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This page refers to the key world setting and lore within the BlazBlue franchise. These are only brief summaries of each concept, and more can be found on each of the terms' respective articles.

Universal Lore

This refers to lore which relates to all media within the franchise


The Azure is at the center of the BlazBlue franchise. It is a mysterious, omnipotent force that can grant the wishes of anyone who obtains it. It rests deep within the Boundary, and much is unknown about it.

BlazBlue is essentially the stories of those who attempt to claim the Azure and the events that unfold.


An Embryo is a crystallization of Azure that is formed from thousands of souls. It has the power of Phenomenon Intervention and is capable of turning into anything, from a single person to a whole world.


A soul is the essence of what makes a person, and is possessed by every living thing. In the BlazBlue franchise, the concept of souls and their properties are part of the motives of certain characters. All souls return to the Azure after death.


A Possibility refers to one of the many different parallel worlds that run concurrent to one another. There are three major possibilities in the BlazBlue franchise: the BlazBlue possibility, the XBlaze possibility, and the Bloodedge Experience possibility.

Media and stories within the BlazBlue possibility include:

Media and stories within the XBlaze possibility include:

Media and stories within the Bloodedge Experience possibility include:


Order is a power that balances the world, gifting certain individuals with the Power of Order. When a world threat is too great, Order will intervene by creating an individual or gifting an individual with its power so that the threat can be neutralized.


Logic is a fundamental set of rules that the universe adheres to. All things exist within Logic, with the exception of seithr and certain creatures. Arts were made to counter beings that exist outside of Logic. Anything created with an Art exists outside of Logic, such as a flame made with magic.


The Boundary is a dimension that exists outside of time, and is the place where all possibilities intersect. Seithr exists in limitless quantities within this dimension, surging out into the world through cauldrons. Unless extraordinary precautions are taken, most biological material cannot survive the Boundary as it becomes corrupted by the vast levels of seithr present. The Azure rests deep within the Boundary.


A Cauldron is an entrance into the Boundary. Seithr spews into the world from these locations, which are usually deep underground. It is also known as a Gate of Sheol.


Seithr is a substance which is used to fuel most Arts. It is a particle substance which constitutes every living thing and usually exists as a gas-like fuel. It is usually invisible but can be seen in thicker quantities, where it is poisonous. Seithr can mutate living creatures and surges out of the Boundary.

Seithr Regulator

A device that regulates the amount of seithr used for certain Arts. Helps prevent the seithr from corrupting the bodies of its user.


Art is the umbrella term for all abilities, powers, and techniques which require seithr to function. Some of these Arts are exclusive to certain possibilities, while others are universal.

Universal Arts include: Sorcery, Magic, and Alchemy.


Sorcery is an Art which does not require seithr, and is the only one that does need it. Using mana, the essence of nature, a sorcerer can manipulate the world around them, creating fire, lightning, light, etc.


Magic is an Art which requires seithr. It is functionally similar to sorcery.


Alchemy is an Art used to make bodies, souls, and objects more perfect. It uses scientific principles in order to function.


A Drive is the physical manifestation of the soul, allowing Drive users to employ powers unique to them. Only the strongest of souls are capable of manifesting a Drive. In order to use their Drive, the user will subconsciously borrow a miniscule fraction of the Azure's power.

The term Drive is also used in the C-Series fighting games to refer to a character's unique gameplay mechanic.

Soul Eater

A Drive which appears multiple times across possibilities. It takes the life-force of those around the user and uses it to strengthen its wielder.


A Drive which appears multiple times across possibilities. It allows its user to control their own blood, making weapons from it.

Remnants of Azure

Small, almost untraceable portions of Azure left behind whenever someone uses their Drive.


The Sankishin are three entities that are the equivalent of gods. Each one deals with an aspect of time.

Amaterasu Unit

The Amaterasu Unit governs time, and is capable of both major and minor phenomenon intervention.

Tsukuyomi Unit

The Tsukuyomi Unit protects time, and makes a large shield that repels any force when activated.

Susano'o Unit

The Susano'o Unit slashes time. It is a large set of armor that makes the user impervious to the Boundary.


An Onlooker is a powerful individual who can watch events unfold, yet is unable to directly intervene. They are immune to phenomenon intervention and can remember events and circumstances, even if phenomenon intervention has been used to change them. They are also capable of employing phenomenon intervention.

In the English localization, this term was merged with Observer.


An Observer is a person who can employ phenomenon intervention to discreetly manipulate the world around them. They can acknowledge a similar possibility and enforce their will upon it in order to make it a reality. There are great risks associated with the power, and there are limits that the average Observer must adhere to.

Phenomenon Intervention

Phenomenon Intervention is the ability to discreetly change the world around them. The power can be employed by Observers and Onlookers. Minor phenomenon intervention can be used by the average Observer, such as changing what they had for breakfast. Major phenomena, such as whether or not someone falls down a cliffside, can only be changed by certain individuals and Observers, such as the Amaterasu Unit.

