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Dark War

Phase 0, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4


When Jin awoke, he found himself lying on a hillside in the dead of night, with only the moonlight giving a glow to his surroundings. His hair and skin were dirty, his clothes torn and his consciousness slipping away from him. He knew he was going to die while the moon looked to him as if it was going to fall down. The wind fluttered and a girl appeared - Rachel Alucard. She offered him the chance to become a real hero, and teleported him to the Alucard Castle as he drifted into unconsciousness.[1] Unknown to Jin, the date was December 31st, 2099AD, a whole century prior to his time period.[2]

When Jin awoke, he was in a luxurious bed filled with the scent of roses within a manor he had not seen before. The door to the room opened and an old man in a wheelchair entered, being pushed by a butler. The man introduced himself as Clavis Alucard, his butler as Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and the girl who brought him there as Rachel. Jin learned that he had been unconscious for a week and that it was Valkenhayn who tended to his wounds; most of his memories had been distorted by the Boundary, and the unusual trio left Jin to recuperate, and collect his memories and strength.

The girl with the name of a flower

A few days had passed and Jin found the strength to sit up, although he needed Valkenhayn to push him across the Castle's stately manor in a wheelchair. He was covered in bandages and had become paralyzed from the waist down thanks to his sustained injuries. Valkenhayn, Rachel and Clavis took him into a basement of the Castle. Clavis undid several sorcery seals on the basement's door, and the three of them entered a dark hallway. Clavis enquired about Jin's memories, and the young man revealed he had remembered Ragna, Tsubaki, and some of the information regarding the Dark War. The elderly vampire told Jin that the future had been determined, forcing the former Major to shout and clench his fists, furious that Ragna and Tsubaki would be cursed to meet the same fates again and again. They came to the end of the hallway and entered a small room - Clavis told Jin that there were three Gods, the Sankishin, and that he stood face-to-face with one of them - the Susano'o Unit. Clavis offered him the chance to wield the unit before leaving, and Rachel warned Jin that by using it, he would sacrifice his humanity. Jin, feeling he had a choice to either live unable to fight or to live to fight, decided to choose the latter, donning the Unit and a new name - Hakumen.[3] Hakumen later left the Alucard Castle, and challenged the Black Beast by himself. He was defeated, and was forced to retreat.[4] From this point onward, Hakumen began travelling for over 6 years across the war-torn world.

Silver knight

Hakumen visited the First District in 2106AD, seeing its cauldron and sensing a dark presence. He called out to the darkness, drew his sword, and asked for it to show itself, but nothing happened. Before walking away, he was met by three mages who appeared from a nearby staircase - Nine, Trinity Glassfille, and Celica A. Mercury. Hakumen remarked on them being witches and sheathed his sword. Before leaving, he told them that they would meet again, and kicked the ground, launching himself high onto another level of the facility. The dark presence that Hakumen had felt earlier was Ragna himself.[5]

In 2107AD, eight months after the encounter, Hakumen was in the Magister's City of Ishana, having become part of a council of warriors that were in charge of deciding how to beast the Black Beast. He looked out towards the ocean from the floating island, and was found by Celica, who had mistaken him for Ragna. Although he did not reply to the girl's chatter, he listened to her talk about how Ragna had saved her and how special he was to her - Hakumen turned to face the picturesque city, his mind in deep thought; he knew Ragna should not exist in this time period, and began to reminisce on how he had arrived in the period himself. After some reflecting on his twisted memories, Hakumen strode down the hill with Celica bounding after him.[6]

Hakumen found himself following Celica as they entered the main gate of the Mage's Guild. Nine began to interrogate him, as he had failed to attend the latest meeting that concerned the safety of the representatives of each nation. Trinity dismantled the tense air with her cheerful attitude, but it was plunged into strife once more as Yuuki Terumi arrived and taunted Hakumen, mockingly begging him to be his friend. Celica ordered them both to stop, and the group, also consisting of Valkenhayn and Jubei, walked into the Mage's Guild where they were disdainfully treated by Seven and Eight, two of the Ten Sages. Together with Terumi and Valkenhayn, Hakumen left the Guild's courtyard as they were uninterested in the politics that would follow their presence. Valkenhayn and Hakumen later met Rachel at the Alucard Castle, and they discussed what was to be done with Terumi - the butler suggested assassinating him, but it was only with Rachel's insistence on his necessity that the plan was dissolved.[7]

Black Beast

Another meeting concerning the Black Beast was scheduled. Hakumen listened, although did not contribute. The plan concerned how the Black Beast moved, which was primarily through the cauldrons which leaked the most seithr. Hakumen did not voice concern nor anger when Rachel told them all that she could not help them in the battle that was to come, but did listen intently as she revealed that the Beast was likely to appear wherever Celica was. The meeting concluded that the best chance to find the Beast was in Eastern Europe, and so made their way there.

