin... Please, save me...)

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Jin Kisaragi Arcade 03(A).png

Jin: ...Tsubaki. Is there still hope?!

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Jin Kisaragi Arcade 03(B).png

Jin: If only I can break you free of the Imperator's curse... Come, Tsubaki! I'll save you!

Story Mode

Chrono Phantasma

During his training with Jubei, Jin was told about the Amaterasu Unit and the Boundary Interface Prime Field Devices. He also learned about the Izayoi, but was told to find Hakumen if he wanted to learn more. After his training ended, Jin made his way to the Ikaruga Region again, this time arriving in the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Ko. As he stood in Snow Town, he knew that Ragna was also in Ikargua, but prioritized saving Tsubaki from the NOL first. Before he could proceed, he was found by Hibiki, who tried to convince him to help with Kagura's coup d'etat. Jin was approached as he was the next head of the Kisaragi's, while both the Yayoi's and the Hazuki's had yet to be asked. Hibiki stayed with Jin to try and convince him to come back to Yabiko; they first went to the cauldron, Jin being curious over its state after learning from the secretary that Ragna had destroyed it.[35]

When they arrived at the cauldron, Hibiki told Jin that its functions had completely stopped. Jin ordered Hibiki to stay back, and he went further into the facility, finding Relius Clover blocking his path. Before the Mad Puppeteer left, Jin blocked him and the two fought, although Jin was bested by an unknown technique that Relius employed. Hibiki rushed to the Major's side, narrowly missing meeting Relius. The two decided to go back to Kagura.[36]

As soon as Jin entered Kagura's office, he was playfully mocked by the Black Knight, who referenced his nickname in the academy that Taro had given him. After listening to Kagura and Kokonoe's plans to have Tsubaki lured to the Colosseum, he decided his time was better spent trying to find Hakumen than sitting around. He used Order to make Hakumen come to Snow Town and duelled the hero, recognizing that he was an alternate version of Jin himself. After the battle Jin asked for information on Izayoi, learning that it had another form that could kill immortals, the Zero-Type Izayoi, and also learned that Hakumen was indeed Jin from another phase, although he was not sure which one.[37]

When Jin returned to Yabiko, he entered Kagura's office. Ragna was there, but he initially ignored him, focusing his attention on Kagura, who told him that they had moved the plan to be happening sooner since Tsubaki was close to being consumed by Mind Eater. After learning this, Jin turned and headbutted Ragna, the two of them talking down to one another until Noel finally arrived to the office. Jin left when she arrived, telling his brother that he would be waiting for him in the branch's basement.

At the Yggdrasil Seed, Jin waited. Ragna finally arrived and the two battled, but Ragna was in no state to fight properly, and Jin's training with Jubei had made him much stronger. Celica arrived and stopped the two from fighting, putting both of them in their spot and healing their wounds. Both boys were reminded greatly of the Sister. [38] He was present for the meal prepared by Hibiki the following day, although he was noticeably agitated and asked Celica to not be so familiar around him. After listening to Kagura, Jin knew he had to rely on both Makoto and Noel to help him free Tsubaki from Izanami's grip, so he talked to the two women afterwards, forming a plan for the following day.[39] He was woken that night by Arakune's assault, but apparently did not care much for what had happened. [40]

Noel, Jin, and Makoto walked into the Colosseum, waiting for Tsubaki. When she arrived, the Eclipse Field activated, stopping anyone from Observing what would happen within. Jin watched as Makoto and Noel followed the plan, seeing Tsubaki become Izayoi. He battled her before taking a blow from the Immortal Breaker, snapping Tsubaki out of her trance as she believed she had killed him. In reality, the ability did not affect him because of the Power of Order. Tsubaki stood back and then hugged him, their nightmare was over for now and the two reconciled. Kagura arrived and told them both that he planned to change the government and overthrow the Imperator, introducing the two of them to Homura Amanohokosaka after hearing their qualms.[41] Jin later overheard a conversation between Noel and Ragna about family, but when the latter called him out for eavesdropping, Jin joined the conversation. The argument between the brothers was cut short as Noel broke it, telling them that they did have to ruin such a great day. [42] The next day, Jin was called into Kagura's office with Tsubaki and he clashed with Valkenhayn and Rachel, asking why they were both there. After cooling off, Jin received orders from Kagura to guard Homura.[43]

