BlazBlue: Variable Heart

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ブレイブルー ヴァリアブルハート
BlazBlue: Variable Heart

BlazBlue Variable Heart Volume 1 Illustration 02.png

Publication Date Volume 1: December 9, 2016
Volume 2: July 7, 2017
Volume 3: March 9, 2018

MORI Toshimichi (Scenario)




Fujimi Shobo / Kadokawa

Page Count Volume 1: 164
Volume 2: 162
Volume 3: 162
ISBN Volume 1: 978-4040721163
Volume 2: 978-4040723532
Volume 3: 978-4040726298

BlazBlue: Variable Heart (ブレイブルー ヴァリアブルハート) is a manga series published by Fujimi Shobo in Monthly Dragon Age. The scenario is written by Mori Toshimichi and the illustrator is Sumeragi.


This work, in the same vein as "BlazBlue: Remix Heart" which followed Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto when they were still enrolled in the Military Academy, features the character Mai, original to the comics, as the protagonist. The story is written by producer Mori Toshimichi of Arc System Works, with illustrations by Sumeragi.[1]


BlazBlue Variable Heart Volume 1 Cover.png
BlazBlue Variable Heart Volume 2 Cover.png
BlazBlue Variable Heart Volume 3 Cover.png


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