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Ikaruga Civil War

Lambda's corpse was left in Ibukido in a coffin next to Mu-12 and Nu-13. Lambda was eventually left alone in the rubble, as Mu was rescued and adopted, and Nu was retrieved by the Novus Orbis Librarium. Iron Tager later found Lambda under the orders of Kokonoe. He took her back to Sector Seven before she began to rot, and Kokonoe managed to bring her back from her death, but refused to bring back her memories since they would be too painful. [1]

Continuum Shift

A bio-weapon given life by Kokonoe. She is a "Murakumo Unit" made from a fusion of the body of the 11th Prime Field Device recovered by Tager from the Sheol Gate, and the soul of the lost 13th Prime Field Device (ν -13-). Having completely lost her memory, she is currenly being used to fulfill Kokonoe's goals.[2]

Chrono Phantasma

An imitation "Murakumo Unit" created by Kokonoe using the recovered body of the 11th Prime Field Device recovered from Ibukido. When she lost her body and disappeared, she entrusted the Idea Engine to Ragna, who was in a crisis. She then awoke in an unfamiliar location, having lost all of her memories — about herself, and about Ragna...[3]

Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

Act 1: Phantom of Labyrinth

Stage 4: Iron Tager

Bascule -Twilight-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-21

Kokonoe: Do you read, Tager?

Tager: Tager here. Read you loud and clear. What do you need?

Kokonoe: I'm moving up "Lambda's" activation -- I need you to help me tune her.

Tager: What!? But I'm infiltrating enemy lines right-- ...Well, you sure don't waste any time.

Kokonoe: Hey Lambda, I need you to--

Lambda-11: Artificial Causality Weapon Equipped, TR-0009 Tager. Infused with ancient genetic enhancements. Basic combat level B, intelligence A-, overall combat prowess, B+.

Kokonoe: Huh...? I've only loaded the combat data. What the hell's going on here!?

Lambda-11: Master... awaiting command.

Kokonoe: ...Alright, then. Let's begin. But remember he's not your enemy. Don't destroy him!

Lambda-11: Roger. Lambda-11, engaging in combat.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Tager: Guah.. What the--!? Impossible... how could you be this strong? You were just activated!

Kokonoe: What's going on? The IDEA Engine output is stabilizing? And her combat aptitude is off the charts... Is the theory true?

Lambda-11: Threat level declined on the Artificial Causality Weapon. Now terminating combat mode. Master, standing by for next command.

Kokonoe: ...

Lambda-11: Master, standing by for next command.

Kokonoe: I was going to keep assessing your combat skill, but change of plans. Find Hakumen of the Six Heroes, and if possible, detain him.

Lambda-11: Roger.

Tager: I know. It was bothering me, too.

Kokonoe: Yeah, something's strange... Why are you so impatient? Keep an eye on Lambda at all times. If something happens, report to me right away.

Tager: Roger that. Well... Add that to my list of pending problems...

Stage 6: Carl Clover

Kagutsuchi Port PM 9:00
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-5

Lambda-11: ...

Carl: ...? I don't know who you are, but you're in my way. Please, set aside.

Lambda-11: ...Nox Nyctores, Nirvana.

Nirvana: ...

Carl: You're acting rather strange. If you're not my enemy, I do not wish to fight you. Let's go, Nirvana.

Lambda-11: ...

Carl: Huh? Why won't you move?

Lambda-11: ...Must kill Ragna. You will not usurp my directive.

Carl: ...!? So you ARE an enemy!? N-Nirvana!

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Carl: Uwaah!? Dammit, you're strong... I've never seen this weapon before, either. Are you from the Library? This doesn't look good... Nirvana, we're backing off!

Nirvana: ...!

Lambda-11: ...Nox Nyctores: Nirvana. Ancient artifact from the Dark Ages. Designed to defeat the Black Beast. Like me... ...But why was she crying?

Stage 7: Hakumen

the Gate -Not Possible-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-0

Hakumen: Mm? You're...

Lambda-11: Target analyzed... Sankishin Susano'o Unit. Commonly known as "Hakumen." Master, target is acquired.

Kokonoe: You found 'em? Good work. Hakumen... and it looks like you're the real deal, too. But what are you doing here?

Hakumen: Obviously, to destroy the Dark One.

Lambda-11: Dark One... searching repository... Ragna. Ragna the Bloodedge...

Hakumen: Ragna? Heh, I see... So, you have been wandering in the void, as well?

Kokonoe: What are you guys talking about!? Gah, the connection's breaking up! Lambda, do you read me!? I'm heading over. Maintain those coordinates, whatever you--

Lambda-11: No... Ragna. I must protect Ragna... Resuming IDEA Engine. Entering combat mode.

