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Solo Actions



Situation Quote Audio
Pow pow pow.
Have some of that!


Situation Quote Audio
Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" Broken...bunker!
Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21"
Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" Get ready...to go to hell!
Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21"
Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32" Absolute... That's it?
Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32"
Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32" Freeze... Weak!
Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32"
Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43"
Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43"
Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43"
Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43"
Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10" Shocking!
Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10"
Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10"
Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10"
Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24" Teleport.
Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24"
Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24"
Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24"


Situation Quote Audio
Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73" Kaboom!
Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73"
Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73" Pyro blast!
Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73"
Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65" Enjoy gravity!
Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65"
Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65" Fall into the depths of hell!
Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65"
Armament No.8 “Crime of Greed v1.00” Zero!
Armament No.8 “Crime of Greed v1.00”
Armament No.8 “Crime of Greed v1.00” Blast!
Armament No.8 “Crime of Greed v1.00”
Armament No.00 "Dreadnought Destroyer" Get over here, Tager! Break them!
Armament No.00 "Dreadnought Destroyer"
Armament No.00 "Dreadnought Destroyer" Unleash all weapons, ahahahahahahaha!
Armament No.00 "Dreadnought Destroyer"
Armament No.01 "Super Dreadnought Destroyer" Terminate all targets, nahahahahaha!
Armament No.01 "Super Dreadnought Destroyer"
Armament No.01 "Super Dreadnought Destroyer" I summon you Golden Tager, exterminate them!
Armament No.01 "Super Dreadnought Destroyer"


Situation Quote Audio
Armament No.99 “Match Destroyer: Ultimate Impact” You'll regret this... Tatatatatatata! Ultimate impact! Ars magus? Hmph, science is true power! Muahahahahahaha! A second rate soldier.
Armament No.99 “Match Destroyer: Ultimate Impact”
Armament No.99 “Match Destroyer: Ultimate Impact”
Armament No.99 “Match Destroyer: Ultimate Impact”


Situation Quote Audio
Taunt *Yawn*
Taunt Boring!
Taunt Not even worth the data!
Taunt Wasting my time!
Idle Hurry it up, will you?
Idle Time to fight.
Turn around Stand still!
Combo (2k Damage) Good good!
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (2k Damage) Next!
Combo (2k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage) Resuming Combat.
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (3k Damage) Engaging.
Combo (3k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage) Got some good data!
Combo (5k Damage)
Combo (5k Damage) That should about do it.
Combo (5k Damage)
Standing Throw Don't die on me!
Standing Throw
Standing Throw This is gonna hurt!
Standing Throw
Aerial Throw Stake!
Aerial Throw
Aerial Throw I'll blast you!
Aerial Throw
Throw Whiff Tch!
Throw Whiff
Throw Whiff Damn!
Throw Whiff
Throw Break
Throw Break
Throw Break
Throw Break
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Throw Escape
Crush Trigger C'mon c'mon c'mon!
I'll blow you to bits!
Taking Damage
Taking Damage
Taking Damage (Spinning)
Taking Damage (Spinning in air) How could?
Taking Damage (Unblockable) Unblockable?
Taking Damage (Wall Bounce)
Taking Damage (Floor Bounce)
Ground Ukemi (Forward/backward)
Ground Ukemi (Forward/backward)
Ground Ukemi (Forward/backward) My turn!
Ground Ukemi (Forward/backward)
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) You ready?
Ground Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward)


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Hold up, I'm saving! And what do you want?
Intro Woah, a secret door here! Oh, hi.
Intro Huh? Please don't waste my time.
Intro Wait wait wait, I'm at the good part! Can you make this quick?
Intro Nice, a new high score! Shall we begin?
Intro Hm? Five minutes, not a second over.
Outro Tager, hey Tager! Technology.
Outro You've wasted enough of my time already.
Outro Tager, come in Tager. Damn reception!
Defeat How... Could I?!
Time Up Defeat Not to you!
Time Up Defeat
Time Up Defeat No no no no no!
Time Up Defeat
Defeat (Relius Astral) I won't be taken advantage of!
Defeat (Relius Astral)
Defeat (Amane Astral) Size hardly matters, mew!
Defeat (Amane Astral)
Round End
Round End
Round End You're no match.
Round End
Round End Within Expectations, not your fault.
Round End
Round End That's it?
Round End
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Ragna the Bloodedge

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: I'll collect your data myself
Ragna: Can you even fight?
Outro Hmph, Ragna the Bloodedge... What a disappointment!

Rachel Alucard

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: It's you!
Rachel: Oh? The little shut-in girl comes to play outside? Should I expect a meteor to fall?
Outro That left a bad aftertaste.

