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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit I'm Fuzzy, nice to meet you! By the way, you seem like you're pretty "interesting"...I'm a little curious. How about it? Won't you play with me?
New Unit 僕はファジー、よろしくね!ところで君、結構『面白そう』だね……ちょっと興味あるかな。どう? 僕と楽しいことして遊ばない?
Ascension (SS+) Ahahaha! Your Observation is the best!
Ascension (SS+) アハハハ! 君の観測は最高だよ!
Ascension (SS++) How fun! Hey, isn't this fun!?
Ascension (SS++) 楽しいね! ねぇ、楽しくない!?
Ascension (SS+++) I'm so happy...I really might kill you.
Ascension (SS+++) あんまり嬉しいから……君のこと、殺しちゃいそう。
Home Screen
Talk My abilities aren't limited to just controlling these wings. Have you heard of necromancers? They can reanimate dead monsters with their bones. ...And you, too, if you want. What do you think?
Talk 僕の力は、この羽根を操るだけじゃないよ。『死霊使い(ネクロマンサー)』って知ってる?死んだモンスターの骨なんかを眷属として操ることができるんだ。……君も、よかったらどう?
Likes I really love playing. But everyone breaks so fast, it's hard to have fun. Would you be able to entertain me?
Likes 僕、遊ぶのが大好きなんだ。でもみんなすぐに壊れちゃうからあんまり遊べないんだよね。君なら、僕を楽しませてくれるかな?
Dislikes I hate people who get in my way, I guess. I mean, it's only fun when you can do what you want. Don't you agree?
Dislikes 僕の邪魔をするやつは嫌いかな。だって、思い通りに行った方が楽しいかなって。そう思わない?
Hobby Hobbies? My hobby would be...bullying the strong, maybe. No, I didn't misspeak. Bullying the weak is just boring, but bullying the strong gets me tingling. Heh heh heh.
Hobby 趣味? 趣味はねぇ……強い者イジメ、かな。やだなぁ、間違いじゃないよ。弱い人なんかイジメてもつまらないけど、強い人をイジメるのはゾクゾクしちゃうよね。クククッ。
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