Hakumen: Oh? A mere "weapon" like you, raising your blade to protect another...? But... If you stand in my way, I will end you. Simple.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 01.png

Hakumen: Mmm, impressive, Murakumo Unit. You are indeed quite strong. ...But the end has already come. You will not last much longer.

Lambda-11: Damage report, 40%... Recovery down.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Rachel Alucard Arcade 02.png


BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 01.png

Lambda-11: I will protect... Ragna. Resuming combat mode...

Hakumen: Pitiful... you would throw away the life you've just been given?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 02.png

Lambda-11: Damage 60%... Disengaging combat mode... entering auto-repair. ...Request denied. Resuming combat.

Hakumen: ...You're a weapon. Weapons do not have minds. Yet, what motivates you to fight, so?

Lambda-11: ... I do not know, but I... I want to exist with Ragna, I... --I want to be with him.

Hakumen: ...

Nine: Hehehe, interesting. Is that your wish?

Hakumen: --!? Phenomena intervention!? No, this is different!

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Phantom Field

Lambda-11: ...

Nine: You're the 11th PFD. Excuse me, Lambda-11. It's nice to meet you. I'm--

Lambda-11: Common name, Konoe Mercury. One of the Ten Sages and Six Heroes, known as "Nine." Biological mother of Master, Kokonoe.

Nine: Wow, now that's impressive. I should've expected as much from my own daughter -- that she could implant a soul this strong into an object... I also sense the power of the Successor... Never mind. There is no doubt that you are one of the chosen.

Lambda-11: Detecting increased magic levels in target... Unable to compute. Entering combat mode.

Nine: I shall determine if you are worthy of your own dream...

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Nine: ...No wonder Hakumen was suprised. I never thought a doll would be able to fight this well. Very well, if your dream is to be with Ragna the Bloodedge... ...Then I will tell you how to make that dream come true.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 00(A).png

Nine: Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No-- Izanami must be defeated. By your hands. That is of course... if you can.

λ-No.11- Act 1 END

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Yuuki Terumi

Rail Station
The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.06

Lambda-11: ...

Terumi: ...

Lambda-11: What is...this sensation...? There's an error in my memory bank.

Terumi: Don't tell you... you can actually see me!?

Lambda-11: ...?

Terumi: Heh, then that poses a huge problem for us. I guess I better kill you again. Just like last time!

Lambda-11: Target's threat level increased...Now transitioning into combat mode. Exterminating target!

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Terumi: G'hagh! What the hell is going on here!?

Lambda-11: Target's threat level decliend. Now entering standby mode.

Terumi: Impossible... I thought you were just born into this world...!? Haha... Unless... Well, shit. It's all beginning to make sense! You're not from here... You came from the other side. Then, I won't stand a chance in my current form. Looks like I gotta retreat from this one.

Lambda-11: ...Target, lost. Resuming search for Hades Izanami.

Stage 6: Kokonoe

The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.19

Kokonoe: ...Hey, Lambda

Lambda-11: ...? Master Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: Finally, I found you. I really wish you'd stop wandering around on your own.

Lambda-11: ...

Kokonoe: Did something happen in Kagutsuchi? I'll need to check your memory banks, too... An any rate, return to base.

Lambda-11: I cannot obey that order.

Kokonoe: What? Do you have any idea what you're saying?

Lambda-11: ...

Kokonoe: You've just confirmed my doubt of an internal error... How else could you defy my order? Whatever. I'll test your motor capacity.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Lambda-11: Combat mode, terminated.

Kokonoe: Hmm... No problems there. Your decision AI is working, too. Which only leaves... your memory bank. Although, there is the possibility that this world is playing part in this irrational behavior. I should parse the data with my back-up. Hm? What's the matter, Lambda? H-Hey, wait! Where do you think you're going!?

Stage 7: Nu-13

Grave Marker of Bases
The 5th hiearchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.00

Nu-13: Hehehe... I wasn't sure who to expect.

Lambda-11: Target, analyzed. Query found -- 13th Boundary Prime Field Device.

Nu-13: No. 11, your timing is impeccable. Nu needs to collect all the Nox Nyctores... Your Murakumo Unit may be artificial, but it's worth something, nonetheless. Give that to Nu. Once I collect them, I'll be able to become one with Ragna.

Lambda-11: Ragna...? Become one...? Impossible. I will not let you erase Ragna.

Nu-13: Your existence is obsolete... and you will interfere with me killing Ragna. So, I'll make you disappear.

Lambda-11: I need to protect Ragna... Entering combat mode.

