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Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

Hades that descended to bring "death" equally to all living things. She possessed the body of Ragna and Jin's younger sister "Saya" and provided the template for the Boundary Interface Prime Field Device series above No.10. She was the long-time "Imperator" of the NOL and aimed to bring about "Doomsday." And now, she has achieved that goal— [1]

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Makoto Nanaya

The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-25

Makoto: Wha...!? You're... Izanami!? What the heck are you doing here!?

Izanami: No need to be so alarmed. We are inside the Embryo... I can travel anywhere I want. Moreover, it was not my own will that brought me here. You were here, so I dropped by.

Makoto: What does that mean...? You came all the way here just to see me?

Izanami: Indeed. I came to see you...or rather, Observe you. I came to see the powerful soul that amused even Relius.

Makoto: Soul? And you just dropped one of the names I hate. Why do you want to see this...? What are you plotting?

Izanami: Plotting? There's no need for plotting. I wanted to see it with my own eyes...before the world's end. What is one's soul...and one's drive? Now, show me the soul that dwells within!

<Izanami Victory>

Makoto: G'uh... Dammit, I can still fight...!

Izanami: You still stand up after such a spectacular defat? Why...? Why do you fight, and why do you grovel before me!?

Makoto: Well, duh...! If I don't put up a fight, who's gonna protect Noel and Tsubaki...!? I may not be as amazing as those two, but... I can't just leave them alone. One thing no one has over me...is my heart!

Izanami: Heart...? Baffling. Then let me ask you, your feelings fro you friends. Is that the source of your soul...? The drive itself...

Makoto: She's gone...? What the heck was that?

Stage 6: Kagura Mutsuki

Cathedral -Layer-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-1

Kagura: Well, well, well... What can I do for you? I thought you'd never have the nerve to show your face here again.

Izanami: There is no place too far for "death" to reach in a dying world. Hm... I hear your soul is quite strong, also? One's "Drive" is the materialization of their soul's power... The stronger one's soul, the more it's drawn to the Azure, and the more powerful it becomes. And you? How strong is your drive? What IS a strong drive...? Why do you use it?

Kagura: ....Izanami, it's time for me to ask the questions. wHy are you so obsessed with Drives? You've never shown even an ounce of interest before.

Izanami: I want to know... I must know! Kagura Mutsuki... Where is your soul? What shape does it take? What do you desire? What do you want? Show me. The soul of one who yearns must be a very strong one.

<Izanami Victory>

Izanami: This is your strength... Your soul... Your drive? It is a ferocious power, most appropriate for you.

Kagura: Why thank you. I wasn't expecting a compliment from you today...

Izanami: But... Your drive is not you. No matter how strong it may be, it will never fully become you. Then what is it? If its power comes from your soul, then is that where it dwells? If the drive's existence is a projection of the soul, then what does that make the soul itself?

Kagura: Argh, what the hell are you going on about...?

Izanami: I am done with thee... I wish you the best in your struggles until the end of the world.

Stage 7: Naoto Kurogane

Grave Marker of Bases
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.00

Naoto: Saya! No, wait... Izanami, was it?

Izanami: ...You. You were not the one I sought, but... perhaps the soul guides one in mysterious ways. But then why DOES my soul crave you... What are you to me?

Naoto: I'd like to ask you the same thing. What the hell ARE you? Or... who?

Izanami: I desire to know that myself. Yes... foreigner. Why not show me your drive, too. Your soul was born in a world different from this... What magnificent drive will you show me!?

<Izanami Victory>

Izanami: Bloodedge. How bizarre... You were born in different worlds yet possess the same drive... Is it the soul that produces the drive...? Or does the drive mold the soul?

Naoto: Enough of your mumbling, dammit! No matter how many times I look at you, you remind me of Saya. Shit...shit! What's going on here!? I need you to stick around... My questions need answering...! ...Guah!

Relius: I come to see how you were doing, and here you are wasting time with a foreign object.

Izanami: Relius. You've come all this way to call for me? How laudable.

Relius: You've overexerted yourself and consumed too much power... I fear it would be inconvenient for me to lose this vessel now. Let me Observe...