Continuum Shift

A phenomenon where countless possibilities run concurrent to one another and each one can become reality through the use of major phenomenon intervention. Circumstances that would usually seem impossible become possible in one of the many possibilities of the Continuum Shift.

Black Beast

A Black Beast is a creature made from seithr. It has nine heads and is the size of a city. They emerge from the Boundary and can exist for many different reasons.

Prime Field Device

A Prime Field Device is an artificial human. Different possibilities have different models of PFDs built for different purposes.


A city that is cited as the birthplace of sorcery and magic. It is an island situated in the middle of the Atlantic and is the one location in the world that appears in every possibility.

Mage's Guild/Magic Guild

Known as the Mage's Guild in the BlazBlue possibility and as the Magic Guild in the XBlaze possibility. It is the governing body of Ishana that is dedicated to the research and development of both the Arts and mages.

Ten Sages

The leaders of Ishana and the Guild, chosen for their remarkable gifts in the Arts. Their ranks never swell above 10.


A conglomerate race of long-lived humanoids. They are shrouded in mystery and their members are among the most powerful characters in the franchise. Most vampires belong to the Alucard Clan.

Alucard Clan

A clan of vampires. Their interactions with the world usually set major events in motion. In the BlazBlue possibility, it is led by Rachel Alucard, having inherited it from her father Clavis Alucard. In the Bloodedge Experience possibility, it is still led by Clavis.


A species of werewolf-like humanoids who can freely shift between a wolf form and a human form. They are exceedingly rare.

Amanohokosaka Clan

A Japanese clan of exorcists with great magical power. In the XBlaze and Bloodedge Experience possibilities, the clan is led by Mei Amanohokosaka. In the BlazBlue possibility, it is led by Homura Amanohokosaka.

Mitsurugi Agency

An organization with motives that differ across possibilities. They are usually associated in some degree to Drive users.

Chrono Phantasma (Those Who Should Not Exist)

Individuals who are in a time period that they do not belong in. They will eventually fade from existence within a few months, but that time can be shortened depending on how much power they use.

Chrono Phantasma (Phantoms of Time)

Those with a future different from the one they originally had. Little is known about them or how one qualifies as a Phantom of Time.

Legacy Weapons

Weapons with extraordinary powers. In the XBlaze possibility, there are three, while one exists in the BlazBlue possibility.


A concept that means two different things between the BlazBlue and XBlaze possibilities. In the BlazBlue possibility it is a device used to access Ars Magus, and in the XBlaze possibility it is both a device and ability used to access the XBlaze ability.

Origin of the Grimoire

A crystal made out of highly compressed seithr. One exists in the XBlaze possibility, while another exists in the BlazBlue possibility; the original's location is unknown but a copy was made as an eye for Nine the Phantom.

Immortal Breaker

A concept that means two different things between the BlazBlue and Bloodedge Experience possibilities. In the BlazBlue possibility, it refers to the Immortal Breaker (Ability), which can kill immortals. In the Bloodedge Experience possibility, it refers to the Immortal Breakers (Group), an organization which hunts down powerful entities.

Murakumo Unit

A concept that means two different things between the BlazBlue and Bloodedge Experience possibilities. In the BlazBlue possibility, it refers to a Murakumo Unit, a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device which wields a Nox Nyctores - Lux Sanctus: Murakumo. It can also refer to Mu-12 or Nu-13.

In the Bloodedge Experience possibility, it refers to either the Murakumo Unit (Weapon) wielded by Kiiro Hikagami or Kiiro herself.


Short for Technology of Information. It is a popular news app in both the XBlaze possibility (where it was invented by Souichiro Unomaru) and the Bloodedge Experience possibility.

BlazBlue Lore

This refers to lore that applies only to the main BlazBlue franchise.

Looping World

A timeloop that lasted between 2100 - 2200 that was caused by the Amaterasu Unit. Breaking free from the loop was the goal of the Onlookers, who were immune to the memory wipe that resulted from time looping.

Takamagahara System

Three AIs who were created to rival the Amaterasu Unit. They were capable of major phenomenon intervention and managed both the Looping World and the Continuum Shift that occurred afterwards.

Dark War

The Dark War was a conflict between a Black Beast and humanity that lasted between 2100 and 2110. The war was won with the help of the Six Heroes and the creation of Ars Magus. The aftermath of the war radically changed the BlazBlue possibility, making it the most unique out of the three major possibilities.

Six Heroes

Six warriors who fought the Black Beast during the Dark War: Hakumen, Nine the Phantom, Trinity Glassfille, Jubei, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and Yuuki Terumi.