Iron Tager

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: Let's see your performance.
Tager: I never would've imagined I would fight you!
Outro I think it's time for more upgrades, you'll make a good cyborg! And... Clicky!

Litchi Faye-Ling

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Litchi: Huh? Professor, but why?
Kokonoe: My dumbest student!
Outro Walk away from the NOL while you still can.


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Arakune: koko-, koko-, koko-, kokonoe!
Kokonoe: You fool.
Outro How empty.


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: You've sure caused us a lot of trouble, you know?
Hakumen: Show me the power of the strongest and the greatest!
Outro Suit yourself.


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Lambda: Awaiting further orders, master.
Kokonoe: You're still calling me that? Alright, let's take you for a spin!
Round end
Outro You replicated the idea engine too, interesting!


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Hazama: Oh, professor Kokonoe, getting tired of being an introvert?
Kokonoe: I finally got you, Terumi!
Outro Time to pay!

Relius Clover

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Relius: Kokonoe. Hahahahahahaha, this will be very intriguing!
Kokonoe: Relius Clover, what are you doing here?
Outro What you're doing, is no longer science!


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Bullet: Where's the captain, Kokonoe?
Kokonoe: I don't know anything!
Outro Stop wasting your time on me!


Situation Quote Audio
Intro Azrael: Grr! I'll enjoy consuming your flesh, Kokonoe! Mmm, didn't taste that bad!
Kokonoe: Azrael, you...
Outro Time to go back to your cage. And, clicky!

Kagura Mutsuki

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: How troublesome, just don't get in my way!
Kagura: What, you fight too?
Outro That's the best the Mutsuki family can do?

Yuuki Terumi

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: You're...
Terumi: Don't tell me you're pussin' out!
Kokonoe: To think you'd give me the opportunity to end you!
Outro Don't consider this revenge, Terumi... You just happened to get in my way.

Celica A. Mercury

Situation Quote Audio
Intro Kokonoe: Come on, i'll adjust you as we go.
Celica: P-Please be nice!
Combo (2k damage) Your reaction times are too slow, Minerva!
Outro Hmm... Needs a few more tweaks, I guess.
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Victory Screen

