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Kana was born to the CEO of a large corporate enterprise. She enrolled into Shin Kawahama First High School, and in her third year, became the Student Council Vice-President, working alongside Haruka. Kana would often hear about Naoto Kurogane from Haruka. At some point, Kana became curious about an adult store in Shin Kawahama City, and visited it, only to be caught with a camera by Tadayuki Isa, a geography teacher at her school. From then on, Kana was bribed into various sexual acts by the teacher. These acts were also recorded, preventing her from escaping his clutches.

Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In October, Kana found Shinnosuke Fukuda talking to Naoto and Raquel Alucard. She gave Shinnosuke a note from the Beautification Council, sending him on his way to help with his duties. She turned to Naoto, and greeted him, it being the first time that the two had met. The two began to chat about Haruka, while Kana prodded about the two's relationship with one another before finally leaving. Later that evening, she visited Tadayuki with items she had bought from an adult store, and had an outburst when he began talking about Haruka. The following day, Kana passed Naoto and Raquel in the same spot they met, and the young vampire asked her if she knew about Spinner Superior. Confused over the question, Kana left.

In the evening, Kana returned to the same shop she had visited prior; she was being followed by Naoto and Raquel but she was seemingly unaware. She had bought various items from an adult store and left for Tadayuki's apartment. She was found on the fifth floor's corridor by Raquel and Naoto, and Kana dropped to her knees, crying and coming up with various excuses over the things that had tumbled out of her bag. She explained to Naoto about everything that had happened, and how Tadayuki had begun wanting Haruka as well.[1] Kana was left behind by the duo before being picked up by the Mitsurugi Agency, who wiped her memories and dealt with Tadayuki.[2] The tapes recorded by the teacher were kept by the Agency, and Kana returned to school a few days later, noticeably thinner and with no recollection of the events that had transpired between herself and Tadayuki.[3]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

Later in the same week within October, Kana bumped into Naoto and Raquel, calling out the boy on being with another girl instead of Haruka. She was asked about Tadayuki, and she told them that she remembered him, but only that he was a teacher who had left the school. Kana was found by Shinnosuke, and the two left to work on the upcoming school festival.[4]


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