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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit So you Observed me.... Just who are you...? ... You're trying to correct the way of the world. I understand. I shall stay here for a while. This name doesn't hold any meaning anymore, but you can call me Sechs.
New Unit 私を『観測』したか……。お前は一体……。……世界の行方を左右するか。わかった。一時ここに身を置こう。名前に意味はないが、『ゼクス』と呼ぶがいい。
Ascension (SS+) O Kusanagi....
Ascension (SS+) クサナギよ……
Ascension (SS++) It seems there's still room for improvement.
Ascension (SS++) まだ覚醒の余地があるようだな
Ascension (SS+++) The power of a dimension unknown to me gathers....
Ascension (SS+++) 私の知らない次元の力が、集約する……
Home Screen
Talk Should you wish for power, I shall grant it. Simply removing that "vessel" of yours should bring about suitable results. ...Hm. So you wish to avoid risks. A wise decision.
Talk 貴様が力を望むのであれば、叶えよう。その『器』で無ければ相応の結果が訪れることになるがな。……ふむ、リスクを避けるか。それも賢明な判断ではある、か。
Likes I wish for "the truth" alone. When you discovered "that," what did you do?
Likes 私が望むのは『真実』のみ。『それ』を知った時、貴様はどうする?
Dislikes Is there any meaning to this conversation? Wasting time can only be disadvantageous, for the both of us.
Dislikes この会話に意味はあるのか? 無駄な時間は互いにとって不利益にしかならない。
Hobby Yes, I've looked into this place. Even for me, there's much here that is unfamiliar. I will need time to think.
Hobby ああ、この場所について考察していた。私にとっても未知の事物が多い。思考する時間が必要だ。
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