Situation Quote Audio
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge We no longer need your strength. Leave the rest to me. Play
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi The Power of Order... Still, you're so green. Play
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion Leave this place at once, Noel Vermillion. This is more weight than you can bear. Play
Vs. Noel Vermillion Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard You decide to step up to the stage after being an Observer this long? Hmph... What the hell do you want? Play
Vs. Rachel Alucard Play
Vs. Taokaka Are you not a cat, too? Play
Vs. Taokaka Play
Vs. Iron Tager Hmm... I think we can increase the output just a little more... Alright Tager, let's take it from the top. Play
Vs. Iron Tager Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Satisfied yet? You idiot... Play
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling Play
Vs. Arakune You've been infused with an Artificial Causality Weapon? Roy... Play
Vs. Arakune Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Ugh, don't even talk to me anymore... In fact, don't even look at me. Play
Vs. Bang Shishigami Play
Vs. Carl Clover "Nirvana"... huh? It's been quite a while. Play
Vs. Carl Clover Play
Vs. Hakumen Why can't you just stay on the end of your leash? Play
Vs. Hakumen Play
Vs. ν-No.13- The Murakumo Unit... What are you doing here? Play
Vs. ν-No.13- Play
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi Seems you don't really understand the real dangers in using the "Sealed Armament: Izayoi." I'm sorry, but I'll have to take that away from you. Play
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi Play
Vs. Hazama I've finally got you, Terumi... Play
Vs. Hazama Play
Vs. μ-No.12- Impressive power, but you have yet to master it. Play
Vs. μ-No.12- Play
Vs. Makoto Nanaya Calm down, Makoto. This isn't a problem you can solve alone. Play
Vs. Makoto Nanaya Play
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Stay out of this, Valkenhayn. Play
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Play
Vs. Platinum the Trinity Two souls inside one body...? Intriguing. Let me research yo-- H-Hey, I was just kidding. Ugh, stop crying. Play
Vs. Platinum the Trinity Play
Vs. Relius Clover Relius Clover... What the hell are you after? Play
Vs. Relius Clover Play
Vs. Izayoi Izayoi's true form, huh? But don't tell me that's all the power you've got... Play
Vs. Izayoi Play
Vs. Amane Nishiki Hm. Such graceful movement that cannot be reproduced in a machine. I shall try to integrate that into my next mech. Play
Vs. Amane Nishiki Play
Vs. Bullet I don't know anything about this "operation" of which you speak. I suggest you give up. Play
Vs. Bullet Play
Vs. Azrael Sorry they let you out of your cage for nothing, but I really can't have you getting in my way. I'm afraid it's back to the can with you. Damn geezers... Play
Vs. Azrael Play
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki I'll say your vitality was impressive... If nothing else. Play
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki Play
Vs. Yuuki Terumi I will stop at nothing if it means killing you. Remember that. Play
Vs. Yuuki Terumi Play
Vs. Kokonoe A duplicate...? Strange things can happen, I suppose... Play
Vs. Kokonoe Play
Vs. Celica A. Mercury Base performance is good, but she needs a lot more tuning... This could take a while. Play
Vs. Celica A. Mercury Play
Vs. λ-No.11- These readings are completely different from last time... Are you actually rewriting yourself...? Need to investigate this. Play
Vs. λ-No.11- Play
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Situation Quote Audio
Rank Up (Network) My rank's increased...? Hmph. Not that it really matters.
Rank Up (Network) 段位の上昇か…。私には関係の無いことだが。
Rank Up (Network) You're actually producing results. I wasn't expecting this...
Rank Up (Network) 思った以上の成果を上げているようだな。やるじゃないか。
Rank Up (Network) Not bad at all... Say, you want a job at Sector Seven?
Rank Up (Network) 大したやつだ…お前、第七機関で働いてみる気はないか?
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) Grim Reaper... apprehended. Hm...? That prosthetic arm of yours. Not bad... I need to take this back to the lab for analysis.
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 1/2) 『死神』捕縛完了……ん?
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) Makes it hard to do my job when you're wandering around... I need you to stay put.
Vs. Ragna the Bloodedge (Act 3) 貴様にウロチョロされると面倒なのでな。
Vs. Jin Kisaragi Forget it, Jin Kisaragi. I won't lose to someone who depends on Ars Magus for everything.
Vs. Jin Kisaragi 無駄だ、ジン=キサラギ。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) I can easily see where you're aiming... the Nox Nyctores are wasted on you.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 1/2) その技量では、どこを狙っているのか一目瞭然だぞ。
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) Don't worry, Noel Vermillion... You're now under my protection.
Vs. Noel Vermillion (Act 3) 安心しろ、ノエル=ヴァーミリオン。お前は私が保護してやる。
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 1/2) How is an Observer of your caliber so weak...? What's going on in this world?
