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Nine the Phantom/Biography

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The death of her mother.

Nine was born as Konoe A. Mercury, the oldest daughter of Shuichiro Ayatsuki and a woman only referred to as "Mother". Konoe was born with the unique ability to absorb seithr towards her. Shortly after Celica's birth, “Mother”'s health dramatically declined. Konoe stayed by her mother's bedside and watched as she laid dying. “Mother” pleaded with her daughter to not blame Shuichiro, but she passed away moments later. Konoe watched Shuichiro take her mother's corpse into the basement of the house and locked his daughter outside. She banged against the door, begging to know what was happening; she eventually concluded that Shuichiro had something to do with the death of her mother. A rift grew between the two as Shuichiro's grief consumed him and he spent more time researching, and less with his daughters. Konoe, with no closure from her remaining parent, was unable to fulfil the promise to her mother, and began to resent her father, blaming him for her untimely death.

At some point, Shuichiro left them, leaving Konoe to look after Celica. She knew of her sister's ability to nullify seithr and forbade her from ever going outside out of fear of her being kidnapped. To prevent anyone from learning about Celica's abilities, Konoe set a ward around their house to prevent people from noticing it.[1]

Lost: Memories

One day after returning some books on magic, Konoe noticed that the ward around the house had been disrupted. Fearing for Celica, she ran back to the house but was unable to find her. She went down into the workshop, having believed that Shuichiro might have taken her for his experiments. When Konoe opened the door, she was transported to the first floor of the Phantom Field.

Hijinks insue.

Konoe eventually awoke and could not believe her surroundings. She was greeted by the mysterious Nobody. Konoe was stunned by her eccentricity, finding herself almost immediately irritated by Nobody's riddles and her sudden inability to remember her own name. After being given a name by Nobody, Konoe was reassured by the mysterious young woman that Celica was indeed in the Field and on the lowest level. The two, with some reluctance on Konoe's part, ventured together through the Field. When they approached the second floor, Nobody revealed that Konoe would need to collect Memory Fragments in order to progress. The two continued the necessary amount of fragments and continued their journey. Privately, Konoe could not help but marvel at them, knowing that in her world that the crystallization of memories would be normally impossible.

With the Memory Fragments gathered, Konoe and Nobody jumped down to the second floor. As they descended, the collected Azure Memory Fragments responded to Konoe's Origin of the Grimoire. The pair of them watched a memory from the perspective of Es. It detailed her creation by Souichiro Unomaru as well as the night she met Touya Kagari. Through this fragment and the many others she would collect throughout the Phantom Field, Konoe began to learn about those involved in the Embryo Incident in the ‘'XBlaze Possibility.[2] When the duo arrived on the second floor, Konoe learned that Nobody had also witnessed the same memory. The two continued to collect Memory Fragments, making a beeline towards the next floor. Nobody continued to pester Konoe for personal information until the young mage finally gave in, telling her about Celica as well as her inability to use offensively oriented magic within the Phantom Field. They continued to the entrance of the third floor; Konoe was slowly becoming used to the mysterious Nobody, although her eccentricity and fascination with the Drive of Goro Joizumi was wearing down her patience.

As the duo leapt down towards the third floor, they began to experience Es' memories once again. This time they detailed the times she first met Akira Kamewari, Kuon Glamred Stroheim, Yuki Himezuru, and the Ten Sages. Once the memories had ended, Konoe was left in thought, finding a striking similarity between Kuon and a friend of her mother, who was one of the Ten Sages and the woman who taught Konoe how to use fire magic. Upon Nobody's insistence, the pair scoured the floor for more fragments. Privately, the young mage was thinking about Es, and how she was continually putting her mission above her safety in each memory. [3]