The battlefield was a desert with no greenery or water for miles on end. Battalions from the Mage's Guild were present, as were Celica, Jubei, Valkenhayn, Nine, Trinity, Terumi, Seven, Eight, and Hakumen. Hakumen, Celica, and the Deus Machina: Nirvana stood together, separated from the other units so the Black Beast could find them. He asked the young mage if she was scared and comforted her, telling Celica that she had nothing to fear. She unintentionally muttered the name Ragna, and moments later, Hakumen asked her if he bore any resemblance to him. The knight listened, and asked if she wanted to meet him, only this time, his question had emotion attached to it. Hakumen told Celica that she reminded him of a girl he once knew, someone who was as bold as her. The knight remarked at their unusual conversation before telling Celica that he would protect her like Ragna had once done. Their heartfelt conversation was cut short as the Black Beast had arrived, fulfilling Rachel's earlier prediction.

Hakumen ran towards the Beast as Nirvana carried Celica to safety. After delivering several swift blows, he was knocked to the wayside, but Nine's Ars Armegis battalion covered his disadvantage with a hail of lightning. He watched as Seven and Eight teleported the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi next to Celica and make it fire at the Beast. The Beast retreated, marking the first victory humanity had tasted in the gruelling war. Hakumen and Valkenhayn ran to Nine and Celica, learning that the latter had part of her sorcery sucked out of her, and also learning that Nine had created the monster that had repelled the Beast.[8]

Calamity Trigger

One of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast, who disappeared after the Dark War. Now that he has appeared once again, what could his goal possibly be?[9]

Arcade Mode

Stage IX: Nu-13

Nu-13: Intruder detected: no matching file found. Recognized as undefined factor.

Hakumen: I didn't expect that you'd show up this early.

Nu-13: Target displays no biological reaction. Existential reaction: 20% of standard value. Verifying... Verifying...

Hakumen: We should still have plenty of time. Is anyone interrupting you?

Nu-13: Target identify confirmed: Sankishin, Susano'o Unit. Murakumo has been activated. Preparing complete defense.

Hakumen: It doesn't matter what you do. This encounter will be your last.

Nu-13: Begin target removal.

Hakumen: Whenever you're ready, demon of flesh and steel!

<Hakumen Victory>

Nu-13: A fatal... error...

Hakumen: It would seem that the fusion has yet to begin. Then... he must be next.

Stage X: Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna: The Cauldron is open? What's going on!? Hey, who the hell're you? What did you do?

Hakumen: You are late. I feel I should tell you... Your partner has departed. She has gone to the far side of the Boundary.

Ragna: So you did her in, huh? That was supposed to be my job, but... what the hell. All right, thanks for all the hard work. Well, I'm going home then.

Hakumen: The only place you'll be going, Dark One, is after her.

Ragna: What did you say?

Hakumen: Aaah, yes. So this was Ragna the Bloodedge, eh?

Ragna: "Was"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? How 'bout you shut up before I give you another hole to breathe out of?

Hakumen: What's wrong? Your legs are shaking. What are you so afraid of? Aren't you the world's strongest, Ragna the Bloodedge?

Ragna: A piece of shit like you shouldn't be throwing my name around like that!

Hakumen: It's time to stop playing games. We don't have much time. This battle will be your end, as well as mine.

Ragna: Yeah? How about just "your" end? Seriously, what kind of idiot are you? Me, die here? Me? The only one dying here is gonna be you, you son of a bitch!"

Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Hakumen Victory>

Ragna: Argh! Guh...

Hakumen: It's over, Dark One. Until we meet again... on the other side of the Boundary.

-Lies and Truth-


Rachel: Once upon a time there was a black beast.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 01.png

Rachel: The beast was very strong, and it ate many people. The people fought the beast. However... it was too strong and they could not win.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 02.png

Rachel: When the world was at a loss... a white knight appeared out of nowhere, followed by five champions. They were very very strong... and the people finally defeated the beast. When the battle was over, the white knight spoke: "You must amend your evil ways."

