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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Ohh? What's this? What's with this place? Sci-fi? Ya-wn. ...So that's it. Meaning, you're the one who called me here... hmm?
New Unit おおっ?なになに、なにここ。SF?はぁ~ん……そういうコト。てことは、あんたが俺を呼んだんだ……へぇ~。
Ascension (SS+) I'm stronger, or not... it's hard to tell.
Ascension (SS+) 強くなった、ねえ……よくわかんね
Ascension (SS++) Well then, thanks for the feast.
Ascension (SS++) んじゃ、いただきマスっと
Ascension (SS+++) Niiice, very good, very good.
Ascension (SS+++) ヒューゥ、イイじゃんイイじゃん
Home Screen
Talk This place sure is strange. These weird smells keep cropping up. Heh heh heh, it doesn't seem like I'll be very bored here.
Talk しっかし変な所だよな、ここ。妙なニオイがぷんぷんするし、ケッケッケ。しばらくは退屈することなさそうだ。
Likes Alright, time to put my back into it. You can just leave the next battle to me, too~. I'll give you plenty of fanservice.
Likes よーし、張りきっていくか。次の戦闘も任せとけ、任せとけ~。たっぷりサービスしてやるからさ。
Dislikes What do I hate? Killjoys. Alright, alright, let's stop talking about this already! It's a waste of time.
Dislikes 嫌いなものだ?ツマラネェもんだな。ハイハイこの話やめ!時間の無駄だぜ。
Hobby My hobby? Killing. It's pre-etty fun. Do you do it too? Oh, but don't go stealing my prey, got it?
Hobby 趣味?殺し。楽しいよー。あんたもやる?あ、でも俺の獲物横取りするのはナシな。
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