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Dark War

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When Jin awoke, he found himself lying on a hillside in the dead of night, with only the moonlight giving a glow to his surroundings. His hair and skin were dirty, his clothes torn and his consciousness slipping away from him. He knew he was going to die while the moon looked to him as if it was going to fall down. The wind fluttered and a girl appeared - Rachel Alucard. She offered him the chance to become a real hero, and teleported him to the Alucard Castle as he drifted into unconsciousness.[1] Unknown to Jin, the date was December 31st, 2099AD, a whole century prior to his time period.[2]

When Jin awoke, he was in a luxurious bed filled with the scent of roses within a manor he had not seen before. The door to the room opened and an old man in a wheelchair entered, being pushed by a butler. The man introduced himself as Clavis Alucard, his butler as Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and the girl who brought him there as Rachel. Jin learned that he had been unconscious for a week and that it was Valkenhayn who tended to his wounds; most of his memories had been distorted by the Boundary, and the unusual trio left Jin to recuperate, and collect his memories and strength.

The girl with the name of a flower

A few days had passed and Jin found the strength to sit up, although he needed Valkenhayn to push him across the Castle's stately manor in a wheelchair. He was covered in bandages and had become paralyzed from the waist down thanks to his sustained injuries. Valkenhayn, Rachel and Clavis took him into a basement of the Castle. Clavis undid several sorcery seals on the basement's door, and the three of them entered a dark hallway. Clavis enquired about Jin's memories, and the young man revealed he had remembered Ragna, Tsubaki, and some of the information regarding the Dark War. The elderly vampire told Jin that the future had been determined, forcing the former Major to shout and clench his fists, furious that Ragna and Tsubaki would be cursed to meet the same fates again and again. They came to the end of the hallway and entered a small room - Clavis told Jin that there were three Gods, the Sankishin, and that he stood face-to-face with one of them - the Susano'o Unit. Clavis offered him the chance to wield the unit before leaving, and Rachel warned Jin that by using it, he would sacrifice his humanity. Jin, feeling he had a choice to either live unable to fight or to live to fight, decided to choose the latter, donning the Unit and a new name - Hakumen.[3] Hakumen later left the Alucard Castle, and challenged the Black Beast by himself. He was defeated, and was forced to retreat.[4] From this point onward, Hakumen began travelling for over 6 years across the war-torn world.

Silver knight

Hakumen visited the First District in 2106AD, seeing its cauldron and sensing a dark presence. He called out to the darkness, drew his sword, and asked for it to show itself, but nothing happened. Before walking away, he was met by three mages who appeared from a nearby staircase - Nine, Trinity Glassfille, and Celica A. Mercury. Hakumen remarked on them being witches and sheathed his sword. Before leaving, he told them that they would meet again, and kicked the ground, launching himself high onto another level of the facility. The dark presence that Hakumen had felt earlier was Ragna himself.[5]

In 2107AD, eight months after the encounter, Hakumen was in the Magister's City of Ishana, having become part of a council of warriors that were in charge of deciding how to beast the Black Beast. He looked out towards the ocean from the floating island, and was found by Celica, who had mistaken him for Ragna. Although he did not reply to the girl's chatter, he listened to her talk about how Ragna had saved her and how special he was to her - Hakumen turned to face the picturesque city, his mind in deep thought; he knew Ragna should not exist in this time period, and began to reminisce on how he had arrived in the period himself. After some reflecting on his twisted memories, Hakumen strode down the hill with Celica bounding after him.[6]

Hakumen found himself following Celica as they entered the main gate of the Mage's Guild. Nine began to interrogate him, as he had failed to attend the latest meeting that concerned the safety of the representatives of each nation. Trinity dismantled the tense air with her cheerful attitude, but it was plunged into strife once more as Yuuki Terumi arrived and taunted Hakumen, mockingly begging him to be his friend. Celica ordered them both to stop, and the group, also consisting of Valkenhayn and Jubei, walked into the Mage's Guild where they were disdainfully treated by Seven and Eight, two of the Ten Sages. Together with Terumi and Valkenhayn, Hakumen left the Guild's courtyard as they were uninterested in the politics that would follow their presence. Valkenhayn and Hakumen later met Rachel at the Alucard Castle, and they discussed what was to be done with Terumi - the butler suggested assassinating him, but it was only with Rachel's insistence on his necessity that the plan was dissolved.[7]

Black Beast

Another meeting concerning the Black Beast was scheduled. Hakumen listened, although did not contribute. The plan concerned how the Black Beast moved, which was primarily through the cauldrons which leaked the most seithr. Hakumen did not voice concern nor anger when Rachel told them all that she could not help them in the battle that was to come, but did listen intently as she revealed that the Beast was likely to appear wherever Celica was. The meeting concluded that the best chance to find the Beast was in Eastern Europe, and so made their way there.