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 03.png

Rachel: T'was strange... The beast was the villain after all. But, the people got mad at the white knight and locked him up in a dark room.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Part 2

Nearly 100 years after his encounter with Terumi, Hakumen was salvaged from the Boundary by Kokonoe, Jubei and Nine's daughter. The two quickly disliked one another, and Hakumen was taken outside of The Edge and into the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi: a location he barely recognized from his life as Jin. [10] Near the Novus Orbis Librarium branch, Hakumen detected a Nox nearby and investigated, thinking it strange that they had not all yet been sealed by this time. He found Carl Clover with Nirvana, and the child quickly deduced his identity by his appearance and the fact he was holding Ookami. Tensions escalated between the two as the hero warned Carl about the dangers of wielding a Nox; Nirvana stood between the two and she scooped up Carl to run away with him just as Hakumen drew his blade.

Rachel soon found the hero and taunted him on the familiar scenery and the mental lock that Yukianesa had kept on him. Hakumen cussed at her before walking towards the cauldron of the NOL branch, determined to sever the world's threads with his own hands. [11]

Inside the basement, Hakumen was found by Ragna. The two battled as Hakumen exclaimed his chant and Ragna was being soundly beaten throughout the fight. Ragna was unable to activate the Azure Grimoire and Hakumen nearly dealt the final blow but was stopped by Kokonoe's Phenomenon Intervention. He dispelled it and they continued the fight until the hero was distracted by Noel Vermillion, who had come down to the area. Hakumen was defeated as Ragna managed to activate his grimoire. Now unable to dispel Kokonoe's interference, he was transported to Sector Seven. [12]

Continuum Shift

A member of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast during the First War of Ars Magus. He was defeated by Ragna, who had unsealed the power of the Azure, and was restrained by Kokonoe. However, Rachel released him by summoning him. He now cooperates with Rachel to reach his goal.[13]

Chrono Phantasma

Hakumen, one of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast. To carry out his own "justice," he travels to Ikaruga. He intends to rid the region of the "evil" residing there, and to sever the curse of the ones known as the Six Heroes.[14]

Chrono Phantasma

Hakumen eventually entered the Ikaruga Region, noticing a barrier that was erected around the large area that resembled the one across Ishana many years ago. He proceeded, noticing a Monolith in the far distance. He was later found by Rachel and the two dropped their vain mentality to express their thoughts on being unable to best both Phantom and Izanami. He listened to her plan on how to dispatch them.[15]

In the remains of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, Hakumen found Tsubaki battling Ragna. He jumped in front of the Grim Reaper's blade which was aimed at the Izayoi and demanded that Tsubaki retreat. He told Ragna that even with Kushinada's Lynchpin, it would be useless in his hands and the two began to exchange blows. Hazama appeared before them and had Phantom teleport them to separate locations. Takamagahara soon activated and a large-scale Phenomenon Intervention was used so the battle in Ibukido never happened.[16]

Hakumen mysteriously found himself walking towards Snow Town, finding Jin waiting for him. During this battle, Jin came to realize that Hakumen was an alternate version of himself and when the duel stopped, Hakumen gave information to Jin about the Izayoi, and why he had to pursue power. He also revealed that neither Noel nor Hazama existed in the phase he originated from.[17]

When Take-Mikazuchi appeared, Hakumen arrived, finding Ragna, Noel, Jin, and Celica. He told them and Kokonoe over a transmitter that he would help, and they directed him to the Monolith in Ibukido, asking him to destroy it. Unusually, he followed their orders.[18] When he arrived, he met Terumi in a materialized body and the two battled. He needed time to prepare Time Killer, the only technique he knew which could kill Terumi, and his wish was granted as Trinity landed a mortal blow on Hazama – the mind meld between Terumi and Hazama made the former flinch, giving Hakumen the time he needed to strike the final blow. Hakumen finally killed Terumi, or so he thought.

