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Akane Teruhiko/Biography

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After joining the Military Academy, Akane found himself being roommates with Jin and Taro. All three of them eventually became members of the student council, overseeing the different events that the Academy would hold.

Remix Heart

In his third year, Akane helped manage the Torifune Festival. He was introduced to Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, Mai Natsume, and Kajun Faycott. He was pleased to finally meet Tsubaki, who he had heard much about from Jin. [1] He would soon help with the spring-cleaning of the Academy under Estella McKenzie's orders, and was caught staring at Mai in her maid outfit. [2] Akane, along with Taro, Jin, and Estella was also a judge at the sports festival, telling the competitors to not die. [3] When Team Remix Heart came back in last place with the Conversion Grimoire, he told them of the news. [4] It would not be long before the Academy's weather regulator broke down, so taking advantage of the snow, Akane built an igloo which Team Remix Heart, Jin, and Taro crashed into and rebounded off of. [5] Some time afterwards, both Akane and Taro noticed something wrong with Jin, unaware that he felt the presence of Ragna the Bloodedge nearby. [6]

When Mai kissed Taro, she gave him Noel's cooking abilities, and both Akane and Jin were subjected to the "death dinner". [7] This caused all three of them to be bedridden for a few days, and Kajun spoon-fed Akane food. He noticed that Mai had seemingly developed feelings for Taro, joking that she wouldn't fall for an "idiot" like him. [8] Shiori Kirihito soon introduced herself to the boys, and they fell asleep before he was awakened by Jin's rampage with the Nox Nyctores - Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa. [9] He watched him try to kill both Mai and Taro before Cypher Albar appeared and knocked him out. Akane helped carry him to his bed in a substitute room. [10] Because he was involved with the incident with Jin, Akane was punished by Estella to watch over the icebergs that had been created. He saw a Torifune panda, being unimpressed with how it behaved, and declared Taro a winner after his speed-eating contest with Shiori. [11]

Akane was with Jin and Taro in the baths when the latter received a letter from Mai. He was a little shocked that Taro could not open the sealing Ars Magus, even with Cypher's help. [12] Akane, with Jin and Taro, were gathered to help awake Mai from her coma using Ars Magus, but were trapped in a barrier created by alchemy. Thanks to Taro's quick thinking, they were saved from being crushed, and watched as Chachakaka and Shiori saved the others trapped inside. [13] He also watched as Mai battled Cypher after she woke up from her coma, and then helped gather the strongest Ars users in the Academy to prevent Cypher's plan of creating the Burning Red Grimoire. [14] They were successful as Akane helped evacuate the student body. [15] Because of the incident, Akane had a lot of paperwork to do, and dragged Taro away from Mai in order to help him. [16]

Variable Heart

Akane graduated from the Academy, becoming a member of the Ars Magi division of the NOL. He was briefly reunited with Taro, Kajun, Shiori, Jin, Mai, Makoto, Tsubaki, and Noel, having organised for the last three to reunite with the others. [17] He was not present at the medal ceremony for Jin's exploits during the Ikaruga Civil War.


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