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A member of the mysterious Babel who works on the orders of Hearn.

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Semia was summoned by Hearn to complete a mission. When she arrived, she saw Zara and began to mock them by leaning against Hearn, something that infuriated Zara due to their reverence for their leader. Hearn ordered Zara to leave and gave Semia her mission: to retrieve Oliver. During this mission, Semia was informed that she was likely to encounter the Mitsurugi Agency, specifically Rei, Raabe, and Ciel Sulfur. Semia was surprised to hear that she was not to harm Ciel as she was a Prime Field Device, and therefore an ally to Babel in Hearn's eyes. Although she was reluctant, Semia agreed and left for her mission.[1]


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