The battlefield was a desert with no greenery or water for miles on end. Battalions from the Mage's Guild were present, as were Celica, Jubei, Valkenhayn, Nine, Trinity, Terumi, Seven, Eight, and Hakumen. Hakumen, Celica, and the Deus Machina: Nirvana stood together, separated from the other units so the Black Beast could find them. He asked the young mage if she was scared and comforted her, telling Celica that she had nothing to fear. She unintentionally muttered the name Ragna, and moments later, Hakumen asked her if he bore any resemblance to him. The knight listened, and asked if she wanted to meet him, only this time, his question had emotion attached to it. Hakumen told Celica that she reminded him of a girl he once knew, someone who was as bold as her. The knight remarked at their unusual conversation before telling Celica that he would protect her like Ragna had once done. Their heartfelt conversation was cut short as the Black Beast had arrived, fulfilling Rachel's earlier prediction.

Hakumen ran towards the Beast as Nirvana carried Celica to safety. After delivering several swift blows, he was knocked to the wayside, but Nine's Ars Armegis battalion covered his disadvantage with a hail of lightning. He watched as Seven and Eight teleported the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi next to Celica and make it fire at the Beast. The Beast retreated, marking the first victory humanity had tasted in the gruelling war. Hakumen and Valkenhayn ran to Nine and Celica, learning that the latter had part of her sorcery sucked out of her, and also learning that Nine had created the monster that had repelled the Beast.[8]

A few days after the Black Beast was repelled, Hakumen stood at the site where Take-Mikazuchi had fired its cataclysmic blast. Beside him stood Jubei, Valkenhayn, and Trinity. His three comrades were unable to comprehend the devastation that lay before them, but Hakumen betrayed no emotion as he silently stared at what used to be a small village, one that had been destroyed by the conflict between the Nox and the Beast. In a sudden moment, they were surrounded by the OLN, and Hakumen jumped down in front of Trinity to protect her from the soldiers.

After having been escorted back to Ishana, the group met with Terumi inside the Ishana Cathedral. Trinity left and returned with Nine; she told them about Take-Mikazuchi's origins as a revived weapon from the Age of Origin, and that it was used in a war lost to history. This war, which was the Prime Field War, resulted in the creation of the Hihiirokane and the Sealed Weapon Izayoi. Nine also revealed that a cauldron was underneath Ishana, and before she could reveal the information about Izayoi, Hakumen cut her off, instead saying its name himself. Before Nine could question his knowledge, the OLN entered the building, led by Seven and Eight. Nine was arrested and taken to the Committee of Hearing by the soldiers and the two Sages, leaving the remaining heroes to wait for her return. [9]

The wait was short as the OLN burst through the doors once more, firearms pointed at the heroes. Hakumen took large strides towards the soldiers, closing the distance between them before striking with his nodachi. In less than a minute, every OLN soldier who stormed the cathedral was laying unconscious on the ground. Without speaking a word, Hakumen then ran out of the cathedral.

Hakumen dashed towards the hospital where Celica was being kept. When he arrived, he saw Celica held at gunpoint and Nirvana being strongarmed into cooperation, lest her mistress be slain. Hakumen knocked the soldier unconscious and carried Celica away from the remaining soldiers, bullets bouncing off of his armour. He turned back and called to Nirvana to retreat before he swung his nodachi in one fell motion at the OLN soldiers. The result was a shockwave so strong it uprooted trees and destroyed nearby walls. Celica broke free from Hakumen's hold and rushed to heal one of the soldiers, but she collapsed back into Hakumen's arms from the strain. She fell unconscious and he carried her back through the streets of Ishana, where he encountered the other heroes fleeing from the OLN. Together, they went to Trinity's workshop. Trinity made Hakumen some herbal tea and Celica thanked him for all he had done, but the man remained silent. Before the group could decide what to do next, the sounds of a large explosion rung throughout Ishana.

The group ran towards the source of the noise, finding Nine locked in battle against Seven and Eight. Hakumen continued to carry Celica, something that caused a slight ire within Nine. With more OLN soldiers and even members of the Ten Sages coming up to deal with the group, they decided to retreat instead of fight as they did not want to make more enemies. As they ran from assembly hall where Nine had fought, they were met by two shadowy figures that were known by Jubei. These figures guided them through to a secluded forest within Ishana where Nine could gather her energy. She then teleported the group outside of Ishana with her immense magical strength. [10]

The scenery was unfamiliar to Hakumen and the other heroes. Upon Nine's demand, Hakumen finally stopped carrying Celica and listened as the two shadowy figures introduced themselves as Suzukaka and Totokaka of the Kaka. Hakumen remained silent as Jubei explained his relationship to the Kaka and, eventually, they arrived at the Kaka village as the two girls guided them. At the village, Hakumen gathered the heroes together and listened to Nine continue her explanation on the Sealed Weapon Izayoi, Logic, and the Age of Origin.[11]

Midnight threats.

As the night approached, Hakumen sat upon a boulder in the village, gazing at the crescent moon. Celica came up next to him, having woken from a bad dream, and the two talked about Ragna. Hakumen told her his theory that there were two versions of Ragna: the one that Celica met, and the one within the Black Beast. Despite her asking, he refused to take off his mask. The moon in the night reminded him of how much he hated the moon due to his childhood fears, and Celica's demeanour reminded him of Tsubaki, though he avoided mentioning her name.

As Celica left to return to sleep, Terumi climbed up to the boulder. He began to aggravate Hakumen, calling him Jin Kisaragi and asking which phase of the Looping World he came from. Terumi's insults brought back painful memories that Hakumen had of Hazama and Tsubaki. Losing his composure for a brief moment, Hakumen threatened to strike him down, only relenting as he remembered how critical Terumi was to the plan to bring down the Black Beast.