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 1/2) 何故、傍観者であるお前がそこまで弱っている……?
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 3) The price you pay for breaking the rules of an Observer... If you don't want to disappear, I suggest you run along back to your castle.
Vs. Rachel Alucard (Act 3) 傍観者の規律を踏み越えたツケか……
Vs. Taokaka I'm too busy for this... how about you get out of my hair for one of these. Cat-nip chaps. This'll last you 3 days.
Vs. Taokaka 私も忙しい身でな。コイツをやるから静かにしてくれ。
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 1/2) These numbers are unbelievable... I don't recall making these adjustments. Get up, Tager! I'm getting the data again.
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 1/2) 何だこの数値は……私はこんな調整をした覚えは無いぞ……?
立てテイガー! データを採り直す!
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 3) Thought I made all necessary adjustments for the Embryo, but... never mind. Get up, Tager. Time for more tuning.
Vs. Iron Tager (Act 3) 『エンブリオ』仕様に調整したつもりだったが、失敗のようだな……
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 1/2) Litchi... why do you feel so responsible for what happened? Is there something you're not telling me?
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 1/2) ライチ、何故お前がそれほど責任を感じている?
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 3) Let me warn you... what you're talking about isn't some theory or hypothesis. It's a pipedream... time to wake up.
Vs. Litchi Faye-Ling (Act 3) 一つ忠告をしてやろう。
Vs. Arakune Kokonoe here. I've captured Lotte Carmine. Get him to my lab. Stat.
Vs. Arakune こちらココノエだ。ロット=カーマインを捕獲した。
Vs. Bang Shishigami Don't take this the wrong way, but I really hate idealism. It's a waste of energy...
Vs. Bang Shishigami 悪いが精神論は性に合わん。無駄に疲れるだけだからな。
Vs. Carl Clover Nox Nyctores, Nirvana... Your moves aren't as sharp as they should be. Do you need maintenance...?
Vs. Carl Clover 事象兵器ニルヴァーナ。
Vs. Hakumen (Act 1/2) Answer me... who brought you out of the Boundary!? Though, I've got my suspicions...
Vs. Hakumen (Act 1/2) 答えろ、お前を境界から引き摺り出したのは誰だ?
Vs. Hakumen (Act 3) I won't let you escape this time, Hakumen... I can't let you kill Noel Vermillion.
Vs. Hakumen (Act 3) もう逃がしはせんよ、ハクメン。
Vs. Nu-13 The Murakumo Unit... Hm. Looks like you still need more adjustments.
Vs. Nu-13 ムラクモユニット……ふむ、調整が不十分だったようだな。
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) You wield that weapon, fully aware of all the risks involved...? Hmph. I'll never understand what the Library's thinking.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 1/2) 多大なリスクを承知の上で、封印兵装を纏うとは……
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) I'm warning you... you're free to chase Ragna the Bloodedge or whoever, but just stay out of my way.
Vs. Tsubaki Yayoi (Act 3) 一応忠告しておくぞ。お前がラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジを
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) What a waste of time and effort... I thought you might actually lead us somewhere if we tailed you. No more time for games. Now, tell me all you know about Noel Vermillion.
Vs. Hazama (Act 1/2) やれやれ、泳がせておいたのが無駄になったな。しかしこうなった
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) Just the vessel... Where are you, Terumi? Why do I have a really bad feeling...?
Vs. Hazama (Act 3) 器だけか……テルミはどこへ行った?
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) Godslayer is a pretty bold claim... Unfortunately, I'm an atheist.
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 1/2) 『神殺し』とは大層な謳い文句だが、生憎と私は無神論者でな。
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) Hey, where's Noel Vermillion!? What!? Split in two...? What's happening...?
Vs. Mu-12 (Act 3) おい、ノエル=ヴァーミリオンはどうした?
馬鹿な、二つに別れただと……? どういう事だ……。
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 1/2) For the record, if I find out you're a double-spy... I don't think I need to finish that sentence.
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 1/2) 言っておくが、お前がもし二重スパイだった時は……
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 3) ...Your job is to secure Noel Vermillion. Now that you've got that through your head... GO DO IT!
Vs. Makoto Nanaya (Act 3) ……お前の役目は、ノエル=ヴァーミリオンを保護する事だ。
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing Ugh. Quit biting me! I'm not interested in your master anymore.
Vs. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing やれやれ、いちいち噛みつくな。今、お前の主に興味は無い。
Vs. Platinum the Trinity You're an interesting one... but it doesn't seem like you just have two personalities. I think I had a device in the lab to analyze souls...
Vs. Platinum the Trinity ほう? 面白い存在だ。二重人格では無さそうだな……。
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) You madman... go to hell, and take all your equations with you.
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 1/2) 狂人め……あの世で方程式でも解いていろ。
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) You probably know... what Izanami's after. Now, tell me...
Vs. Relius Clover (Act 3) お前なら知っている筈だな。
Vs. Izayoi Scientific research is my highest priority... I really don't give a damn about good or evil right now.
Vs. Izayoi 私は科学的検証を優先する性質でな。
Vs. Amane Nishiki (Act 1/2) That presence... don't tell me you're-- I need to know everything you know. Now. Don't try to fool me.
Vs. Amane Nishiki (Act 1/2) その気配、お前はまさか……おい、知っている事を教えろ。
