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A member of the mysterious Babel, an organization lead by Hearn which worships The Creator.

Alternative: Dark War

Under a directive by Hearn, Zara monitored a Phantom Field which had Kokonoe as its Observer. They also planned to summon a Bringer of Demise to test whether it could destroy a Phantom Field. Throughout the monitoring process, Zara found themselves impressed with Kokonoe's ability, but the arrival of Ciel Sulfur, Rei, and Raabe in the Field made Zara annoyed as the results they had gathered were no longer valid due to the trio's interference. Annoyed that their work had been invalidated, Zara attacked, unleashing several monsters onto the group.[1]

These monsters, however, were destroyed. Zara went to move further to fight, but Ciel began to prepare the usage of her BlazBlue Alternative. The conflict between the two, however, did not happen as Hearn appeared and took control of the Observation of the Phantom Field. Zara covered Hearn as Kokonoe launched an attack at them, cursing at the duo as Raabe demanded that they explain who they are. Together, Zara and Hearn explained that they were Babel, and that the Mitsurugi Agency was their enemy. Zara lashed out at Raabe, threatening to dismantle it, but was stopped by Hearn as he commented to them that the smelting had been completed for the Bringer of Demise. Hearn left and Zara remained - they taunted the group, wishing them luck in stopping the beast that was coming, and they left the Field.[2] Ultimately, the Bringer of Demise was defeated through the combined efforts of Ciel, Tager, Kokonoe, and the units summoned by Rei.

Zara was able to return back to Hearn's side in an unknown location. They reported to him that they had managed to retrieve Another Dark Mai from the Phantom Field and that the Bringer of Demise had been destroyed by the Mitsurugi Agency. They were not able to understand how the BlazBlue Alternative had been activated to destroy the cauldron. Hearn explained that Rei and their Observation was likely the reason why it had been activated, something that Zara could not believe. Zara wanted to be deployed on the next mission, but Hearn insisted that they rest; instead, Semia was to complete the mission at hand. The second Semia arrived, the two clashed, but Hearn dismissed Zara so they could continue to rest.[3]


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