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"...What a boring turn of events. I really hate this sort of thing. The power of friendship...and the type to believe in it. Disgusting."

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Hair Color

Pink with blonde highlights

Eye Color





BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Semia (セミア) is a member of Babel who works for Hearn. She first debuted in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War as one of its antagonists.


Semia is a fair-skinned young woman with red eyes and pink hair. Her hair has some blonde highlights and is cut into an a bob. She wears a short pink dress that has various cuts on the hips, showing her black underwear; these rips are barely kept together with some sewn black cord. On the dress is a black outline of a cat paw and the face of a cartoon cat. She also wears a red choker with a small chain at the front. Over her dress, Semia wears a black cropped hoodie which has pink rims and multiple zippers. The sleeves of the hoodie are large, obscuring her hands, and covered in black fur. The symbol for Babel is on the sleeves in pink.

On her right leg, Semia has a bandage wrap around her thigh and a boot with a visible steel toecap. On her left leg, she wears a ripped black and red tight with a black shoe with a similar visible steel toecap.


To any human and those allied with them, Semia is cold and callous. She does not care for what humans has to say and enjoys tormenting them as much as she can. She also has a serious view of Prime Field Devices, comparing ones allied with humans to be tools made by mankind and that they could never be allies. Anyone who obstructs her from completing her objective is just an obstacle to be erased. Simply put - Semia has no time for her enemies and will taunt them at any available opportunity.

However, Semia is completely different when around other members of Babel. She is frivolous and casual, even with Hearn. Semia takes a laidback attitude to her missions and enjoys annoying others, especially Zara due their own seriousness. She gets on well with Oliver to the point that Hearn believes that Semia is the only person that Oliver will listen to.

Powers and Abilities

Semia has not been seen fighting directly, but she has unique powers that put her in a league of her own. She can summon a massive and autonomous golem to her side, one that even Acht of the Ten Sages had difficulty besting.[1] The most unique of her abilities is to manipulate time. She was able to rewind the specific time within a certain area of a Phantom Field back a few decades and then fast forward it with seemingly no trouble. It is unknown if this is her Drive.[2] Like other members of Babel, Semia is capable of leaving a Phantom Field of her own volition.

Hearn believes that Semia alone can best Rei, Raabe, and Ciel Sulfur in battle.


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