While guarding Homura with Tsubaki, Kagura, and Hibiki, they learned that the group sent to the Lynchpin were under attack from Relius. Jin and Homura convinced Tsubaki to leave to help them, but as she left, they were attacked by Izanami and Phantom. Although the men tried to fight back, Phantom stopped their movement. He witnessed as Izanami abdicated her position as Imperator, handing it to Homura.

Jin escaped from Yabiko and met with Ragna and Noel, and together they witnessed the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi fall from space and onto the planet. They decided to work together, going ahead and attacking the monster while it was weakened by Celica's presence.[44] After battling Izanami and Take-Mikazuchi, Jin left to the base of the Monolith where he helped destroy alongside Hakumen, both using "Winter's Reposte" to do so. When he came back, he saw that the flow of seithr had stopped. Izanami sent Ragna berserk and Jin was forced to fight against his brother alongside Noel. Unfortunately, he was given mortal wounds from the battle.[45] Celica's healing only did so much, but she repeatedly gave her best for him.[46]

Sector Seven

Jin made his way to the 8th Hierarchical City of Wadatsumi, a location he had not visited since the civil war. Bang found him and the two fought, although Jin could feel the presence of the Imperator throughout Ikaruga and cared little about the battle he was supposed to be engaged in. In the end, Bang fell through a hole thanks to his own technique and Jin continued on his own way.[47]

Central Fiction

A captain of the NOL, from the famous Kisaragi family. Although he was supposed to be faithful to the NOL, one day he suddenly ignored his orders and left for the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. Only he remembers that he once held the title of Major and was hailed as the "Hero of Ikaruga."[48]

Arcade Mode

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 3: Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki: Captain Kisaragi! I've been looking everywhere for you...

Jin: Tsubaki? You? ...Looking for me?

Tsubaki: ...Captain. I appreciate the sentiment, but we are on duty. I am your Ministry Secretary, so please address me as First Lieutenant Yayoi.

Jin: Heh, I see... so I'm Captain and you're my secretary.

Tsubaki: Captain Kisaragi?

Jin: I'm running out of time. Get out of my way, Tsubaki.

Tsubaki: No, Captain! If you act on your own once more, this will constitute an act of treason!

Jin: Call it whatever you want. There is something I must accomplish, and you're not going to stop me. Do I make myself clear!?

Tsubaki: Y-You've given me no choice... In that case, I must bring you back to the branch. Forcibly.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: Stand down. You're no match for me.

Tsubaki: Captain Kisaragi... why? Why would you rebel against the NOL...?

Jin: I have nothing to say to you. Not in your current state.

Tsubaki: ...Jin...!

Jin: Go to sleep, Tsubaki. I'll put an end to this nightmare.

Stage 6: Kagura Mutsuki

Jin: Kagura. Didn't expect to see you here.

Kagura: C'mon now. I know we're old friends, but you have to show SOME respect, Captain Kisaragi. I'm your direct superior, and head of the Duodecim. We need to keep up some level of decorum.

Jin: Hmph... using your rank and power as a shield? You bore me... if the real Kagura heard that line, he would be very disappointed.

Kagura: The real...? What are you talking about? Whatever. Report on the mission I've assigned you.

Jin: Mission?

Kagura: I've ordered you to suppress the people and maintain order. The world is governed by the NOL, and Imperator. We need to lead the people of lower standing. I have high hopes for you. Don't disappoint me, Captain Jin Kisaragi.

Jin: Shut up.