Izanami: ...Very well.

Stage 8: Relius Clover

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Relius: I ask you avoid any excessive stress... This vessel is reaching its limits, and I fear there is no substitude. Cherish it.

Izanami: Cherish...

Relius: That body has the ability to amplify seithr almost indefinitely. Which makes it perfect for the Imperator, and is suited to be the foundation of my PFDs. Nevertheless, it is still only human... Reinforce it though as it will one day crumble.

Izanami: Relius... What is a "soul?"

Relius: Oh...? Your only purpose now is to wither with this world, and you show an interest in soul...? Now this, I did not expect.

Izanami: I have become curious... If you believe one's soul's value is best represented through strife, then I first ask for one such stage. Relius Clover.

Relius: ...Certainly, I shall be your opponent.

<Izanami Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Izanami Arcade 01(A).png

Izanami: Nothing... Anger, disappointment, pleasure... I feel nothing. Relius. What am I? I was told I am the "drive" of the Master Unit... To that statement, I have no objection. But if a soul's shape is what defines one's existence, then... what does that make me? If I am in fact the drive of the Master Unit, and a drive is the manifestation of a soul... Then that makes me...what?

Relius: You question your reason of existence. The rabbit hole continues to go deeper. First No. 13 and now the Imperator... Oh, how "you" fascinate me so. Heh heh heh.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Izanami Arcade 01(B).png

Izanami: Why do you laugh?

Relius: "I think, therefore I am." That is the very doubt one with a soul will have. Youa re beginning to create a soulw ithin yourself, separate from any other... And... You say you feel nothing, but I've Observed it... Desire. An emotion so great, most humans are driven by the pursuit of its fulfillment.

Izanami: Then my soul is... I see. Which means...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Izanami Arcade 02.png

Izanami: What I crave is the death of all... ...Fair and equal. I shall bring it upon this fabricated world... ...And pre-established harmony... That is my unfulfilled desire... The very drive of my soul.

Izanami Act 3 END

Story Mode

Before the Doomsday began, Izanami went to the Amaterasu Unit, and opened it up, showing that inside, there was no one. She soon summoned Noel and Rachel to her location to force Noel to Observe where she had placed Ragna – inside the Embryo. She then journeyed into the Embryo herself. [2]

Maintaining the vessel
Inside, she bathed in one of the Prime Field coffins, asking Relius about the vessel she was possessing. She dressed herself and travelled to Ikaruga, realising that Nine had set the chosen against her, [3] and later watched as Relius and Ragna fought in Akitsu, being interrupted by Azrael and fighting him. He grew bored however since there is no life emanating from her, and the two formed a pact – should Azrael defeat all the chosen, Izanami would grant him access to the world of the Gods where he could fight them for all eternity. [4]

Witnessing Azrael fighting against Ragna, she summoned the latter to her location next to the Amaterasu Unit. They fought, every moment with her mocking him with Saya’s voice. Noticing that his strikes were filled with unwillingness to hurt his sister’s body, Izanami rammed herself into his sword, telling him that she cannot die as Amaterasu’s Drive. Amaterasu intervened and used phenomenon intervention to send Ragna away from her location. [5]

Ragna and Noel find a way to defeat “death”
Izanami infiltrated Nine’s workshop, finding her defeated by Ragna. She offered death to Kokonoe, Celica, Jubei, Ragna, Jin, Nine, and Rachel before being stopped by one of Nine’s strongest fields. Nu followed after her master, attacking the witch but being stopped by Jubei. Izanami remained inside the workshop as time froze over, watching Nine die. [6] She broke the space-time, transferring the Requiem to a different location and issuing an illusionary message to Ragna, Noel, Kagura, Jin, Hakumen, Tsubaki, and Ex Machina: Minerva, warning them all that if they could not find her in three hours, they would all perish in Requiem’s explosion. [7] Eventually, Ragna and Mu found her, and she was absorbed by the latter despite being up a resilient fight. Izanami, from that point on, no longer existed, having merged together with Noel’s soul. [8]


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