The following morning, Celica noticed something and asked Hakumen if they could investigate it. He agreed, and the heroes (with Suzukaka and Totokaka) followed the young girl towards an old train station. The tracks lead into a tunnel and within was a cavern filled with glowing blue crystals. Celica began to glow with the crystals. Hakumen realized that, also due to essentially non-existent levels of seithr in the air, that these crystals were filled with the Power of Order. Moments later, a Kaka ran towards the group, telling them there was urgent news and that they were required back in the village. There, the heroes learned that Seven and Eight were trying to summon Take-Mikazuchi with the lives of innocents in another village. The group then decided to act and stop their plan. [12]

Nine teleported the group, including Celica, Suzu, and a group of Kaka, to the outskirts of the village. Rachel was there, and complained that they were late. Hakumen took charge of the plans, telling Nine and Jubei to engage Eight and Seven, and for the other heroes to focus on evacuation efforts. The Kaka were ordered to help stragglers and Terumi was ordered by Nine to focus on stopping the Sages from summoning Take-Mikazuchi. Celica was ordered to follow Hakumen every step of the way.

Terumi failed his orders, and Hakumen watched with Celica as Take-Mikazuchi was summoned. The Black Beast then appeared and the two giants began to fight. Hakumen helped with the evacuation effort and saw as the Beast locked one of its many jaws around the Nox's neck in an attempt to decapitate it. Seven and Eight panicked and forced the Nox, with the Beast still attached, back into its summoning circle. The result was a massive seithr explosion which swallowed the village.

When Hakumen awoke from the impact, he was in Ishana with the other heroes, Celica, Suzu, and Eight. They walked over a hilltop and saw the Beast chewing on Take-Mikazuchi's shoulder. It stopped, looked up at them and smiled. The Beast now knew Ishana's location, and disappeared. [13]

Two days after Take-Mikazuchi crashed into Ishana, Hakumen and the other heroes were allowed safe passage within Ishana. This was due in part to them no longer being a priority and also because of the OLN fearing Hakumen and his wrath after his display a week earlier. Nine gathered the heroes together and made them aware that she had taken half of Take-Mikazuchi's core and would be creating new weapons using them, the Nox Nyctores. However, she needed time, and so the group devised a plan to stall the Black Beast to grant her the time needed to complete the weapons required to finally kill the planet's scourge. Hakumen was among those chosen to delay the Beast. The night before he was to go, he stood above a hilltop and looked down at the harbour and at the moon gazing down upon it. Celica found him. He noticed Nirvana was no longer following her, and she revealed it was with Nine. Celica also told him that she met Ragna when Take-Mikazuchi and the Black Beast were in the summoning circle. She also told him that Nu-13 was inside the Beast. Upon hearing this, Hakumen's attitude changed and he realized she was likely the heart of the Beast. Hakumen swallowed his emotions and asked Celica to return home. As she left, he continued to stare out to the moon hanging in the sky.

When the camp was created near the cauldron that the Beast was arrived at, Hakumen helped organize it and its efficiency. As he walked through the camp, he bumped into a woman, one who looked strikingly familiar to him. It was Ayame Yayoi, a member of the Duodecim, Tsubaki's ancestor, and her spitting image. Hakumen was lost for words as her appearance dredged up emotions buried deep within his heart. He asked for her name, and his suspicions were confirmed that she was a member of the Yayoi household. Ayame left as she was called away by another soldier; Hakumen walked forward, lost in his own emotions until he came back to his senses. When he stopped walking, he saw Jubei in front of him; the beastkin was struggling with his own emotions as well, lamenting that their camp was close to a city destroyed by the Beast, and that they were too late to save it. Jubei told Hakumen that he would clasp onto any power in order to defeat the Black Beast, even if it meant going mad. Although he understood the sentiment, Hakumen disagreed and told him that it was not the answer. They were both called by Terumi back to the camp in anticipation of the Beast's arrival.

One month later and the Black Beast had signalled its arrival. Pillars of black seithr rose up in the air. Hakumen, Jubei, and Valkenhayn stood forward and charged, the soldiers behind them following. The seithr took shape, forming into a monstrous army that stood in opposition. Hakumen rushed forward, cutting down every foe with a prototype sword developed for him by Nine. The three heroes came to realize that the seithr was encircling them and the army. Desperately they called back for the soldiers to retreat, but it was too late – the Black Beast made its appearance, bursting through the center of the circle and wildly attacking all in its wake. The battlefield had instantly turned into a slaughterhouse. As soldiers fled, Hakumen charged forward, blade in hand and eager for it to meet the Black Beast; as he charged, he called for Valkenhayn and Jubei to retreat, but they refused. In an instant, Ayame ran beside them, cutting down a seithr monster in her dash. She begged them to retreat as she activated Izayoi. Ayame cut down a path for the heroes and the soldiers, allowing them to flee from the ambush that the Black Beast had orchestrated.

