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Takamagahara System

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The Takamagahara System are three AI's: TA; TB; and TC, that managed the Looping World and Continuum Shift. They are trying to bring Doomsday to obtain the Azure. They were created by humans to rival the Sankishin - Amaterasu Unit, and are able to do so with their Observational powers and Phenomenon Intervention.

They first appeared in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.


Takamagahara appear in complete white space where they invite visitors. In this space are three simple black chairs facing each other in a circle. On the floor, there are humanoid shadows sitting on the chairs themselves - these are the AI's that comprise Takamagahara.


Collectively, the AI's exhibit a general distaste for human free will, disregarding it entirely. Their incredible intelligence is only rivalled by their ruthless pursuit of the Azure, and they will do anything to obtain this goal. Ethics and morality mean nothing to them, only information and results; given that they reset the Looping World by using the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi on the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi countless times, the Takamagahara System has murdered an immeasurable amount of people just to obtain the Azure.

Despite their similarities and shared mind, each AI exhibits a distinct personality. TA is straightforward and acts as the leader of the three, being direct with his desires. TB is more inquisitive and asks his fellow AI's questions about the state of the phenomena before them. TC is purely concerned with numbers, exhibiting no personality outside of her numerical statements - she is also the only feminine AI, and will start each sentence with either "correct" or "incorrect".

Powers and Abilities

Because they were created to rival Amaterasu, Takamagahara are capable of Phenomenon Intervention on a massive scale. Their ability to manipulate phenomena into their favor allowed them to control the Continuum Shift created by Noel Vermillion and give them power comparable to a God. Takamagahara was responsible for bringing Yuuki Terumi out of the Boundary and they are capable of protecting themselves through their own Observation, not allowing anyone into their white space unless they want them to. With the ability to activate Take-Mikazuchi on command, Takamagahara have immense power at their disposal.

However, Takamagahara are not omnipotent nor omniscient; they are not a true God. They cannot rewrite minor phenomena, like Amaterasu can, and they can be briefly distracted by major events - this ultimately led to their downfall as Terumi infiltrated their space. Because they are AI's, a paradoxical algorithm can effectively shut them down, something that was employed by Nine the Phantom.[1]

Official Profiles

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


The 'system' controlling the loop of space-time. It was created to control space-time in place of the Master Unit, Amaterasu. I'ts currently operating with the goal of destroying Amaterasu.

It consists of 3 AI's with power close to that of the Master Unit, Amaterasu, and they constantly Observe space-time. The purpose of their existence is the 'continuance of the world,' and they have no regard for the will of humans. This places them at odds with their fellow Observers, the Alucard family (Rachel), who do respect the will of humans.

Since the Imperator has seized control of the system at present, the Nox Nyctores it controlled, 'Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi' has also fallen into her hands.[2]

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