Kagura: How dare you speak to me in that tone...?

Jin: I have no emotional attachment to you... but please don't disappoint the Black Knight Kagura any more!

<Jin Victory>

Kagura: Guah...! Jin... Do you really think you can run away from the NOL...?

Jin: I'm not running from anything. Nor do I plan on sticking around in this fictional world. I'd just as soon die.

Stage 7: Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna: Hey, what took you so long?

Jin: Brother... are you going to get in my way?

Ragna: Get in your way? Hah, what the hell are you goin' on about? I think YOU'RE in MINE. You're here to kill me, right? This is the part where we start killing each other? It's on, Jin. I won't run or hide from this challenge! Let's get started!

Jin: What a pathetic attempt. If you want to be worthy of my blade, then you should've done a better job. That wasn't even close to my real brother.

Ragna: That's enough chit-chat.

Jin: I've got no idea whose idea this was, but it's making me sick... Don't expect me to pull my punches.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: How dull... if this were my real brother, I might've actually had fun.

Ragna: G'ah... Jin, you bastard.

Jin: Get out of my sight, you forgery. I don't have time for this.

Ragna: Why you little...! You're the one who's going to disappear, JIN!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 01.png


Jin: Tch, the Black Beast...!? Now!?

Ragna: Grrrrrrrrrrrr...!

Tsubaki: Captain Kisaragi, finish him!

Kagura: Slay the Grim Reaper and become the hero!

Jin: Tsubaki, Kagura... Hero...?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 02.png

Jin: What the hell is this...? No! I never wanted any of this... Hero!? What value does a fabricated hero possess? There is something I must do...And that's NOT to play along with this little game!

Nine: Then what IS your desire?

Jin: ...!!?

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Jin: This presence... Don't tell me, you're Phantom!? No, that's not right... Heh, I see. You're the Great Sage Nine.

Nine: It all makes sense. "The Power of Order." Pesky little thing... no wonder you didn't assimilate to this world. Nor was your will reproduced.

Jin: ...My will?

Nine: That's right. This is a world that fulfills the desires of those trapped within. But what you have witnessed was the will of those around you. What THEY expect from you.

Jin: ...If you know that much, then you put together this little farce?

Nine: Put together? Haha, "put together"...And if I did?

Jin: That question doesn't even deserve an answer. I slash anything that stands in my way.

Nine: Oh, Yukianesa... how long it has been. And your aura, I don't like it. It reminds me of a man I truly hate. Welcome! I'm going to shatter your will and your dreams.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: Forget it. Six Heroes or not, you cannot bend my will!

Nine: Perhaps... you ARE the purpose of this world... the "Power of Order". Order... hmph, what a joke! You call THIS order!? What order has this power helped you maintain!? TELL ME! I don't care what power you possess... You will wander this world alone until it ends...! No, you will suffer the "End with no ends!"

Jin: I will suffer nothing. I will end this little game of yours, and keep the promise I've made!

Nine: Where does this confidence come from...? I would love to see you try. If you really want to end this world...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No-- Izanami must be defeated. By your hands.

Jin Act 1 END

to be continued

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Makoto Nanaya

Makoto: Mister Kisaragi!

Jin: Makoto Nanaya...

Makoto: Sir, you don't address me by my rank? Um, I have a bizarre question to ask you... Don't you think it's strange?

Jin: Strange? What is?

Makoto: I was in Kagutsuchi only moments ago. But when I realized, I was in Ikaruga, and... No, that's not what I mean to say-- It feels really strange, like... something huge is happening and I don't even realize it.

Jin: ...Those instincts, should not be taken lightly.

Makoto: I won't take much of your time. Please, spar with me. I feel like I'll understand it better this way, than trying to think too hard about it.

Jin: Very well. En garde!