The Beast nor its seithr army gave chase, instead seemingly losing interest. When Hakumen returned to the camp, he walked towards the medical tent and found Ayame there, her sight lost from overusing Izayoi and her body battered and broken from fighting. He ignored everyone else in the room and stood beside her bed. She cried and begged to continue fighting, but it was clear that she was dying. She outstretched her hand and Hakumen held it. Minutes later, Ayame passed away – the second Yayoi to die in front of him.

Hakumen stood outside of the tent, meeting both Jubei and Valkenhayn. They asked about Ayame and he coldly told them that she had died. They had no time to mourn her, as a soldier ran up to them and told them that seithr monsters were rising up within the camp. Hakumen shouted orders to Jubei and Valkenhayn as he ran towards the center, gathering as many of the Beast Guard as he could. They evacuated the camp, knowing that the Beast was coming for its second strike. The army had to only hold out for one month, but this battle was just the first day.[14] Through some miracle, they managed to stall the Beast for one month, but over half of the army was killed by the Beast. When they returned to Ishana via boat, Hakumen's usually clear armour was covered in dirt and blood; as he walked down the pier, he saw Nine and asked her if the Nox Nyctores could be made. She looked back at him and confirmed that they were ready.

Nine summoned the heroes and Celica to a small room within the Mage's Guild. There, she introduced them to the Nox Nyctores and handed them out to each of them, with the exception of Valkenhayn who could harm the Black Beast without one due to him existing outside of Logic. Trinity received the Arma Reboare: Muchourin, Jubei the Mucro Somnio: Musashi, Terumi the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, Celica was returned the Deus Machina: Nirvana, and Hakumen was gifted the Interfectum Malus: Ookami. Nine made it clear to them all: these weapons were to be sealed away after the war as they were strong enough to distort the balance of the world. As well as this, they cause adverse effects to the mentality of their wielders, so they were to be used with caution.

Ishana rallied together with the remainder of humanity to strike the Black Beast for one final time. Hakumen summoned the other heroes and Celica to Trinity's workshop. There he revealed that they were not going to be able to kill the Beast. Their mission was simply impossible unless they tried something else. To this end, Hakumen proposed that Celica go inside the Beast and meet with Ragna. Together, they could fight against the heart of the Beast, Nu-13, causing the Beast to lose some of its intelligence and succumb to its base desires of wanton massacre. It would be baited to follow after a large army, bringing it closer to the Kaka Village and the cave near it which was filled with crystals of Order. These crystals neutralize seithr, so the Beast will only get so close. Once it was close enough, the Ten Sages and strongest members of the Mage's Guild would work together to teleport the Beast above it. The Black Beast would be drastically weakened and could then be killed. In order to do so, however, both the body and the heart would have to be killed at the same time as they shared a life-link. Jubei offered up a solution to get Celica inside the Beast: using the Hihiirokane to cut through it, and then using Nirvana to retrieve her. Nine hated this idea, but both Hakumen and Celica managed to persuade her that this was the only way the Dark War could finally end.

The Hihiirokane was kept in Castle Alucard, having been sealed there by Clavis Alucard before his death. Hakumen went with Jubei and Valkenhayn to the manor, where Rachel agreed to give Jubei the blade on the condition that he also accept the role of slaying Terumi. Jubei agreed, and Rachel offered him another item: the Eye of Tomonori, an artificial eye based on Tomonori's eyes which had seen Terumi's true spirit form. Jubei agreed so Valkenhayn and Rachel took him to have it implanted. Hakumen descended down the manor, making his way to the bedchamber where he was last human – where he was last known as Jin Kisaragi. Standing alone in this room, he reminisced and felt a twinge of jealousy towards Jubei. Jubei could avenge his brother, but Hakumen was forced to slay his own who had become the Black Beast. He did not dwell on these emotions. Hakumen turned his back on the room and his back on his human life for one final time.[15]

Ten days before the Black Beast was predicted to appear near Ishana, Hakumen was present for a meeting where Nine explained to every organization in Ishana what their plan was. She did not mention Hihiirokane, Celica, or the Beast's heart as it was not something that they were likely to believe, and if they did not believe it then they would not accept the plan. With the lies in the mix, the organizations accepted the plan originally drafted by Hakumen. Both he and Jubei went ahead to the mainland to set up a small camp in anticipation of the Beast's arrival.

On December 31st, 2109, the Black Beast finally made its appearance. It aimed towards Ishana. As it arrived, an Ars Magus unit rained arrows of light down upon it, distracting it. As it was distracted, Hakumen jumped onto its back and stabbed Ookami deep within. The Beast screamed but Hakumen was not finished as he ran, blade still buried deep, carving a large ravine across the back of the Beast. He then jumped down to one of its many necks and cut deep with Ookami before jumping down to the front of the other faces. Hakumen cut at one of its fangs before being headbutted away. But this was to plan as the Beast was distracted, allowing Jubei to cut an opening into the Beast's shoulder using Hihiirokane.


Celica and Nirvana were able to enter the Beast, allowing the first part of the plan to be successful. Suddenly the Beast began to act strangely – it was Hakumen predicted. With the heart now engaged in battle, the body would succumb to its base desire of destruction. It was lured towards the teleportation circle set up by the Ten Sages and one of its heads lunged for Nine, only to be caught mid-bite by Valkenhayn. Hakumen and Jubei leapt into the fray, cutting of the head that Valkenhayn then slammed into the ground. Then, with the power of the Sages, the Beast was teleported above the cave filled with crystals of Order. Hakumen, Nine, Jubei, and Valkenhayn were teleported onto a cliff above it, seeing that it was writing around in pain. Hakumen's predictions proved true again as the Beast was unable to regenerate its wounds.

