Legacy Weapons

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Legacy Weapons (発掘兵装レガシーウェポン) are a set of powerful weapons created in an age long past to combat a threat to humanity.


The Legacy Weapons are OOPARTS that have been excavated by humans. With the exception of Gallia Sphyras: Outseal (which is a replica made by Kokonoe and Kajun Faycott) they were made by long lost technology. They all have incredible power, on par with the Nox Nyctores that were based on them, but have a cost for using them.

It's been noted that Fuzzy has some experience fighting them. [1]


Official Descriptions

XBlaze Code: Embryo TIPS Entry

Legacy Weapon

The name given to all weapons uncovered through extensive excavation of ancient ruins of unknown origins. Also known by the acronym OOPARTS. [2]


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