When Hakumen saw Ragna coming out of Take-Mikazuchi carrying Nu in his arms, he approached them, telling them that Nu had to be killed as she would become the source of chaos in the world. Izanami appeared and Hakumen turned his attention to her, attacking with Time Killer – the attack did nothing and he was teleported away to an unknown location by Phantom.[19]

Six Heroes

The knight entered the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu but before he could proceed further, his path was blocked by Valkenhayn. He coldly told his former comrade that he would not become Rachel's lapdog, and would instead pursue Phantom for the time being, believing that she could pose a greater threat to the world than Terumi.[20]

During his aimless wonder around Yabiko, Hakumen was found by Celica, and he deduced that she had been resurrected in the current age by Kokonoe. He stopped Carl from attacking the girl, making him retreat. After deliberating, he decided to protect Celica, but as they were about to leave to find Valkenhayn, he was found by Azrael. The two battled, but Celica caused a distraction with her sorcery, allowing for them to escape from the Mad Dog. Jubei, Valkenhayn, and Rachel appeared, and Hakumen, despite his initial reluctance, was teleported into the Alucard Castle. There, he also reunited with Trinity and they discussed a plan to finally kill Terumi by forcing him to materialize in the world.[21]

Trinity materialized Terumi in the world using the Sekkigan, Jubei's artificial eye. He, alongside Jubei and Celica, were teleported to Yabiko where they finally found Terumi. Hakumen bested him in a fight, but before he could do anymore damage, Phantom teleported him away; Celica told the boys that Phantom was undoubtedly Nine, but Trinity and Hakumen were soon caught in one of Phantom's spells where they were forced to fight against a realistic shadow of Hazama. They won and broke the spell, revealing Phantom alone next to an NOL building. Through their combined efforts, they revealed Phantom's true form, and Hakumen prepared to attack his former comrade as she gazed at him with murderous intent.[22]

Central Fiction

One of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast. After fighting with the Black Beast during the Dark War, he disappeared. Now that he has appeared once again, what could his goal possibly be?[23]

Although drawn into the Embryo, Hakumen's memories were not altered because of the Power of Order. Nine subjected him to multiple illusions of Trinity, Valkenhayn, Jubei, and Celica, all taunting him over his reasons to fight in the Dark War, and the aftermath of his presence on the world – he cut his way out of the illusion and went deeper into the Embryo. [24] He made his way to the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi, easily breaking through although careful to leave no casualties. [25] After fighting his way through the branch, he ended up near the cauldron, finding Ragna and fought him, ending in a stalemate as Noel accidentally opened up the nearby cauldron. He disappeared almost immediately afterwards. [26]

Hakumen was transported to Ikaruga by Nine and told to kill Izanami to inherit his piece of the Azure. He was found by Tager wandering around Ikaruga and was nearly apprehended. He told Kokonoe to find her own path and to Tager that he is not a devil, just a puppet. [27] Valkenhayn found him much later on, and Hakumen mocked him for not remembering the past. They left on separate paths after discussing the peril that Rachel is in. [28]

In due time, Hakumen realized that Jubei was trapped in space-time. He travelled to the Kaka Village, meeting Platinum the Trinity – there, he asked for their materialized Hihiirokane, to which they complied. [29] He met Tsubaki later on, going to the Yabiko branch together, delivering the Hihiirokane to Jin later on. He told Noel that she is a reflection of The Origin in the world and insisted on taking her life, only relenting when told there were more important things to take care of. [30] He journeyed with the others (namely Jin, Tsubaki, Noel, Ragna, Lambda-11, Rachel and Kagura) to the Embryo but was separated in the frozen space-time by Izanami, being put with Tsubaki. [31] They travelled to the Altar above Kagutsuchi to find Requiem, and they found data of Relius Clover and Ignis Clover – Hakumen battled them, but was unable to kill them once the data had observed what it wanted out of the silver knight. [32] They later found the Amaterasu Unit and Jubei fighting Nu, backing him up and fighting the Murakumo Unit.

Having watched Ragna defeat Nu when he came to back them, Hakumen immediately turned his sword to the Dark One, acknowledging his strength to be too much to be ignored. Hakumen lost this fight and watched as Nu was sent insane by Terumi, blocking a fatal attack that was launched at Tsubaki. Finally, having defended the woman he was unable to save in his last life, Hakumen turned his blade at the Murakumo Unit and soundly defeated her. Following the battle, the knight was assaulted by Terumi and the original Hihiirokane, his soul shattered, and the Susano'o Unit now returned to its original owner – Terumi, in reality, the God Susano'o. [33]

Sealing the Susano'o Unit away forever

Terumi was dragged out of the unit and killed by Ragna. Hakumen's soul, although shattered, still remained in the Unit. He thanked Trinity for throwing it into the deepest, darkest depths of the Boundary where he and it would never be discovered again.


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