On the vast expanse of the third floor, Nobody asked Konoe about her social life. They admitted to one another that neither of them had any friends. In Konoe's case this was because of her steadfast dedication to Celica's protection, and the concept of having friends was meaningless. Regardless, Nobody announced to her that she was going to be her first friend, and the two continued onward to the entrance of the fourth floor. The next batch of Es' memories that they experienced concerned a number of subjects. Es' first time eating pudding, the first time she met Elise von Klagen, the confrontation with Acht and when she took Hinata hostage, and the realization that Akira had become a Union were all included in this batch. Konoe noticed that whenever Es felt something, such as heart ache over Touya, she would experience it as it was unfolding in the memory. As they landed on the fourth floor, Konoe told Nobody about this, but neither were able to explain the phenomenon.[4]

On the labyrinthian fourth floor, Nobody revealed that she had always been alone until Konoe's arrival. The young mage was suspicious of her, but decided that perhaps Nobody had only come into existence within the Phantom Field, and that she was telling the truth about her circumstances. After gathering enough fragments, they leapt to the fifth floor and began to experience more of Es' memories once again. The memories this time included her fight with Akira and then latter Ripper, as well as Touya unleashing the power of the Origin of the Grimoire. The memory finished with Unomaru ordering Es to detain Touya. After the sequence, Konoe began to worry about the existence that Es had led, feeling pity for her. With some gentle nudging from Nobody, the two continued their journey through the depths.[5]

Within the fifth floor, Konoe told Nobody about her left eye, and the “curse” she believed it had. She began to hypothesise that the Grimoire was the reason why she was able to experience Es' memories, as the Memory Fragments might be highly dense crystallizations of seithr that her eye absorbs. Nobody had begun to worry at this point, as constantly absorbing this much seithr was causing Konoe's eye to hurt; regardless, they continued to press forward onto the next floor. The memories they witnessed here were about the confrontations against Drei and Acht, as well as Es' defection to protect Touya. Once the sequence ended, Konoe found herself rooting for Es and her friends, happy that they were going to destroy the T-System and defeat Unomaru. Nobody remarked that Konoe and Es were actually quite similar. Embarrassed, Konoe bragged about having created many unique spells already, and that she didn't need friends. Although this merely bounced off the unfaltering Nobody and they continued their hunt for Memory Fragments on the sixth floor.[6]

Konoe opened up about her parents, revealing to Nobody that her father was a researcher on the Boundary and her mother a powerful mage. She also revealed that she hated her father, something that Nobody was unable to understand. They continued collecting Memory Fragments, but Nobody was still unable to understand Konoe's determination to protect Celica at the cost of having any kind of social life. During this, she got herself so worked up that she ran away until Konoe found her again. After some apologizing, the two worked up their courage to proceed to the penultimate floor of the Phantom Field. The memories they experienced this time were about Es and her group's confrontation with the Es-N and then Sechs. The memory ended when both Hinata and Es were thrown into the Boundary. As it ended, Konoe could not help but vocally express her concern for both of the girls; Nobody picked up on this and declared a cause for celebration as Konoe had finally managed to care for someone other than Celica. The two continued through the floor after having promised to have a small celebration of pudding-eating once the ordeal was over. [7]

As they made their way through the field, Konoe promised that she would take Nobody out of it and into her world, where she could eat all the pudding that she wanted. The two continued through the floor. As they approached the entrance of the final floor, Nobody's usually sunny disposition disappeared. She spoke solemnly, telling Konoe that she was glad of the time they spent together and that the next batch of memories would be the last. Confused, Konoe jumped down with Nobody. The memories they witnessed were about Es inheriting the Embryo from Hinata and Touya defeating Sechs.[8]

As the memory ended, Konoe was alone on the final floor. She cried out for Nobody, but there was no response. On this floor was a large Memory Fragment. Hesitantly, Konoe accessed it, and found herself in the memories of her parents. This memory was about the time Konoe's mother was pregnant with her, and the deep concern that her father demonstrated about them both. After seeing this memory, Konoe realised that they were her father's, and decided to view the others on the floor. Having seen them, she came to conclude that Shuichiro wasn't the monster she always thought he was, and that instead he was just a desperate man trying to save the woman he loved. [9]


