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Story and Story Quests

This is a story of arriving at the Azure.
Taking a step away from natural peace,
The world starts to end...
The hell known as possibility begins.[1]

Prologue (one emerging possibility)

Main article: one emerging possibility

This text-only prologue was released on Dark War's official website prior to the launch of the game. It leads directly into the events of the in-game prologue, Observer.


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Prologue: Observer (観測者 Kansokusha)
In the beginning, there was a small island cut off from the outside world.
People were vanishing from the Magister's City, Ishana, when suddenly the mysterious girl "Ciel Sulfur" appeared.
Her purpose, and the reason people have vanished—what are they?
The world is cutting away at foreign elements...this world that was distorted to grant a pure wish

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Condition for Peace (平和の条件 Heiwa no Jouken)
The Phantom Field, created to grant one's wish.
Under Hajou Kagami's orders, before Ciel and the others
is a world where the NOL—an organization in control of the world—and the Resistance are in conflict.
The rulers, and the resistant. In the end, what wish does the world have...?
BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Chapter 1 The Condition for Peace

Chapter 2

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Cool stuff

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: ??? (機械じかけの町 Kikaijikake no Machi)
cool blurb here
BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Chapter 3 ???

Daily Quests

Beat up Ragna the Bloodking over and over for delicious exp.
Beat up King Pakumen for delicious Platinum Dollars.
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Character Quests

Challenge these quests to obtain character pieces necessary for increasing characters' rarities.
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Events and Event Quests


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