<Jin Victory>

Makoto: So, you knew it after all, Sir... what's happening in this world. And what must be done to correct it. Please, let me help you! I haven't quite gotten my head around it, but if there's anything I can do to--

Jin: No need. This is my responsibility, and mine alone. In the same way, you have a responsibility that is only yours. What is most important to you? Fight to protect it.

Makoto: The most important thing... to me?

Stage 6: Hakumen

Hakumen: You intend to go to Izanami? Back down. You are no match for Hades in your current state. To defeat her, you must first erase the Successor to the Azure.

Jin: Successor to the Azure? Hmph. Erasing that is impossible. She has already awakening as an Observer. You may slash her with that sword of yours, but she cannot be killed.

Hakumen: It is not my blade that will end that girl. There is a sword for that. A sword that can slay Observers.

Jin: What? Don't tell me... the Izayoi? Do you intend to make Tsubaki kill Noel Vermillion!?

Hakumen: To stop the Day of Reckoning, it is inevitable.

Jin: LIES! How can you protect the world by sacrificing the very things that give it value!? I will never accept such logic!

<Jin Victory>

Hakumen: ...Sympathy will only shackle you. There is no other way. Resist as you may... You will not stop me from fulfilling my destiny.

Jin: I'm going to defeat Izanami! How would you know if it's impossible or not!?

Hakumen: ...So, Trinity Glassfille is by your side?

Trinity: ...Yes, for a variety of reasons. But please, explain it to me, too... Why must you do this?

Hakumen: A thousand words could not possibly describe what I can show thine eyes. Izanami is death and despair itself. And death cannot be killed.

Stage 7: Platinum the Trinity

Jin: Hold it right there... Finally, I've found you. You've caused me enough trouble...

Platinum (Luna): The faaaaa...!? Who the hell are you supposed to be? Oh, one of the chosen!? Defeat Izanami, who is somewhere in this town, and your wish will come true, right? I know that's why you're here!

Platinum (Sena): But forget it. It is us who will have our wish granted.

Jin: You fools... Is this pathetic act also a bi-product of the Embryo? Terrifying...

Trinity: Something is odd. Luna and Sena's souls are extremely unstable... At this rate, they may even disappear...

Jin: So it would seem. We don't have a moment to waste...

Platinum (Luna): OOOOH YEAH! Luna feels so powerful right now! I could beat you into a PULP! Raaaaaaaargh!

Platinum (Sena): I hope you're ready to go doooown!

<Jin Victory>

Trinity: Luna, Sena! Please, listen to me...!

Platinum (Luna): Dammit, Luna's not done yet!

Platinum (Sena): Neither am I... I feel so much power flowing through me.

Trinity: Oh no, they still can't control their own power. Their existence is too unstable...

Jin: Pain in the ass... Huh!? What the--!?

Stage 8: Izanami

Jin: The Master Unit... I knew it.

Izanami: I commend you for making it this far. The fact that you have appeared before me, must mean that you, too, seek the Azure.

Jin: That's right. But not because of some dumb reason you're spreading. There is no dream I wish to make true... The Azure's power is too strong and unstable -- it will disturb forces in this world. I cannot let it fall into the wrong hands.

Izanami: *sigh* What a dull man. Although, I am interested to see what kind of man you will become when you possess the Azure.

Jin: How absurd... Die!

<Jin Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 03.png

Izanami: Repulsive. You fight me, yet still withhold your strength!? All that power you save for your brother. I don't like it... Nevertheless, I concede this battle. Now, claim your prize. The Azure... Use the Azure, and create the world that you desire. A new world in which all your dreams are a reality.

Jin: New world...? How pathetic. I have no interest in such arrogance.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 04.png

Jin: Now, no one may possess the Azure. And Brother will not wield this ungodly power. I seek the Azure that I may destroy it...

Izanami: ...Oh? Is that so?

Jin: What the...!? Information is... overflowing from the Azure!? But I destroyed it!

Izanami: Such acts are meaningless. Have you realized your own insignificance in this giant machine?