Both Valkenhayn and Jubei attacked the Black Beast, managing to sever another of its heads. Hakumen gave the order for the heroes to decapitate as many heads as they could while they waited for Celica and Ragna to stop the heart. Hakumen leapt forward and with one strike of Ookami was able to slice cleanly through one of the Beast's many throats, decapitating the head attached. The other heroes followed suit until just one head was left. It stared upwards and saw Hakumen as he came down with Ookami, cutting off the last head. The Beast then stopped moving.

Celica, Nirvana, and Rachel appeared nearby as the Beast deflated down into a human-like shape. Its heart had been killed as well. Hakumen recognized the shape of Ragna as it pitifully crawled forward. This was the Ragna that Hakumen grew up with, one that had been transformed into the Beast when he fused with Nu. Hakumen slowly walked up to what was once his brother and decapitated him with Ookami. The Dark War was over, and the Black Beast was finally dead, as was the last connection Hakumen had to his old life as Jin Kisaragi.[16] Hakumen, Nine, Jubei, Valkenhayn, Trinity, and Terumi were then known as the Six Heroes for their incredibly bravery and influence in winning the war. [17]

When the war ended, both Hakumen and Jubei began to travel the world together, destroying the cauldrons that existed in order to prevent another being like the Black Beast rising out of it. The OLN had merged with the Mage's Guild to form the Novus Orbis Librarium. The pair of heroes went to the NOL's Geological Survey Asian branch to kill the cauldron there. This was to be their tenth one in the years since the war had ended. As they made their way through, they found few guards in the vicinity. At the cauldron, however, they were met by Terumi, who opened it.

Terumi asked them if they had heard the news. Neither man knew what he meant so Terumi clarified: had he heard that Nine and Trinity had been killed. Jubei was unable to move from shock, but Hakumen asked who had killed them. Terumi ignored their questions and instead told them that the only ones left to kill were them, Valkenhayn and Rachel. As he finished his sentence, Terumi launched Ouroboros at them both. They dodged, but Terumi sent more chains after Jubei. Hakumen called to his friend to dodge, but as he did, Terumi slid next to him and kicked Hakumen in the jaw with enough force to shatter the bones of an average man.

Hakumen regained his composure and slashed at Terumi; Ookami met its mark, but the damage done was minimal since Ookami had its core removed by Nine following the end of the war. Ouroboros, however, still had its core intact. Terumi continued to fight them both, taunting them until the cauldron fully opened. Both Jubei and Hakumen were struggling to fight him, unable to comprehend how his reaction time was so fast. Terumi summoned a giant snake made of energy to attack them both. Jubei dodged but Hakumen was hit in the side. The battle continued on, but it was one that both Jubei and Hakumen were losing. Jubei activated the Eye of Tomonori, allowing Terumi's true form to be seen. With this, Hakumen was able to grab a hold of Terumi. Jubei wanted to deliver the killing blow but it was not possible without the Hihiirokane, which Jubei no longer had. Hakumen continued, telling Jubei that he was going to drag Terumi into the cauldron and that it needed to be shut afterwards to prevent his escape. Hakumen reminded Jubei that he had to do this for his family - for Celica and the newborn Kokonoe. With this, Hakumen dragged Terumi inside the Boundary and Jubei bitterly closed the cauldron behind them. Hakumen, protected by the Susano'o Unit, remained inside the Boundary for decades.[18]

Calamity Trigger

One of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast, who disappeared after the Dark War. Now that he has appeared once again, what could his goal possibly be?[19]

Arcade Mode

Stage IX: Nu-13

Nu-13: Intruder detected: no matching file found. Recognized as undefined factor.

Hakumen: I didn't expect that you'd show up this early.

Nu-13: Target displays no biological reaction. Existential reaction: 20% of standard value. Verifying... Verifying...

Hakumen: We should still have plenty of time. Is anyone interrupting you?

Nu-13: Target identify confirmed: Sankishin, Susano'o Unit. Murakumo has been activated. Preparing complete defense.

Hakumen: It doesn't matter what you do. This encounter will be your last.

Nu-13: Begin target removal.

Hakumen: Whenever you're ready, demon of flesh and steel!

<Hakumen Victory>

Nu-13: A fatal... error...

Hakumen: It would seem that the fusion has yet to begin. Then... he must be next.

Stage X: Ragna the Bloodedge

Ragna: The Cauldron is open? What's going on!? Hey, who the hell're you? What did you do?

Hakumen: You are late. I feel I should tell you... Your partner has departed. She has gone to the far side of the Boundary.

Ragna: So you did her in, huh? That was supposed to be my job, but... what the hell. All right, thanks for all the hard work. Well, I'm going home then.

Hakumen: The only place you'll be going, Dark One, is after her.

Ragna: What did you say?

Hakumen: Aaah, yes. So this was Ragna the Bloodedge, eh?

Ragna: "Was"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? How 'bout you shut up before I give you another hole to breathe out of?