As the memory ended, Konoe found Celica and Nobody. The two girls revealed to Konoe that they planned for her to come across Es' memories so that when she finally found Shuichiro's, she would be able to accept them as authentic. The reunited trio walked up to the exit to the Phantom Field, and it was at this moment that Nobody revealed that she would be unable to join them in Ishana. Neither Konoe nor Celica could accept this, but they were silenced with a final riddle: “Who am I?”. As Nobody gave them this question, she pushed the sisters out into the real world. [10]

For the next week, Konoe spent her time fixing the machine. She figured that Nobody was actually Es, and that she was unable to return because she possessed the Embryo; were the Embryo brought back into a Possibility, it could be used to bend reality. After further research, Konoe was also able to discover that she was from a different Possibility as Es, meaning that the Embryo would not distort her own world. However, with the machine fixed, Konoe ventured back into the Phantom Field in order to save her only, her best friend. [11]

Konoe found Nobody and told her that she was Es. Nobody then told her that while she was indeed Es, she was also not. This was because Es had fallen into a deep despair. Before this could be elaborated on, Nobody disappeared and left behind a large Memory Fragment. When Konoe accessed it, she saw the deaths of Touya, Mei, Kuon, and Elise at the hands of a Union named Freaks. Nobody then returned and elaborated. She explained that Es had created a world named the World of Tsukuyomi, and that it was a buffer between the Boundary and the real world. She then witnessed the deaths of her friends and rewound time using the Embryo in order to prevent it. However, without a variable factor, the result was always the same. In her despair, Es cast aside her memories, leading to the creation of Nobody and the transformation of the World of Tsukuyomi into the Phantom Field.

Reincarnating the woman known as Es.

It was then that Konoe revealed her plan. By taking the seithr of the Memory Fragments, Konoe's left eye could fuel the Embryo and restore its power. Nobody would then create the vessel of a young human girl a few days before the deaths of her friends, and then transport the memories of Es into her. Konoe and Nobody begun the process, but there not enough seithr, which was part of Konoe's plan. She asked Nobody for her memories, which would be enough to activate the Embryo. As this occurred, Konoe promised that she would never forget her.[12]

The plan was a success, and Es was reborn in her Possibility. The body that was known as Nobody become a husk filled with the Embryo. Konoe fulfilled her promise and sealed it within the Phantom Field. Konoe was able to briefly communicate with Es during her battle against Freaks. She introduced herself as “Nobody” and told Es that she had the power to actualize her own feelings, but only once. Their connection began to fade, and Konoe promised Es that she would never forget her. [13] Together with Celica, Konoe went to see Shuichiro for the first time in years.[14]

Dark War

Phase 0, Phase Shift 1, Phase Shift 2, Phase Shift 3, Phase Shift 4

Shuichiro and Konoe's relationship never healed. She was enrolled into the same class as Kazuma Kval and Trinity Glassfille and begun researching how to combine magic and science. Konoe and Trinity became best friends. In 2100, she learned that the Black Beast had emerged from Japan, and that her father was the one being blamed by various organizations for its appearance; she did not know whether Shuichiro was dead or alive.


Having excelled in her studies and contributions towards the Ishanan community and to sorcery, Konoe was chosen for the honor of becoming one of the Ten Sages, although she believed Trinity was more deserving. In a cold January morning in 2106, Konoe entered the Cathedral in the center of Ishana and was initiated into the Sages through the Canonization Ceremony. She took on her new name - Nine, and left for the courtyard outside of the building. Celica and Trinity ran up to greet and congratulate her on the position. Nine hugged Celica and promised that nothing had really changed, and the three of them decided to have lunch together to celebrate.