Jin: K'uh... That's why he told me this would be pointless... I have only slashed a fragment of the Azure. And thus, I am unable to defeat you.

Izanami: Heh heh heh... True on both counts.

Jin: Someone...is binding Izanami to this Embryo-world. Not only that, they are disturbing the balance in this world... Until I break them... Izanami and the Embryo... cannot be destroyed. (Who is it... at the center of this world...? No, it cannot be--)

BlazBlue Central Fiction General Arcade.png

Jin Act 2 END

to be continued

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki: Jin... Are you going to search for Noel? To kill... her? Please, I beg of you, don't! There's no evidence that Noel is responsible for these crimes. I'm sure that there has to be another reason...

Jin: I don't care about proof. And I am not here to pass judgment... I simply do what must be done. ...We're running out of time.

Tsubaki: Out of time? What do you mean?

Jin: ...Would you believe me if I told you I made a deal... with the devil?

Tsubaki: Devil? You're not making any sense, Jin. You are in no condition to fight... Please, leave Noel to me!

Jin: I can't...

Tsubaki: Then I am afraid I must stop you... by force!

Jin: I would prefer to avoid any unnecessary fighting, but you've given me no choice.

<Jin Victory>

Tsubaki: No... You can't... Jin.

Trinity: ...Devil. That was a little harsh.

Jin: Do you prefer "witch"? It makes little difference to me.

Trinity: Why couldn't you let Miss Tsubaki handle Noel?

Jin: No. Now that Tsubaki has the Izayoi... I cannot let her and Noel fight.

Trinity: ...You are very kind.

Jin: ...

Stage 6: Rachel Alucard

Jin: You're quite a ways away from home, just to chase me. You going to tell me to back off from Noel, too?

Rachel: Precisely. It is too dangerous for us to lose Noel right now. Noel is key in our resistance against Izanami. What you are about to do can cause irreparable damage.

Jin: No. She's the biggest obstacle in defeating Izanami right now. As long as she exists, so will Izanami.

Rachel: At least wait until Noel regains her strength. Until she "awakens" by the true sense of the word...

Jin: Doubtful she'll wake up. And we're running out of time.

Rachel: You're simply going to take on all the responsibility. All by yourself?

Jin: I never act on wishful thinking. That is all... Now, step aside or I will force you to.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: Don't get ahead of yourself. In your current state, you are no match for me.

Rachel: Jin Kisaragi... What you are about to do is dangerous. The risks are too high, and... ...The same goes for you, Trinity Glassfille. I am astonished you would even consider using this man for help.

Trinity: Pardon my disrespect, but I believe the same applies to you. You should not be intervening in the events of this world.

Jin: I hate to agree, but you should return to being an Observer... Vampire. Only the Power of Order can return this world to the way it must be. That's our job... not yours. Besides, you're only expediting your own demise.

Stage 7: Noel Vermillion

Noel: Captain Kisaragi! Don't tell me you're seeking this world of your dreams, too!?

Jin: "Captain" you say... It seems you really like this world we're in.

Noel: Of course I do! I'm fighting to protect those I love in this world!

Jin: What a pathetic attempt to satisfy yourself. Scum... Who wished for that?

Noel: Captain, I don't understand what you are saying... Are you suggesting that there is something wrong with this world?

Jin: Oh yes, it's wrong and I am going to eliminate you -- the source of chaos.

Noel: I'm the source of... chaos?

Jin: Your existence distorts this world. But I alone am not strong enough to destroy you. Hence, I'm seeking Kushinada's Lynchpin, to seal you away. Once I seal your existence... I can remove Izanami.

Noel: Seal? I don't understand what you are trying to do, Captain Kisaragi... And I need to find something, myself... I'm afraid I must resist...!

Jin: I see... Resist if you must, but there's no stopping me.

<Jin Victory>

Jin: That's your best without the Godslayer... Hmph. All I need now is the Lynchpin.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 05.png

Kagura: Stop right there, Jinny. Not another finger on Noel.