Ars Magus

An Art created by Nine the Phantom by combining Magic and science in order to fight the Black Beast. Since most people could not use magic or sorcery, this made power outside of Logic more accessible. After the Dark War, it shaped every single facet of society, even replacing the use of electricity.

Ars Armegis

An Art that is a weaponized version of Ars Magus.

Nox Nyctores

Weapons of Ars Magus. There are 11 Nox Nyctores and each of them has a unique property. They are, to a degree, sentient and choose their wielders. In return for granting nearly unmatched power, the weapons will affect and damage their wielders' mentality and emotions.

Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi

The first Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a giant humanoid. After the Dark War, it was sealed inside a satellite in space. Its raw power rivals the Black Beast and it can destroy cities with a single blast.

Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa

The second Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a katana and sheathe. Its blade crystallises the moisture in the air, creating ice that erodes away at the soul.

Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk

The third Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a pair of guns. Its Ars Magus bullets pierce through space and collapse into an Ars Magus blast. It seals the emotions of its user.

Deus Machina: Nirvana

The fourth Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a giant doll. It inflicts wounds that cannot be healed with conventional Ars Magus.

Mucro Somnio: Musashi

The fifth Nox Nyctores that takes the form of two short swords. It can cut through things that cannot usually be cut through, such as magnetic fields.

Interfectum Malus: Ookami

The sixth Nox Nyctores that takes the form of an oodachi. It can nullify Ars Magus with its blade.

Arma Reboare: Muchourin

The seventh Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a large wand. It can materialize objects but takes its user's memories.

Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros

The eighth Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a chain with a snake head. It can directly manipulate the emotions of its victims.

Phoenix: Rettenjo

The ninth Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a large nail. It can destroy other Nox Nyctores, as well as stop the flow of seithr.

Lux Sanctus: Murakumo

The tenth Nox Nyctores, which each take the form of a large sword that can transform into bladed armour. They are the only Nox Nyctores where more than one exists, and were designed to destroy the Sankishin.

Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem

The eleventh Nox Nyctores that takes the form of a large humanoid. It can use phenomenon intervention on the level of the Amaterasu Unit and was designed to replace it.

Azure Grimoire

The world's strongest Grimoire that is capable of drawing power from the Boundary and is said to borrow power from the Azure itself. It is owned by Ragna the Bloodedge.

Blue Grimoire

A Grimoire with similar but superior functions to the Azure Grimoire. The Grimoire is actually a person - Hazama.

Burning Red Grimoire

A Grimoire that was designed to be paired with the Azure Grimoire but was never completed. It grants its user the ability to use sorcery.

Sealed Weapon Izayoi/Zero-Type Izayoi

A weapon created before the Dark War that steals light. It was made to combat Observers but has the fatal drawback of eventually making its wielder blind. Its evolved form is the Zero Weapon: Izayoi, which is capable of killing immortal beings like vampires.


A shape-shifting blade which can cut through souls.

Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon

A series of weapons created by Kokonoe using science. They are designed to rival the power of the Nox Nyctores.

Idea Engine

A successor to the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon created by Kokonoe. It boosts the wielder's power to that of a Nox Nyctores user.

Ex Machina: Minerva

An automaton based on the Fluctus Redactum: Ignis and the Nox Nyctores Deus Machina: Nirvana. It wields an Idea Engine and was built specifically to protect Celica A. Mercury.


A series of weapons made by Relius Clover that are based on both the Nox Nyctores and the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapons. Only one is known: the Fluctus Redactum: Ignis.

Fluctus Redactum: Ignis

An automaton based on the Deus Machina: Nirvana. Built by Relius Clover, it is fuelled by the soul of his wife, Ignis Clover. Its power rivals that of Nirvana and Minerva.

Gallia Sphyras: Outseal

A Legacy Weapon created by Kajun Faycott. It is the only known Legacy Weapon in the BlazBlue possibility, although more are hinted to exist.


A species of sentient animal-like beings that existed in the shadow of humanity until the Dark War. They are treated like second-class citizens.


A species of humanoids that are physically identical to humans except for some animal-like features, like tails. They were created to fight the Black Beast, but are treated like second-class citizens.


A species of humanoids resulting from mixed human and beastkin parentage. They are physically similar to demi-humans and treated like second-class citizens.


A species of cat-like humanoids made from the DNA of Jubei, a beastkin who was one of the Six Heroes. Nearly all of them are women and their village is situated in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. They are treated like second-class citizens.

Orbis Librarius Norma

An organization which existed in the Dark War. It was created to manage the then newly made Ars Magus and Grimoire. After the war, it was merged with the Mage's Guild to form the Novus Orbis Librarium.

Novus Orbis Librarium

An organization that regulates the Hierarchical Cities and Grimoires in the BlazBlue possibility. They are double as a military power and world police. As it regulates the Hierarchical Cities, the NOL is closer to a government than a private organization. Due to its power and influence, it is not well-liked by certain groups, and is disparagingly called "The Library". It is led by the Imperator Librarius.