In the cafeteria, the group found Kazuma and they ate with him. Nine threw several cold remarks towards him, not acknowledging his existence. Celica began to warm up to Kazuma, so Nine dragged her away from the table and began to tell her to not get involved with him. The two of them bickered until a nearby television began to blare its news - a Japanese survivor had been found. The two sisters were dumbfounded and rendered speechless. As Kazuma fell ill, Nine left.[15]

Later that evening, Nine sensed an unusual force in downtown Ishana and ran to the location with Trinity and Celica trailing behind her. They found Kazuma next to an alley which had its ground mostly destroyed. She demanded an explanation from the boy, learning that the culprit that attacked him was a beastkin. They escorted Kazuma back to his dorm.[16] Three days later, Nine again felt an unusual force, and told Trinity to investigate.[17]

Trinity invited Nine, Celica, and Kazuma to the girl's favorite cafe. There, Nine ordered coffee and a slice of chocolate cake. She poured a pitcher of milk, gomme syrup, and multiple sugar cubes into her cup until its consistency had changed into something completely different. Nine began to interrogate Celica over her grades, but then changed her gaze to Kazuma, and asked why he had spent so much time in Ishana's Great Library. The boy brought up her relation to Shuichiro, and she retorted that she was not related to the man, which only caused another argument between her and Celica. They both punched the table in anger, making Trinity's teacup fall onto her, emptying its contents. They both apologized as the girl lost her anger and chastized them both. Suddenly, Kazuma left.

Trinity and Nine chased after the boy, finding him near the water's edge of Ishana. Nine interrogated him, asking what he was doing and mockingly asked if he was trying to escape, but was told that he was trying to find an acquaintance. She walked past Kazuma and saw a hole in Ishana's magical barrier - she asked him if it was the work of his "acquaintance". She left after carefully assessing his posture and returned back to the Guild to discuss the matter with other Ten Sages.[18]


In the following morning, Nine found a letter from Celica, and its contents detailed that she had escaped from Ishana to go to Japan in an attempt to find Shuichiro. Taking Trinity, she bolted to the boys dormitory and banged on Kazuma's door, screaming that she would burn it down if he didn't respond. As the door opened, Nine ran in and grabbed the boy by his collar, holding him up against the window. She screamed at him to tell her where Celica had gone and what he had done to her, but the boy answered that he did not know. Trinity convinced Nine to let him go.

Deducing that Kazuma was responsible for giving Celia the idea to search for Shuichiro, Nine pinned Kazuma to the ground with her high heels as he talked back to her. Nine was ready to kill him, but was forced to relent as a message for the Ten Sages came in the form of conveying sorcery. Nine let him be, and attended to her duties. At the Cathedral, Nine listened as Three tried to make sense as to why so much seithr had suddenly appeared in Ishana. Nine bit her tongue, knowing that the reason why was because Celica was no longer on the island, and the tear in the barrier was only making it worse. She organized the Sages and was put in charge of eliminating the seithr in Ishana while others repaired the barrier.

Nine learned that Trinity had been injured, and ran to her dorm after completing the seithr eradication. She talked with Trinity over the restoration of the barrier, winking at her and telling Trinity to not underestimate the Ten Sages. Nine had also learned that Kazuma had entered the Cathedral but had disappeared.[19]

Celica's escape from Ishana weighed heavily on Nine's mind. Together with Trinity, Nine left Ishana and tracked Celica to Kantō, Japan. There on a rocky trail, she finally found Celica, but she was with a young man with a red jacket. Getting the wrong impression, Nine attacked the man with her sorcery. Taking Celica to the side, Nine began to berate her for being with a strange man, turning to give him a fierce look. The argument between Nine and Celica eventually turned away from the odd man and onto Celica's search for their father. Nine was told by Celica and the odd man, who she learned is Ragna the Bloodedge, that they were destined for the First District because that is where they believed Shuichiro would be. Reluctantly, she and Trinity decided to travel with them both, at least to keep Celica safe.

