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Yuki is the single mother of Haruka who works long hours in her job and owns an apartment complex. She had a sister, who's last name was Kurogane, that died in an event that wiped out most of the Terumi family. She began to lend out one of her apartments to Naoto, her nephew, not long afterwards for extremely cheap rent.

When Naoto and Haruka were young, she would sing them a nursery rhyme that the two would continue to hum as they grew older.

Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

Before arriving back home from work in October, Yuki was met by the Mitsurugi Agency, who told her about the damage done to the apartment she was renting out to Naoto. She did not listen, citing that the talk was too long and it bored her.

Yuki slipped into her apartment, and saw both Naoto and Haruka on the sofa with their heads together. Before she could finally see the two of them kiss, they were interrupted by Raquel Alucard, who asked them what they were doing and pointed to Yuki hiding before the frame of the door. She bounded gleefully towards Raquel and started fussing over how delicate her features are, calling her similar to a doll. Yuki was happy that nothing had happened to Naoto, saying that the apartment can be repaired in time.

Naoto and Haruka attempted to persuade Yuki into believing that Raquel was the former's cousin and she went along with the idea, fully aware that Naoto and Raquel are not related. She gave her blessing for the young vampire to live with them, and found herself alone with Naoto in the living room. She teased him about his moment with Haruka before telling him that all she wants for her daughter is for her to live a happy normal life with a husband since her father is not around. Yuki left the conversation after telling Naoto to be wary around the Agency.[1] The following morning, she took Raquel out to buy clothes and enrolled her into Shin Kawahama First High School.[2]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

Later that same week, Yuki caught Naoto and Raquel sneaking out of her apartment late at night. She questioned the two of them, telling them that she had come early to enjoy her daughter's cooking. She let the two of them go after they made the obvious lie of going to a bookshop.[3] She would later find out that Naoto was in hospital after an encounter with Spinner Superior.[4]


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