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"Gather... O Death that sleeps here..." [1]

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The Fuzzies (ファジー) were a series of artificial vampire units under the servitude of Meifang Lapislazuli, and were remnants of the Black Beast.


Fuzzies are young, androgynous vampire boys with pale skin, deep red eyes, and black hair cut into a bob. They wear sleeveless shirts that stops short of their navels, but has small coattails on the sides. They also wears tight shorts that stop high on their thighs, long socks and simple shoes. On their arms are black sleeves and they wear a large royal purple ribbon over their collar. Fuzzies can manipulate the shape of their black cape into wings.


Unlike the Alucard vampires, the Fuzzies are truly sadistic and twisted. They revel in causing others pain, and want nothing more than to fight dangerous and powerful opponents. When fighting, Fuzzy's show a childlike glee, and have no moral qualms about resurrecting the dead to fight for them. They are loyal to Meifang, showing her affection, and apologising for failing to complete their missions. They are known for not looking at mission briefings.

Powers and Techniques

In battle, a Fuzzy can manipulate his cape into a pair of bat-wings for both offensive and defensive purposes, and are able to create attacks unavoidable to and block attacks from even Ragna. A Fuzzy's ability to regenerate any wounds inflicted upon him is a trait that, according to Ragna, makes fighting vampires difficult. The 16th Fuzzy demonstrated several previously-unseen abilities, and was capable of creating ghouls and summoning a Bone Dragon without exerting himself.

The Fuzzies have experience with Legacy Weapons and are familiar with what to expect from one. They are also knowledgeable in the properties of the Azure Grimoire, and the 16th in particular was able to summon a Bone Dragon in response for its immunity to Soul Eater.

Fuzzies also partake in drinking blood and are able to use Ars Magus that can transfer information between people. They are also capable of flight.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

Vampires that act alongside Meifang. They posses the power to command the dead. Not much is known about this existence, but there was news that a large number of them have been sighted.[1]



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