When the group arrived at the District, Nine took an interest at the dusty runes that decorated the building, noting that it had been created with a combination of science and magic, something she had spent time researching. They eventually discovered an elevator that would allow them access to the floors below; the group used it, but the wires snapped and Ragna was sent hurtling into the abyss after saving Celica from the fall. The remaining women journeyed below on foot to find him, but were met by a knight in white armor. Nine and this knight were at a standstill until he left, remarking that he would not slay fragile humans. After searching a little longer in the area, they found Ragna, who told them the knight's name - Hakumen. After searching for a short while, they found a hidden door near a cauldron.[20]

Battle for Kushinada

Nine disabled the locks to the doors using electric sorcery and the group found a solitary room with a large lynchpin in its center. Nine quickly scanned the numerous research papers across desks, finding it to be in her father's handwriting. She continued reading, discovering that the lynchpin is called Kushinada's Lynchpin and that it had the power to stop the Black Beast at a cost - the soul of someone with exceptional control over life - Celica. Disgusted, she threw the papers onto the ground, stomping onto them with all her might until Celica begged her to stop. Out of the corner of the lab came Shuichiro himself. Nine screamed at Celica to get away from him. The scientist clawed at his youngest daughter until Nine threw him against a nearby wall with a powerful shockwave. Moments later, Shuichiro died - it is unknown if either seithr poisoning or Nine's attack was the cause of his death.

Staying silent as Celica cried over Shuichiro's death, Nine launched a bolt of sorcery at the Lynchpin, but the moment was interrupted by Mitsuyoshi, who had overheard the events that had just transpired. Nine and the beastkin stood on opposite ends of the conflict - the witch wanted to avoid using the Lynchpin while the beastkin believed it was the only way to end the war. The two began to battle, with Nine using a myriad of spells to keep Mitsuyoshi at bay until he closed the distance. Unleashing electricity from her body, she was able to push Mitsuyoshi away from her, and the two complimented one another's abilities before continuing to clash. Celica finally interrupted the fight by standing between the combatants; the battle stopped, and Nine and Mitsuyoshi lowered their stances as Trinity helped ease the situation.[21]

"Watch out for the guy named Yuuki Terumi"

Nine, with Celica and Mitsuyoshi, had tea brewed by Trinity. She listened to Celica's speech as she told them her determination to save the people she loves. She was unhappy with Celica's decision, but couldn't bring herself to find the words to interrupt until it finally became too much and she lamented at her sister's choice. Nine was drowning in sorrow as she was unable to stop Celica's resolve, but it was thanks to Ragna that her sister's decision was nullified. Both Nine and Ragna left the room, and she thanked the Grim Reaper for stopping her sister's decision. Ragna gave her three points: that the Black Beast was going to stop for one year; that she had to gather humanity; and to watch out for a man called Yuuki Terumi. Their conversation was ended as Nine sensed something approaching - the Black Beast.

Celica, Trinity, and Nine had decided to evacuate the area, knowing that they could not stand a chance of victory. Nine chanted and focused her mind on a distant location, preparing to use teleportation. Both Ragna and Mitsuyoshi chose to stay behind to buy the women some time to escape. The trio escaped, and found themselves in the Alucard Castle some time later. Nine became familiar here with Rachel Alucard and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, and learned that the previous head of the family, Clavis Alucard had just died. Mitsuyoshi eventually arrived at the Castle and revealed that Ragna had been swallowed by the Beast.[22]

With Mitsuyoshi and Valkenhayn, Nine entered the depths of the Alucard Castle. Venturing deep within and unsealing each magical barrier erected by Clavis, Nine found Terumi, the possessor of Kazuma's body and who Ragna had warned her about earlier. She was shocked and disgusted when she saw that the body was Kazuma's. She kicked him to the floor and used Mind Eater on him, turning the man into her slave. The group then left the prison.[23]

In the months following the events in the First District, Nine had feverishly begun on the development of Ars Magus, working tirelessly and even teaching it to some of humanity. At some point she built the foundations of Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi, but stopped after realising its incredible power. Fellow Sages, Seven and Eight continued building it against her wishes, however, leading to conflict between them. Nine had also assembled a team of six warriors, including herself. These warriors included: Hakumen, Mitsuyoshi (who had changed his name to Jubei), Trinity, Valkenhayn, and Terumi. Jubei and Nine also began a relationship around this time period, and Nine begun development on the Deus Machina: Nirvana, an automaton that could protect Celica while she was busy working.