Noel: Colonel... Mutsuki...?

Kagura: It's gonna be okay. Don't worry, babe.

Jin: You dare stand in my way, Kagura!? That matters not... I will not stay my blade!

Kagura: Hah, I wasn't expecting anything... But there's no way I can just stand idly by. Jin. Your methods are a bit... extreme. Both arbitrary and self-righteous. It's hard for the rest of the world to understand.

Jin: I don't need anyone to understand me... No matter what others might think, there is meaning in my methods. That's all I need to move forward.

Kagura: So, you're prepared to take everything on...? Hah, then why don't you prove it to me!

Stage 8: Kagura Mutsuki

<Jin Victory>

Trinity: He is much stronger than I've anticipated... Please, you mustn't go on...

Jin: There's no holding back with this guy... You stay out of this!

Kagura: You're mumbling quite a lot today, aren't you? Or... is there someone there?

Jin: ...

Kagura: Never mind... Still, I'm impressed. Not pnly by your resolve, but you might just have the strength to see it through. I still don't agree with your methods, though. Sacrificing Noel? I don't think so... Not only that... ...Think this through. You seal away Noel with the Lynchpin, and walk up to Izanami. Beat her? What if you fail? Sealing away the Successor to the Azure won't tie up all your loose ends.

Jin: No, that's not it...

Kagura: Then what are you...!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Jin Kisaragi Arcade 06.png

Jin: I will erase Noel Vermillion, then Izanami... ...And finally, Ragna the Bloodedge. I will erase anything that disrupts order in this world. I am willing to risk all that I am. There's no extending the Day of Reckoning. Clinging onto hope is easy... ...But if that fails, the world will end. That is why... I seek a world without gods. That is why... I wield my blade.

Jin Act 3 END

to be continued

Story Mode

Trying to recover from the previous battle

The fight against Ragna had seriously injured Jin and he had no recollection of it afterword. He was unable to move, and even Celica's healing sorcery was not enough to heal his wounds. Celica left after some time, and Tsubaki visited him. He explained his relationship with Ragna, and his earliest memories to her, including the day he cut Ragna's arm off under Terumi's influence. They were interrupted by Noel, whom Jin had sent for earlier, and Tsubaki left. Noel told him what happened in the fight, and he ordered her to find Ragna before Tsubaki would. Trinity Glassfille was watching, and he spoke to her after Noel had left; they formed a pact, and Trinity, using alchemy, made his body able to fight again, although at the cost of him being unable to ever fight afterwards. Jin was later absorbed into the Embryo but the Power of Order prevented his memories from being altered. [49]

Part of his pact with Trinity was to find Platinum the Trinity, which he attempted to do inside the Embryo. He found his way to the Monorail in Kagutsuchi. [50] Much later on, he would find Jubei, and they discussed the latter's distorted memories. Jin left his mentor to go and investigate the strange world they were in. [51] He was teleported to Ikaruga by Nine, and instructed to defeat Izanami to claim a part of the Azure. Jin trusted Trinity's instinct to go to Kokonoe to complete both their goals. [52]

With barely any time left, Jin and Trinity found Platinum, whose existence was on the verge of disappearing. He perceived both Luna and Sena, recognizing them with the Power of Order. The measure was only temporary, so Jin resolved to help Trinity make it permanent. [53] The three of them broke into a Sector Seven facility and escaped with information pertaining to Platinum's body. [54] He allowed Carl to help Trinity with modifying Platinum's body so they could exist within the Embryo. [55]

