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"The world has been distorted...and I must fix it."



June 6


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White and black

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Ten Sages

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Morte et Dabo


XBlaze Code: Embryo
XBlaze Lost: Memories
BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Sechs (ゼクス) is the main antagonist of XBlaze Code: Embryo. He is one of the Ten Sages who stole the Sword of Destruction: Kusanagi and went rogue, alongside Drei and Acht. He is an Irregular-Type Union, mysteriously never progressing past phase zero. He is also Kuon Glamred Stroheim's older half-brother. His Drive was Deadly Sign

Sechs first debuted in XBlaze Code: Embryo. He was revealed for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War on September 22nd, 2021.


Sech's usual attire

Sechs has pale white skin, bright green eyes, and long wispy white hair with several black streaks in his fringe. He has a frail frame, over which he wears a blood red shirt. This shirt has a popped out collar, and shows off his chest and part of his vest which he wears underneath. This vest covers most of his body except for his chest, navel, elbows, and parts of his shoulders. Over his shirt is a long black coat that has numerous black straps that hang from golden fixtures on his shoulders. Sechs also wears long black suit trousers and black shoes. His fingernails and toenails are painted black.

The "casual" outfit that Sechs wears includes a blood red shirt with a black tie. Over this is a black suit jacket with six golden buttons, and over this is a black trench-coat with an undone belt. Sechs' long hair is tied back and he wears sunglasses. Before attaining his position as one of the Ten Sages, Sechs' hair was shorter and he wore a red turtleneck shirt with a black bow tied around his neck. Over this he wore a burgundy suit jacket. His look was completed with a white coat.


Distant and cold. Sechs is a man of few words yet strong convictions; he speaks only when necessary and this nature has left even his closest allies at a loss on what he may be thinking and feeling at any given time or on any given subject. His cold heart has left him seemingly unfeeling towards Kuon, his own sister, and Acht, one of his closest companions who loves him. Sechs has no qualms with murder, torture, and manipulation in order to further his own goals; this is most evident with his treatment towards Akira Kamewari, and Akio Osafune.

What Sechs does demonstrate is his own genius. His intellect and wisdom has made him a prodigy even among the most academic elites in Ishana and inspired even those much older than he is, such as Drei. Despite his apparent disregard for human life, Sechs believes it's his duty to fix the world that had begun looping because of Hinata Himezuru, and went so far as to cast away his comfortable life as a Sage in order to fulfil his mission. Sechs answer to this problem, however, involved removing life and death entirely by having the world's population return to seithr. His nihilistic philosophies were ultimately the only thing he felt strongly about.

Powers & Techniques

Sechs is a genius; said to be as strong as an army of Mages. He specializes in Gravity magic, being the first Mage to ever master it. He can use it to fly and has acute enough control to use it to supress Acht's Union symptoms. Sechs also has an insane amount of magical power, which is needed to use his Gravity magic.

As a Union, Sechs possesses the Drive Deadly Sign, which allows him to turn other people into Unions. However, sometimes the process will fail, resulting in a Gainart explosion.

Sechs wields the Sword of Destruction: Kusanagi. Sechs controls it with Gravity magic to fire the blades at high speeds. The Kusanagi also lets him negate Phenomenon Interventions and grow stronger every time the world resets. By the time of the Es Route, Sechs is by far the strongest character in the XBlaze Possibility, being able to easily kill four Es-N units at once as well as defeat Kuon, Mei and Es. Even Touya with the power of Awakening Release (XBlaze) can only barely defend against him for a while.

Yet despite his strengths, Sechs was still defeated by the combined efforts of Es and Touya. In a straight-fight, however, Sechs has not been seen defeated.


Sechs' mother
(Died during childbirth)
Lord StroheimKuon's mother
SechsKuon Glamred Stroheim
(Artificial recreation of Sechs who died young)

Official Profiles

XBlaze Code: Embryo Character Report


One of the Ten Sages, Sechs comes across as distant and somewhat cold. Even his closest companions often have no idea what he's thinking or feeling. The only mage to truly understand the concept of gravity, he applies what he learned to his magic. The youngest person to earth the title of Ten Sage, he is considered all-powerful due to his singular mastery of gravity. He is after the power of the Grimoire held by Touya. Kuon's older brother, he killed their father while escaping from Ishana. He is also a Union with the power to infect others. Despite using his Drive, he has yet to progress past phase one. His ultimate goal is to destroy the Embryo. [1]

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry


The 6th Ten Sage. He uses magic that controls gravity. Sechs comes across as distant and somewhat cold. Even his closest companions often have no idea what he's thinking or feeling. The only mage to truly understand the concept of gravity, he applies what he learned to his magic and became the youngest Ten Sage at the age of eighteen. He is considered a genius. Due to the difficulty and the sheer amount of raw magical power required to manipulate it, Sechs is believed to be the only mage capable of using gravity in his spells. During the Embryo incident, his crystal was shattered by Touya Kagari after his powers manifested and was cast into the Boundary along with the Kusanagi. It is believed that his soul, bound to the Kusanagi roams the infinite expanse of the Boundary. [2]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

A mage holding the position of the Ten Sage's Sechs (6). Distant and silent, even his closest companions often have no idea what he's thinking or feeling.[3]



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