In August, eight months after the events in the First District, the six warriors, who would later be known as the Six Heroes, listened to Trinity talk about the growing tensions between representatives of each nation. She had no interest in their politics, instead talking about the difficulty she was having with Ars Magus and humanity's ability to handle seithr. Nine had created two weapons with a combination of alchemy and sorcery which she had given to Trinity and Jubei. Terumi attempted to mock her, but Nine told him to be quiet, something he had to obey thanks to Mind Eater. The meeting was cut short when they noticed Hakumen had slipped out of it.[24]

Flirtatious teasing

Together with the others, Nine found Hakumen with Celica. She hugged her younger sister, but spoke down to Hakumen, reminding him that he had to be part of their meetings since he held the power needed to truly deal damage to the Black Beast. Celica apologised, stating that she was the reason for his absence, but was interrupted by Terumi. Nine directed a cold stare at the man, leagues different from what she had directed at Hakumen earlier. She commanded him to be silent, and was interested in Trinity's suggestion that they have tea together. Although not interested in tea with the others, Nine flirted with Jubei, easily embarrassing him; they were found by Seven and Eight, who expressed discomfort at Nine bringing strangers into the Mage's Guild.

The group dispersed, with only Nine and Celica remaining in the Guild's courtyard with the two other Sages. Nine's cold rebuttals towards Eight's snarky comments managed to rile up the Sage until Seven diffused the situation. They both asked for Celica's assistance in their research, which Nine knew involved Take-Mikazuchi. She told them both that she would not allow Celica to be involved, shooting them a glare that made them both wince. Further cementing her resolve, Nine commanded that they stop their development on the weapon. The older sister dragged Celica away from her fellow Sages, not wanting to hear more of the discussion. As they walked away, Nine told Celica that the weapon they were attempting to finish was a failure, and that she would definitely protect her younger sister.

Both Nine and Celica found the cafe that Jubei and Trinity were in. They sat down, and Nine immediately began to tease her boyfriend over his green tea, poking his fur and teasing him over the fact that he cannot drink the tea hot. She then ordered a coffee and as much gum syrup as possible before subjecting her beverage to a barrage of sugar. Terumi then entered the cafe, souring the group's mood - Nine asked him where he had been, finding satisfaction in his answer. Celica accidentally pulled at Jubei's tales, making him flip the table and sending Nine's coffee all over Trinity. Both sisters stood up and began apologizing as fast as possible; Nine pulled Jubei into their ritual, warning him of the consequences if he didn't.[25]

Nirvana's assignment

As they left the cafe, Nine asked Celica if she had hurt herself when the table flipped, and she innocently showed her sister her thighs. Nine slapped her sister's hand away and began to lecture her about lecherous men. Terumi muttered a comment on Nine indulging in too many fantasies and she kicked him as hard as she possibly could, making the man crumple to the ground. Jubei bid them goodbye, and Nine asked Celica to come with her to the workshop, hinting at a present for her. When they arrived, Nine directed her to a corner of the workshop, showing the Deus Machina: Nirvana. Nine revealed that Nirvana was built to protect Celica. The younger sister questioned about having a bodyguard so Nine reminded her that she ran away from Ishana and caused a great deal of trouble for everyone. Shortly afterwards, Nine chanted a spell to make Nirvana recognise Celica as the target she must protect. As Celica bounded away upstairs to prepare dinner with her new guardian, Nine opened up a hidden section in her workshop, revealing Kushinada's Lynchpin behind it. She lamented over having to use the power of the Lynchpin.[26]