12 noble families who act as bodyguards and a council to the Imperator of the NOL. Each family has unique customs and traditions, but all excel in the use of Ars Magus.


The first family of the Duodecim. They lead the other families and manage the remains of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido. They have historically produced many strong soldiers and are led by Kagura Mutsuki.


The second family of the Duodecim. They care little about bloodline and prefer to scout talented children to join their ranks. Jin Kisaragi is a member of this family.


The third family of the Duodecim. They care greatly about bloodline and will do anything to preserve the purity of their Ars Magus abilities. Tsubaki Yayoi is a member of this family.


The eighth family of the Duodecim. They care greatly about power and take this philosophy so seriously that the weak can have their status revoked. Houichirou Hazuki is the leader of this family and his daughter Mai Natsume is a member.

Hierarchical City

24 cities created after the Dark War on mountaintops to flee the lower altitudes, which were made uninhabitable by the amount of seithr that spewed from the Black Beast's body after its death. All Hierarchical Cities are managed by the NOL.

5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido

A city that was destroyed in the Ikaruga Civil War. It was the greatest Hierarchical City during its time.

13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi

The main setting of the C-Series. A Hierarchical City that is rife with crime.

15th Hierarchical City of Torifune

Also known as the Military Academy. It is where NOL soldiers are trained and functions as its own small city. It is the main setting of BlazBlue: Remix Heart.

Sector Seven

A group that opposes the NOL and prefers to rely on science instead of Ars Magus.

Ikaruga Federation

A group of six Hierarchical Cities that declared independence from the NOL. They were defeated in the Ikaruga Civil War and disbanded afterward.

Ikaruga Civil War

A war between the NOL and the Ikaruga Federation that lasted between 2191 and 2197. Despite the NOL's overwhelming strength, the war was dragged on for many reasons. Eventually, the Ikaruga Federation was completely crushed.


Individuals hired to capture criminals wanted by the NOL. They receive a monetary reward and the vigilante system is kept under check by strict rules.

Nemesis Horizon

A Cauldron in the sky above the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido.


A massive column that is used to absorb souls.

Kushinada's Lynchpin

A giant nail that can nullify seithr worldwide upon activation. It needs a strong soul in order to activate.

Boundary Interface Prime Field Device

A type of Prime Field Device (PFD) originally created to explore the Boundary. They are human in appearance but have abilities far exceeding that of humans. Thirteen of them exist.


The perfect fusion of a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device and a piece of the Azure after having been smelted with souls in either a Monolith or Cauldron. Possesses power comparable to a God. If the process goes awry then a Black Beast is created instead.

Can also refer to Mu-12, the only known Kusanagi.

XBlaze Lore

This refers to lore that can only be found in the XBlaze franchise.

Shin Yokozaki City

A small port city in Japan that acts as the main setting for XBlaze Code: Embryo and XBlaze Lost: Memories.

Wadatsumi Research Facility

An old research facility in Shin Yokozaki. It was used to research the T-System but was destroyed. It was built on land sacred to the Amanohokosaka Clan.

Wadatsumi Incident

An incident in Shin Yokozaki where a black typhoon created by the Origin of the Grimoire killed 3000 people.


Short for Takamagahara System, but not to be confused for the one in the BlazBlue possibility. It was to use the power of an Embryo. By constantly using phenomenon intervention, it would be able to prevent crime before it occurred, yet would strip free will from all people.


A person infected with a crystal that gifts them the ability to use their Drive. More Drive-Unions started appearing after the Wadatsumi Incident. The condition is usually fatal.

Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo

A Legacy Weapon in the shape of a katana. It can cut through anything. It has multiple users and is taken from the XBlaze possibility into the BlazBlue possibility during the events of BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

Sealed Spear: Izayoi

A Legacy Weapon in the shape of a spear. It can seal away the magical power of a foe, but even a single use can cause the user to go blind.

Sword of Destruction: Kusanagi

A Legacy Weapon in the shape of multiple bladed guns. It can nullify phenomenon intervention. With each nullification, the wielder grows stronger.

Bloodedge Experience Lore

This refers to lore that can only be found in the Bloodedge Experience franchise.

Shin Kawahama City

A large city in Japan that acts as the setting for BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 1 and BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience - Part 2.

Mass-Disappearing Incident

A series of global events where over 12,000 people went missing. It was covered up and told to the public to be a result of a virus.


The Apostles are a group of men under the control of Spinner Superior. They hunt down strong souls under his orders.

Eye of the Hunter

A power passed down in the Terumi branch of the Amanohokosaka Clan. The wielder has the right to be called the leader or heir of the branch. It allows its user to see the life-force value of others. When Naoto Kurogane was taken from his possibility into the BlazBlue possibility, he still retained this ability.