Lambda-11 & Nu-13: Eliminating target.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Nu-13: How could you possibly...? I'm going to kill you... I'm going to kill anyone who gets in the way of Nu!

Lambda-11: If No. 13 and Ragna merge, my analysis of past records indicate he will disappear with 100% feasibility. I will not let you kill him.

Nu-13: Of course... That's why we need to kill each other. I'll erase you from this world... remember that.

Lambda-11: Rift in the space-time continuum detected... Analyzing variables. Found... Master Unit: Amaterasu.

Stage 8: Izanami

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Izanami: Oh... You must be... Naturally, the soul that fell into the Boundary was pulled in by the Embryo's force. Or perhaps you two attracted each other...? No matter. I cannot bear the sight of your soul...

Lambda-11: Analyzing target... Data not found. Are you my... enemy?

Izanami: You do not know me? I thought that witch would've told you. I am Izanami.

Lambda-11: Izanami... Ragna's enemy. Therefore, you are my enemy.

Izanami: She fights to protect Ragna the Bloodedge? Hah, you're nothing but a puppet! I find it hard to believe you are chosen, but... I must witness your power, nonetheless.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 03.png

Lambda-11: Unable to determine target's combat ability... Why?

Izanami: Heh heh heh... You didn't honestly think you could kill me? So, what now...? Stab me with that Murakumo you've deployed?

Lambda-11: I will kill anyone who stands in Ragna's way. That is my directive.

Izanami: Then let us find out if that is enough to kill me!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 04(A).png

Izanami: Ah... I was not expecting to find you here... --Relius Clover.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 04(B).png

Relius: It's been a while, Impera... Or, do you go by Izanami, now?

Izanami: Your timing speaks louder that words. Are you after the 11th PFD?

Relius: I am. Like No. 13, No. 11 is undergoing changes. Changes that I find quite... interesting.

Izanami: Suit yourself.

Relius: You have my thanks! Now that No. 13 and No. 12 are useless... No. 11 is my next closest specimen.

Lambda-11: Rag... na... Ragna the Bloodedge...

BlazBlue Central Fiction General Arcade.png

λ-No.11- ACT 2 END

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 1: Lambda-11

Sealed Space

Lambda-11: Target...Querying database. 1 hit... Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field Device No.11...

Other Lambda-11: 1 hit...Dimensional Boundary Interface Prime Field Device No.11...

Lambda-11: Commencing data link... Synchronization, complete. Target recognized as virtual inimical specimen. Switching to combat mode.

Other Lambda-11: Target recognized as virtual inimical specimen. Switching to combat mode.

Lambda-11 & Other Lambda-11: Commencing simulation match.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Training, complete. Beginning diff with back-up data. Extracting battle data sample. Discrepancy, 0.17912%. All functions within standard deviation. Data reconciliation, complete. Partial alteration in memory sectory detected... No effect on combat or normal operations forecasted.

Kokonoe: I see... Well done. Hmm... Looking at the data, there's nothing suspicious. Go ahead and terminate the uplink. I'll finish the rest on my end.

Roger that.

Stage 2: Kokonoe

The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.01-the basement

Lambda-11: Booting... booting... booting...

Kokonoe: All systems normal, huh? That's odd... Why all the interest in Lambda, then... Relius, what the hell are you up to?

Lambda-11: Master Kokonoe, your instructions, please.

Kokonoe: Hm, that's right... I suppose I'll do the final adjustments myself.

Lambda-11: Roger. Switching to combat mode.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Lambda-11: Terminating combat mode... Now entering standby.

Kokonoe: Nothing really sticks out... Relius' actions are a little concerning, but this concludes our maintenance.

Lambda-11: Roger... Now terminating maintenance logic.

Kokonoe: What could possibly affect Lambda's memory sectors... Could an Intervention really do it? If that's the case, Mother's intervention far exceeds what I thougth psosible. Now that the Embryo screwed up all my coordinates, I can't go in unprepared... Lambda, your next orders... Plant a teleportation device in the designated locations.

Lambda-11: Understood, Master Kokonoe.

Stage 7: Ragna the Bloodedge

Soulless Monument
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Underground

Lambda-11: ...

Ragna: Hey, Lambda.

Lambda-11: Ragna...?

Ragna: ...What're you doing here?

Lambda-11: ...I don't know.

Ragna: Right...

Lambda-11: ...

Ragna: ... Looks like you were one of the chosen, too?

Lambda-11: Chosen...

Ragna: You're not?

Lambda-11: If you question is whether or not Lambda falls into what Izanami defined to be, "chosen" then the ansewr would be "yes."

Ragna: Mmm... In that case... ...I'm sorry, but your dream ends here.

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Ragna: Damn, you're strong...and the IDEA Engine is working, too?