Vs. Amane Nishiki (Act 3) These readings... I see, you're aiming to be her successor...
Vs. Amane Nishiki (Act 3) この反応は……成程、お前がヤツの後釜といわけか……。
Vs. Bullet (Act 1/2) Return to base, Bullet... you need to cool off a little bit.
Vs. Bullet (Act 1/2) 帰還しろ、バレット。少しは頭を冷やせ。
Vs. Bullet (Act 3) Save it for later. I don't have time to hear your crap right now.
Vs. Bullet (Act 3) 後にしろ。貴様の話に付き合っている暇は無い。
Vs. Azrael I've got this sub-zero restraining mechanism I've been dying to try. I think it'll make the perfect doghouse for you.
Vs. Azrael 実は試したい超低温拘束装置があってな。
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki You should take a good look at who you're hitting on before you lay down your game. Idiot...
Vs. Kagura Mutsuki 少しは相手を見て口説いたらどうだ……馬鹿者が。
Vs. Yuuki Terumi I am going to delete you. Simple as that...
Vs. Yuuki Terumi 私はお前を抹消する――それだけだ。
Vs. Kokonoe A copy? No... phenomena intervention? That doesn't really add up, either. I guess I'll have to analyze... myself.
Vs. Kokonoe 複製体……いや、事象干渉か? だが妙な点が多すぎる……
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) Celica A. Mercury... what are you doing in this time? If this was my doing, surely, I would have some data indicating so...
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 1/2) セリカ=A=マーキュリーが何故この時代にいる?
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) Follow me, Celica. I still have some jobs for you.
Vs. Celica A. Mercury (Act 3) 付いて来い、セリカ。お前にはまだ役立ってもらうぞ。
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) Adjustments are complete. But how did everything move so smoothly...?
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 1/2) 調整は完了だ。
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) This should complete the adjustments... This Embryo is starting to turn into a massive headache.
Vs. Lambda-11 (Act 3) 再調整はこんなもので良いだろう。
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku (Act 1/2) Argh, why don't you just stand still...!? I will blow up this entire block if I have to.
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku (Act 1/2) ちょこまかと目障りなヤツだ……
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku (Act 3) Are you testing me? Well, don't... it's a waste of our time.
Vs. Hibiki Kohaku (Act 3) 私を試すつもりなら止めておけ。
Vs. Naoto Kurogane These readings... can only mean you're from the Boundary... Haha, must be faulty equipment. I'll take this back to the lab.
Vs. Naoto Kurogane この観測値は境界の……。
Vs. Nine the Phantom Do you think I've been a bad daughter? If that's the case, I probably took after you, Mother.
Vs. Nine the Phantom 私は愚かな娘でしょうか、母様。
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) Avoiding death has been a huge drive in science... In other words, I exist to defy you. Don't you dare underestimate us.
Vs. Izanami (Act 2/3) 科学とは人間が『死』を遠ざけるために編み出した術だ。
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) Everything's gone according to the simulation... I'll be collecting that vessel, Susano'o Unit.
Vs. Susano'o (Act 3) ここまでシミュレーション通りとはな……
Vs. Es (Act 3) Impossible... these are the readings of the Azure...?
Vs. Es (Act 3) 馬鹿な……これは、蒼の反応だと……?
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) The "Remix Heart" is an unstable power... why don't you let me make some adjustments...?
Vs. Mai Natsume (Act 3) 『リミックスハート』……相変わらず不安定な力だ。
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) A child cannot choose their parents. Never have those words felt truer to me than they do now.
Vs. Jubei (Act 3) 子は親を選べない――全く以って
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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Hm... I get it, so that's how things are. I'm Kokonoe. First things first, get a lab for me set up. Also, don't tell anyone what I do. That's all the requests from me, for now.
New Unit ふむ……なるほど、そういうことか。私はココノエ。とりあえず私用の実験室を用意してくれ。それと、私がすることに口出しはするな。こちらからの要望は以上だ、とりあえずはな。
Ascension (SS+) If that's the case, then...Oh no, just talking to myself.
Ascension (SS+) であるならば……ああいい、こっちの話だ
Ascension (SS++) This feels good.
Ascension (SS++) いい感じだ
Ascension (SS+++) I don't feel like looking away yet.
Ascension (SS+++) まだまだ目が離せそうにない
Home Screen
Talk Perfect timing. Put some coffee on for me. And add just 20 sugar cubes, for starters. What, it won't dissolve? Then make it dissolve.
Talk ちょうどいいところに来た。コーヒーを入れてこい。ああ、砂糖はとりあえず20個ばかり放り込んでおいてくれ。なに、溶けない? 溶かせ。
Likes Mm? This scent...y-you've got–is that–Ferrero chocolates!? Oh, no, it's not? But it looks very similar... Alright then, hand it over. Hey, don't make such a fuss, it's just one piece of chocolate. Just hand it over.
Likes ん? この匂い……お前、それはもしかして、ロッシェ堂のチョコレートじゃないか!? なに、違う? だがよく似ている……うむ、よし、それを寄越せ。ええい、チョコひとつでガタガタいうな、良いから寄越せ。
Dislikes You think I'm a shut-in? Don't be ridiculous. Shut-ins are those people who never go out. I just prefer not to go out. Don't bring up such old-fashioned concepts, you'll become narrow-minded.
Dislikes 私が引きこもりだと?馬鹿を言うな。引きこもりとは外に出られない奴のことだろう。私は好んで外に出ないだけだ。固定概念で物を語るな、思考回路が狭まるぞ。
Hobby I've got an eye for sweets. Someday I'd like to collect sweets from around the world, and I'll make use of everything I've got up here to do it.
Hobby 甘い物には目がなくてな。いつか世界中の菓子という菓子を集めてみたいと思っている。そのためにはこの頭を惜しみなく使うつもりだ。
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