Hakumen: What's wrong? Your legs are shaking. What are you so afraid of? Aren't you the world's strongest, Ragna the Bloodedge?

Ragna: A piece of shit like you shouldn't be throwing my name around like that!

Hakumen: It's time to stop playing games. We don't have much time. This battle will be your end, as well as mine.

Ragna: Yeah? How about just "your" end? Seriously, what kind of idiot are you? Me, die here? Me? The only one dying here is gonna be you, you son of a bitch!"

Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Hakumen Victory>

Ragna: Argh! Guh...

Hakumen: It's over, Dark One. Until we meet again... on the other side of the Boundary.

-Lies and Truth-


Rachel: Once upon a time there was a black beast.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 01.png

Rachel: The beast was very strong, and it ate many people. The people fought the beast. However... it was too strong and they could not win.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 02.png

Rachel: When the world was at a loss... a white knight appeared out of nowhere, followed by five champions. They were very very strong... and the people finally defeated the beast. When the battle was over, the white knight spoke: "You must amend your evil ways."

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 03.png

Rachel: T'was strange... The beast was the villain after all. But, the people got mad at the white knight and locked him up in a dark room.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Part 2

Nearly 100 years after his encounter with Terumi, Hakumen was salvaged from the Boundary by Kokonoe, Jubei and Nine's daughter. The two quickly disliked one another, and Hakumen was taken outside of The Edge and into the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi: a location he barely recognized from his life as Jin. [20] Near the Novus Orbis Librarium branch, Hakumen detected a Nox nearby and investigated, thinking it strange that they had not all yet been sealed by this time. He found Carl Clover with Nirvana, and the child quickly deduced his identity by his appearance and the fact he was holding Ookami. Tensions escalated between the two as the hero warned Carl about the dangers of wielding a Nox; Nirvana stood between the two and she scooped up Carl to run away with him just as Hakumen drew his blade.

Rachel soon found the hero and taunted him on the familiar scenery and the mental lock that Yukianesa had kept on him. Hakumen cussed at her before walking towards the cauldron of the NOL branch, determined to sever the world's threads with his own hands. [21]

Inside the basement, Hakumen was found by Ragna. The two battled as Hakumen exclaimed his chant and Ragna was being soundly beaten throughout the fight. Ragna was unable to activate the Azure Grimoire and Hakumen nearly dealt the final blow but was stopped by Kokonoe's Phenomenon Intervention. He dispelled it and they continued the fight until the hero was distracted by Noel Vermillion, who had come down to the area. Hakumen was defeated as Ragna managed to activate his grimoire. Now unable to dispel Kokonoe's interference, he was transported to Sector Seven. [22]

Continuum Shift

A member of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast during the First War of Ars Magus. He was defeated by Ragna, who had unsealed the power of the Azure, and was restrained by Kokonoe. However, Rachel released him by summoning him. He now cooperates with Rachel to reach his goal.[23]

Arcade Mode

Stage IV: Iron Tager

Rachel: Are you lost, Mr. Hero? I am rather offended that you would make me, of all people, wait.

Hakumen: Then it was you who summoned me?

Rachel: Indeed it was. I have further need of your heroism. There are certain things you must accomplish, or my schedule will be all out of order.

Hakumen: Your clever words do you little credit. You have summoned me. What is it you would have me do? Is it Terumi that concerns you?

Rachel: Intelligence. How refreshing. Unfortunately, it seems we have an unwanted guest. Please, entertain him.

Tager: Hakumen, what are you doing here? Kokonoe told me...

Kokonoe: Damn it, Hakumen, I told you to stay outta my way! Shit, the interference... This has all gone to shit. Tager, hurry up and capture that idiot! I want him -yesterday-!

Tager: ...You heard the lady.

Hakumen: Eh heh... Taking care of a cat is a taxing responsibility. Are you sure you are up to the task?

Tager: I had hoped it wouldn't come to this...

<Hakumen Victory>

Tager: What!? My briefing said nothing about power of this magnitude...

Hakumen: Grimalkin, and your Red Devil... I know what you seek, but I see no justice in your heart. Without justice... how can you succeed?

Kokonoe: Hakumen...you bastard...!

Stage VIII: Jin Kisaragi

Jin: Wha-!? Who the hell are you...!?

Hakumen: I did not expect our paths to cross... But perhaps this causality cannot be denied. I must quicken my pace.

Jin: What is this sensation? It feels odd...coarse... Who the hell are you?!

Hakumen: I am Hakumen.

Jin: Hakumen, one of the Six Heroes?! Impossible! Spare me your lies!

Hakumen: Meet me with your sword in hand, Jin Kisaragi, and you will understand!

Jin: How... How did you know my name...?

<Hakumen Victory>

Jin: No... How could I...gah!

Hakumen: You think me so weak that an injured man could best me? I suggest you heal your wounds and try again.

Stage IX: Ragna the Bloodedge

Hakumen: ...Hmph...you...

Ragna: You son of a bitch... So... you're still alive...

Hakumen: Out of my way, Dark One. I have no time to waste on you.

Ragna: What'd you say!? Whatever, asshole. I got my own stuff to take care of, and you're the one who's in my way!

Hakumen: Then you are after Terumi as well...? Turn around and leave. You will never defeat him.