After finishing the maintenance and saving Platinum, the trio left Carl and were found by Jubei, who warned them of the eleventh Nox Nyctores. [56] They travelled to the Kaka Village first to drop off Platinum so she could materialise the Hihiirokane, which Jin concluded could outright kill Terumi. [57] Later, Jin travelled with him to Yabiko where they found Celica, Noel, Ragna, Kokonoe, Kagura, and Rachel discussing how to break into Nine's workshop. He told Kokonoe it was impossible to naturally enter the workshop. [58] The following morning, Jin was part of the strike squadron sent to Nine's workshop. There, he listened to Nine's explanation of the world, the Prime Field War, her desire, and why she created the Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem. Although he believed her a threat to Order, he could not attack her because it would drain his body far too much. [59] He watched Ragna defeat the sage, and attempted to fight off both Izanami and Nu, who had come to kill them all. He could not fully fight, however, and was teleported away after watching Nine die to delay Doomsday and stop Izanami from moving for a week – he was also forced to leave Jubei behind. [60]

Jin and the others were teleported to the church that he grew up in, leaving him shocked as to how it could exist, even within the Embryo. While the others went inside, Jin and Ragna talked about how it could possibly exist before deciding to go to the nearby river – both completely calm and not at one another's throats. [61] They returned to the church to sleep, and had breakfast together with Celica and Noel. He left the building and talked with Rachel, Trinity, and Ragna about the situation at hand and agreed to “play house” for the time being. [62] Jin also listened to Noel perfectly describe his childhood through Saya's eyes, calling it “impossible”. [63] The hero later listened to Trinity's request to stay inside Yukianesa so she could help him to defeat Izanami and Terumi, and he complied. The following morning, he watched Celica finally die, and the group teleported back to Yabiko – it's unknown how her death affected Jin. [64]

Jin would be reunited with Tsubaki, Kagura, and Kokonoe back at the Yabiko branch, and also met Hakumen. He listened to Noel, learning that she holds one half of Saya's soul, and agreed to be sent within the Embryo's frozen space-time to deal with Requiem and Izanami, being taken there by Lambda-11. [65] Inside, he was separated from the others, being stranded with Kagura. They were found by Azrael, who shifted space-time to fight them in the Colosseum. After watching Kagura fight the Mad Dog to a near stalemate, Jin intervened, using "Artic Dungeon" to freeze him, and the two became the first pair to ever defeat Azrael. Jin left Kagura behind to rest and travelled onwards to find Requiem. [66]

The final part of Doomsday began to occur, leaving Jin and Trinity stranded in the White of Nothingness. They soon ventured to find the others and Amaterasu. He eventually did, finding Tsubaki, in her Izayoi form, alongside Hakumen battling Nu. He watched Ragna defeat both Nu and Hakumen, and then Terumi breaking Hakumen's soul and taking the Susano'o Unit for himself, becoming Susano'o once more. Jin watched him snatch Noel and transport both himself and the Amaterasu Unit outside of the Embryo. He learnt from Trinity how to escape the Embryo to follow them and journeyed with Ragna to the Kagutsuchi cauldron to do so. [67] There, he saw Hazama jump into the Boundary and found Rachel. With Ragna, Trinity, and Rachel, Jin jumped into the cauldron, ending up on the exterior of the Embryo. [68]

Please don't leave, brother

Outside the Embryo, Jin and Ragna fought against Susano'o, although the hero had reached the limits of his body after perceiving the God using Order. Ragna dragged Terumi out of the Unit, and Trinity transferred him into the Susano'o Unit with Hihiirokane, and he slashed down both his brother and the God, although both were dragged into the Gate. [69] Terumi was killed by the Grim Reaper, and when Ragna exited the Gate, Trinity took Jin out of the Susano'o Unit, and Ragna fought against both Jin and Noel, taking their dreams. Jin began crying into his brother's arms, knowing this would be the last time he would ever see him. Together with Noel, who had now reclaimed all of Saya's memories, they returned to seithr. [70]

In the new world created by Ragna, Jin forgot about his brother, and was last seen at an NOL ceremony where Homura presided – both Kagura and Hibiki were also present. [71] True to Trinity's deal, Jin is now incapable of ever fighting again in his life. [72]


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