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Another Dark Kagura

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"Heh heh heh... What a great feeling - I can rampage to my heart's content."
Another Dark Kagura

Another Dark Kagura


January 15

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BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Another Dark Kagura (アナザーダーク=カグラ), also known as Dark Kagura, is a character in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War. He is a possibility of Kagura Mutsuki that has dedicated his life to the battlefield, Ikaruga, and Homura Amanohokosaka.

Dark Kagura was revealed for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War on the 27th of October, 2021.


Another Dark Kagura's attire.

Physically, Dark Kagura shares some similarities with the original Kagura Mutsuki. They have the same spiky black hair and similarly lean yet muscular physique. These similarities, however, stop here as Dark Kagura has pale, almost gray skin, as well as one red eye as the other is covered by bandages. Dark Kagura's left arm is covered by a long black sleeve that completely obscures it; said arm is similar in appearance to those of Seithr Beasts, being pure red and the hand being replaced with a monstrous red maw. His neck and left chest are also wrapped in bandages and several purple scars cover the right side of his chest. Dark Kagura wears a black jacket over his wounds, but it leaves the right side of his chest exposed. This jacket has rid rimming and is damaged on its right side. On his right shoulder is a humanoid skull with horns coming from both temples - the skull is effectively blindfolded and gagged with two separate black cloths. Over the left side of the jacket is a red insignia in the shape of the original Kagura's nameless sword.

Dark Kagura carries with him three swords in different sheathes that hang to his left side. The smallest sword is a kodachi, while the other two are uchigatana with red blades. Dark Kagura also wears black pants with three belts, one of which is tied around his right thigh. He has black knee length boots which have two metal buckles along the tongues.


The only person that matters to Dark Kagura is Homura. Anything and anyone else are either not worth his effort or are obstacles to be eliminated - even Hibiki Kohaku. Dark Kagura's dedication to Homura means that he will follow their every wish, and he truly believes that they will bring about a recreation of the world. Dark Kagura loves to battle and is disappointed by opponents that are easily felled by his overwhelming strength.

He retains the same likes as the original Kagura, which are namely alcohol, women, and fishing.

Powers and Abilities

Dark Kagura fights using two red katana blades which are constantly at his side. He uses his right arm to wield one of these blades at a time, swinging only twice with a blade before returning it to its respective sheathe. His left arm is a monstrous maw which can be used to bite and crush opponents at a whim - if this is not enough then Dark Kagura will stab at them with one of his swords as they're being crushed by the limb. This maw is capable of firing a beam of energy at opponents from a range. Just one swing of his blades is enough to destroy an entire wave of Seithr Beasts.


Head family
Branch family
Taro Sasaga'e
Kagura Mutsuki / Another Dark KaguraHibiki Kohaku

Official Profiles

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Profile

Placing the Imperator at the head, this is the man who protects Ikaruga. Called the strongest, he has the strength to eradicate a whole army by himself. Preoccupied with the battlefield, he lets no one into his heart and never relaxes.[1]



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