Ragna: Goddammit, you're all the same! Just lemme handle my shit, OK?! How do you know I can't off the guy if I haven't even tried!? I kicked your ass once, buddy! I'll do it again!

Hakumen: Times have changed... I have changed... However, I somehow doubt that will sway you.

Ragna: You got that right, ya freak! C'mon, let's go!

<Hakumen Victory>

Ragna: Argh... You... dick... I can... still fight...

Hakumen: You needn't worry, Dark One. We will settle our score, but not today...

Stage X: Hazama

Hazama: Ah, yes. I've been waiting for you...

Hakumen: Terumi. Where is Noel Vermillion?

Hazama: Hey hey, I go by "Hazama" now, all right? C'mon. As for little miss Noel, she's right over there. And we both know your next question, but isn't it a little...pointless?

Hakumen: Terumi... Do you understand what it is you would awaken here?

Hazama: Hah! Oh, I know exactly what I'm doing! As a matter of fact, I'm counting on it! So, what's your next question? The color of the sky? The noise a dog makes?

Hakumen: To temper Murakumo is to awaken the Black Beast... You of all people should know the terror that monster is capable of... Why!?

Terumi: Oh man, enough with the questions, all right?! You think I haven't thought of that? I think of everything! You and that vampire keep your little schemes to yourselves!

Hakumen: You have made your position clear. You cannot be saved. I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword...

Terumi: Ooooh, I really can't have you spoiling things later on... I guess I just have to take this baby for a spin! Restriction 666 released! Dimensional interface force field deployed!

Hakumen: Ah hah hah... As I suspected... I see now why the vampire chose me for this.

Terumi: Heeehehehehe! Lemme show you what -power- means! Code S.O.L.! 'Azure Grimoire,' activate!

Hakumen: It was you, then! You created the Azure Grimoire!

Terumi: What of it, H-man? You're about to die!

Heaven and Hell


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Hakumen Arcade 01.png

Terumi: Mmm... You've learned how to drive the Susano'o Unit pretty well, huh?

Hakumen: ...Why do you seek to resurrect the Black Beast!?

Terumi: The Black Beast? What the hell would I want with that failed experiment?

Hakumen: A failure...? Nonsense.

Terumi: You don't get it, do you? The Black Beast was a failed test. The Black Beast was just a Cauldron gone haywire! Don't you remember what a bitch it was to beat that thing? It took over 10 years, and half the world got consumed!

Hakumen: Cauldron...? What are you saying?!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 02.png

Terumi: What am I...? The CAULDRON! I'm talking about the Cauldron! The Cauldron's the Grimoire's original form. It gathers souls to smelt the sword inside its body. That was our little pet―the Beast.

Hakumen: Impossible!

Terumi: C'mon, you gonna pay attention or not? The Murakumo Unit is incomplete. It needs the power of the Grimoire. The 13th sample wouldn't shut up about it, remember? But this one...this one's different. This thing embodies the -true- Azure!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 03.png

Terumi: Now... Murakumo...activate! This world is nothing but lies! LIES!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 04.png

Terumi: Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called "despair"! In the name of Susano'o, I command you! Murakumo, AWAKEN!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(A).png

Terumi: Behold the sword of the god-slayer, KUSANAGI!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 05(B).png

Terumi: Let all lies fall before your divine blade!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Hakumen Arcade 02.png

Terumi: Gaahahahaha! Finally, I've got the true successor to the Azure! Try and stop me NOW, Master Unit

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 06.png

Terumi: Amaterasu!

Chrono Phantasma

Hakumen, one of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast. To carry out his own "justice," he travels to Ikaruga. He intends to rid the region of the "evil" residing there, and to sever the curse of the ones known as the Six Heroes.[24]

Story Mode

Chrono Phantasma

Hakumen eventually entered the Ikaruga Region, noticing a barrier that was erected around the large area that resembled the one across Ishana many years ago. He proceeded, noticing a Monolith in the far distance. He was later found by Rachel and the two dropped their vain mentality to express their thoughts on being unable to best both Phantom and Izanami. He listened to her plan on how to dispatch them.[25]

In the remains of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, Hakumen found Tsubaki battling Ragna. He jumped in front of the Grim Reaper's blade which was aimed at the Izayoi and demanded that Tsubaki retreat. He told Ragna that even with Kushinada's Lynchpin, it would be useless in his hands and the two began to exchange blows. Hazama appeared before them and had Phantom teleport them to separate locations. Takamagahara soon activated and a large-scale Phenomenon Intervention was used so the battle in Ibukido never happened.[26]

Hakumen mysteriously found himself walking towards Snow Town, finding Jin waiting for him. During this battle, Jin came to realize that Hakumen was an alternate version of himself and when the duel stopped, Hakumen gave information to Jin about the Izayoi, and why he had to pursue power. He also revealed that neither Noel nor Hazama existed in the phase he originated from.[27]

When Take-Mikazuchi appeared, Hakumen arrived, finding Ragna, Noel, Jin, and Celica. He told them and Kokonoe over a transmitter that he would help, and they directed him to the Monolith in Ibukido, asking him to destroy it. Unusually, he followed their orders.[28] When he arrived, he met Terumi in a materialized body and the two battled. He needed time to prepare Time Killer, the only technique he knew which could kill Terumi, and his wish was granted as Trinity landed a mortal blow on Hazama – the mind meld between Terumi and Hazama made the former flinch, giving Hakumen the time he needed to strike the final blow. Hakumen finally killed Terumi, or so he thought.