Lambda-11: Ragna is serious... Ragna, are you trying to destroy Lambda, too?

Ragna: Destroy... isn't really the word I'd use. But... let's see here... I'm out to defeat all the chosen. End their dreams, and all that... I'm not one of them, which makes me the only one qualified.

Lambda-11: ...Understood.

Ragna: ...What're you doing?

Lambda-11: Lambda is preparing to be destroyed by Ragna. Because Lambda's dream has already come true... There is no need for Lambda to be chosen.

Ragna: ... I told you. I'm not gonna destroy you. I just need you to... forget some things.

Relius: ...I think not.

Ragna: ...What--!?

Stage 8: Relius Clover

Soulless Monument
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Underground

Kokonoe: Impossible... You interfered with the teleportation system...!?

Relius: Long time no see, Kokonoe... Though I suppose this is our first encounter in this phenomena.

Kokonoe: Relius Clover...! What the hell do you want...!?

Relius: That's my line, Kokonoe. Why simply watch No. 11 and the Azure man fight?

Kokonoe: ...

Relius: If you're searching for Protectors of the Azure, then surely there are other means.

Kokonoe: I was hoping you would intervene.

Relius: Hm... I played right into your hands? Seems I underestimated you.

Kokonoe: I have two questions for you. What did you do to Lambda? And why couldn't I find any evidence in her memory!?

Relius: What did I do...? Hah, it's no surprise there's no evidence. I haven't done anything.

Kokonoe: ...What?

Relius: I salvaged No. 13's soul, and tried to attach certain information to it, but... It's still too weak. It seems a catalyst is still necessary for sublimating souls. Maybe I should try eliminating Ragna frm the equation...?

Lambda-11: ...

Kokonoe: Wha--!? H-Hey, Lambda, don't!

Lambda-11: Eliminating Ragna... No... I won't let you. Target, the Architect, Relius Clover... Now terminating!

<Lambda-11 Victory>

Relius: This is the Idea Engine...? Fascinating.

Lambda-11: Resuming combat mode.

Relius: Hmm...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 05.png

Relius: ...Stop.

Lambda-11: ...

Kokonoe: Lambda!? D-Damn you, Relius!

Relius: Surprised...? I thought i tobvious to put a fail-safe switch in all my creations. You don't do the same?

Kokonoe: ...

Relius: Nonetheless, that reaction to Kokonoe is... intriguing. It seems there is value in dismantling you... Ignis. Bring this PDF with you.

Ignis: ...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Lambda-11 Arcade 06.png

Relius: ...What?

Lambda-11: Architect... I reject your orders. Resuming combat mode.

Kokonoe: Don't tell me... You're overriding your own fail-safes?

Relius: This is magnificent. You never cease to amaze me, No. 11! I've never seen a soul sublimate this fast... No, I should call this evolution! Intriguing, indeed... Rebelling against the creator. Analyzing the growth of your sould could yield stunning results.. It may alter the very foundaton of my research...!

Kokonoe: Rebelling against your creator...? Don't tell me you're trying to...!

Lambda-11: Architect...Relius Clover. You are dangerous.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Rachel Alucard Arcade 02.png

Lambda-11: Lambda will protect... Ragna.

λ-No.11- Act 3 END

Story Mode

An imitation "Murakumo Unit" created by Kokonoe using the recovered body of the 11th Prime Field Device recovered from Ibukido. She receives an order from Kokonoe to search for the "Grim Reaper" that possesses the "Azure Grimoire," but whenever she hears the name "Ragna," she reacts.[4]

Resurrected inside the Embryo, Lambda forgot that she had died once. Her memories were also altered to believe that Bullet had always been a member of Sector Seven. Even in the Embryo, Lambda still served under Kokonoe, and she was able to became one of the chosen.

She alerted Kokonoe to a change in seithr concentration within a distorted Kagutsuchi. [5] Kokonoe sent her into the Embryo above Ibukido, and later retrieved her. Much later on, Lambda was reunited with Ragna and she helped him, Tsubaki Yayoi, Hakumen, Ex Machina: Minerva, Jin Kisaragi, Kagura Mutsuki, Rachel, and Noel to enter the Embryo's frozen space-time. She held open the entrance by linking her Idea Engine to Tager's. [6]

Lambda's happy life with her sisters

Lambda watched Tager evaporate into seithr during Doomsday and had her data backed up by Es before she too disappeared. [7] Lambda was reborn in the new world created by Ragna the Bloodedge, becoming a nun alongside Noel. The two of them watched over Nu, who was in an almost catatonic state. They had a visit from Tsubaki and Makoto, and offered them dinner. [8]


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