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The Azure is a mysterious power that lies at the deepest part of the Boundary and has the ability to grant anyone's desires. It's mysterious and almighty nature have caused many to lust after it; the pursuit of which has caused multiple wars, the creation of new worlds, and the deaths of thousands.


The Azure is an omnipotent force that can grant anything if so desired.

Many are obsessed with the pursuit of the Azure. Lotte Carmine was obsessed with it, with it becoming the focus of all his research. Yuuki Terumi ultimately aimed to obtain the Azure so he could enslave the world, and worked tirelessly towards the goal of achieving it.[1] Within the Embryo, those that were the chosen had been granted the right to fight against Izanami. If they won, they were granted a fragment of the Azure's power.[2] It is known that Hazama was able to obtain his.[3] Ultimately, Ragna the Bloodedge and Terumi fought for the Azure - Ragna was victorious.

It appears that the Azure has a form of will, having created a version of Es to act as its guardian over the Gate.[4] Es specifically refers to it as the Azure Will.[5]


  • Despite being an extremely important part of the BlazBlue series, the Azure does not have a Library Entry.


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