When Hakumen saw Ragna coming out of Take-Mikazuchi carrying Nu in his arms, he approached them, telling them that Nu had to be killed as she would become the source of chaos in the world. Izanami appeared and Hakumen turned his attention to her, attacking with Time Killer – the attack did nothing and he was teleported away to an unknown location by Phantom.[29]

Six Heroes

The knight entered the 7th Hierarchical City of Kazamotsu but before he could proceed further, his path was blocked by Valkenhayn. He coldly told his former comrade that he would not become Rachel's lapdog, and would instead pursue Phantom for the time being, believing that she could pose a greater threat to the world than Terumi.[30]

During his aimless wonder around Yabiko, Hakumen was found by Celica, and he deduced that she had been resurrected in the current age by Kokonoe. He stopped Carl from attacking the girl, making him retreat. After deliberating, he decided to protect Celica, but as they were about to leave to find Valkenhayn, he was found by Azrael. The two battled, but Celica caused a distraction with her sorcery, allowing for them to escape from the Mad Dog. Jubei, Valkenhayn, and Rachel appeared, and Hakumen, despite his initial reluctance, was teleported into the Alucard Castle. There, he also reunited with Trinity and they discussed a plan to finally kill Terumi by forcing him to materialize in the world.[31]

Trinity materialized Terumi in the world using the Eye of Tomonori, Jubei's artificial eye. He, alongside Jubei and Celica, were teleported to Yabiko where they finally found Terumi. Hakumen bested him in a fight, but before he could do anymore damage, Phantom teleported him away; Celica told the boys that Phantom was undoubtedly Nine, but Trinity and Hakumen were soon caught in one of Phantom's spells where they were forced to fight against a realistic shadow of Hazama. They won and broke the spell, revealing Phantom alone next to an NOL building. Through their combined efforts, they revealed Phantom's true form, and Hakumen prepared to attack his former comrade as she gazed at him with murderous intent.[32]

Central Fiction

One of the "Six Heroes" who defeated the Black Beast. After fighting with the Black Beast during the Dark War, he disappeared. Now that he has appeared once again, what could his goal possibly be?[33]

Although drawn into the Embryo, Hakumen's memories were not altered because of the Power of Order. Nine subjected him to multiple illusions of Trinity, Valkenhayn, Jubei, and Celica, all taunting him over his reasons to fight in the Dark War, and the aftermath of his presence on the world – he cut his way out of the illusion and went deeper into the Embryo. [34] He made his way to the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi, easily breaking through although careful to leave no casualties. [35] After fighting his way through the branch, he ended up near the cauldron, finding Ragna and fought him, ending in a stalemate as Noel accidentally opened up the nearby cauldron. He disappeared almost immediately afterwards. [36]

Hakumen was transported to Ikaruga by Nine and told to kill Izanami to inherit his piece of the Azure. He was found by Tager wandering around Ikaruga and was nearly apprehended. He told Kokonoe to find her own path and to Tager that he is not a devil, just a puppet. [37] Valkenhayn found him much later on, and Hakumen mocked him for not remembering the past. They left on separate paths after discussing the peril that Rachel is in. [38]

In due time, Hakumen realized that Jubei was trapped in space-time. He travelled to the Kaka Village, meeting Platinum the Trinity – there, he asked for their materialized Hihiirokane, to which they complied. [39] He met Tsubaki later on, going to the Yabiko branch together, delivering the Hihiirokane to Jin later on. He told Noel that she is a reflection of The Origin in the world and insisted on taking her life, only relenting when told there were more important things to take care of. [40] He journeyed with the others (namely Jin, Tsubaki, Noel, Ragna, Lambda-11, Rachel and Kagura) to the Embryo but was separated in the frozen space-time by Izanami, being put with Tsubaki. [41] They travelled to the Altar above Kagutsuchi to find Requiem, and they found data of Relius Clover and Ignis Clover – Hakumen battled them, but was unable to kill them once the data had observed what it wanted out of the silver knight. [42] They later found the Amaterasu Unit and Jubei fighting Nu, backing him up and fighting the Murakumo Unit.

Having watched Ragna defeat Nu when he came to back them, Hakumen immediately turned his sword to the Dark One, acknowledging his strength to be too much to be ignored. Hakumen lost this fight and watched as Nu was sent insane by Terumi, blocking a fatal attack that was launched at Tsubaki. Finally, having defended the woman he was unable to save in his last life, Hakumen turned his blade at the Murakumo Unit and soundly defeated her. Following the battle, the knight was assaulted by Terumi and the original Hihiirokane, his soul shattered, and the Susano'o Unit now returned to its original owner – Terumi, in reality, the God Susano'o. [43]

Sealing the Susano'o Unit away forever

Terumi was dragged out of the unit and killed by Ragna. Hakumen's soul, although shattered, still remained in the Unit. He thanked Trinity for throwing it into the deepest, darkest depths of the Boundary where he and it would never be discovered again.


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