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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Are you the one who called me here? First, name yourself. It's only proper etiquette. ...I'm Raquel Alucard. A vampire. If you want to gain my power, you must first start conducting yourself properly as my servant.
New Unit 私を呼んだのはあなた? まずは名乗りなさい。それが礼儀でしょう?……私はラケル=アルカード。ヴァンパイアよ。私の力を得たいのならば、まずは下僕に相応しい態度を示しなさい。
Ascension (SS+) A most pleasant breeze. Not bad at all.
Ascension (SS+) 心地よい風ね。悪くないわ
Ascension (SS++) What a warm power. I can feel you within it.
Ascension (SS++) 温かい力ね。貴方の存在を感じるわ
Ascension (SS+++) Showing some skin to my pet dog isn't anything to fuss about.
Ascension (SS+++) 飼い犬に肌を見られてもなんともないわ
Home Screen
Talk J-just a tiny bit...a tiny bit, but I'm not good with women.... Especially pushy ones. Only slightly, of course. It's not as if I am particularly afraid of them. I just dislike them, is all.
Talk す、少しだけ……少しだけ、女の人は苦手なのよ……。特に押しの強いのはね。もちろん、少しよ。別に恐くなんかないわ。苦手なだけよ。
Likes I'm a little thirsty. Put on some black tea for me. I won't accept it if you put the tea on in such an inappropriate manner.
Likes のどが渇いたわ。紅茶を淹れなさい。あまり適当な淹れ方をしたら承知しないわよ。
Dislikes It really is aggravating. Why must one have to wear clothing? It's restricting, and it tickles when the cloth rubs against me. What is it? Your expression is most strange.
Dislikes やっぱり煩わしいわね。服を着なければならないなんて。息苦しいし、布がこすれるのがくすぐったいわ。なにかしら? 妙な顔で私を見るのね。
Hobby As you can see, I am in the middle of reading a book. Books are quite interesting. Written in their pages is information on all manners of topics. It's very worthwhile to obtain new knowledge, you know.
Hobby 見ての通り、読書中よ。本は面白いわ。知らないことがたくさん書かれている。新しい知識を吸収するのは、有意義なことよ。
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