Together with the other Six Heroes, Nine formulated a plan to launch a sneak attack on the Black Beast as soon as it awoke from its slumber. They knew it would come from one of the cauldrons in Eastern Europe although were unsure were exactly which one it would come from. Nine insisted that Celica be present in the meeting since she was wary of Seven and Eight's plans for her. The witch asked Valkenhayn if they could rely on Rachel to teleport their units across the battlefield, but the vampire herself appeared to deny the request. Nine furrowed her brow and asked if the fate of humanity was just a game to the girl, unaware that Rachel herself could not intervene even if she wanted to. They learned from Rachel, however, that the Beast was likely to appear wherever Celica would be.[27]

Take-Mikazuchi's aftermath

Celica insisted that she act as a decoy, and Nine, although angry, eventually gave into the idea so long as Nirvana and Hakumen were guarding her. The heroes arrived in Eastern Europe with Ars Magus battalions gathered from across the world. Nine surveyed her surroundings - a barren desert with no vegetation nor water for miles - and was given reassurance from Trinity that Celica would be okay. Given command over the Ars Magus unit that were made from the best aptitude candidates in the world, Nine turned to the battlefield. When the Black Beast finally appeared, she lost her breath.

Hakumen was knocked away by the Beast and both Nine and her battalion covered him with lightning strikes. She saw an unusual circle appear near Celica and teleported back to headquarters, finding Trinity and amplified her vision, finding both Seven and Eight beside the girl and summoning the Take-Mikazuchi. She watched as Take-Mikazuchi forced the Beast to retreat from the raw power it demonstrated, but that was none of her concern, all Nine cared about was Celica. Running to the top of the hill where Celica lay unconscious, Nine found her in Nirvana's arms. She carried her sister as the other Six Heroes came to her side. Still in shock, Nine explained that it was a Nox Nyctores, something that she had created.[28]

With Celica unconscious in her arms, Nine began to teleport herself and Celica multiple times, each instance getting closer to Ishana until they were finally back within its safety. She spent the next five days watching over Celica in hospital, spending every waking moment by her sister's side. She fell asleep at her sisters bedside and was awoken when Celica herself had not only gained consciousness, but was talking with Trinity. Celica had many questions for them both, but Nine refused to answer many of them and asked her to not worry, and instead focus on gathering her strength.

Both Nine and Trinity left the hospital room and headed towards the Ishana Cathedral. There, Nine prayed briefly to an idol of The Creator before turning her attention to Hakumen, Jubei, Valkenhayn, and Terumi. She explained that she had revived Take-Mikizuchi using technology that she found detailed in the Great Library. Nine also explained that this had been used in a fight long ago by humanity in order to combat a being with which she wasn't familiar. She turned her gaze to Valkenhayn as she inferred the interference of Clavis Alucard in such a war. The event that Nine was detailing was the Prime Field War, although she had yet to learn of the full details.


Nine continued to relay the story about this war and the weapons that came from it, the time known as the Age of Origin. She was about to tell them about the Sealed Weapon Izayoi which she had discovered in the Cathedral, but Hakumen interrupted her, revealing its name before she could. Shook by his knowledge, Nine began to question him but before she could, the door was opened by the OLN, Seven, and Eight. The two Sages berated Nine for bringing outsiders into their hallowed grounds and revealed that she had been summoned by the Committee of Hearing. Nine frowned, not knowing what the organization was, but obliged to be taken to them as she was put in a binding array by a Mage Guild personnel. As she left under a supposed arrest by the OLN, Nine asked her comrades not to worry, as it was a chance for her to investigate what the organization is. [29]

As Nine entered the chambers used for her trial, she noticed that the people present were the representatives of the countries who had fled to Ishana during the war. Seven and Eight stood guard while Nine's sentence was read aloud: she was to be stripped of all authority concerning the Black Beast, Take-Mikazuchi, and Ars Magus. All authority that the Mage's Guild and UN possessed was to be passed to the OLN because of her reckless decisions during the last conflict with the Black Beast. Nine was outraged at their decision to continue weaponizing Take-Mikazuchi, and became more infuriated as the Committee announced that she and the other heroes were to be detained, as well as Celica. Seven and Eight calmly taunted her behind the safety of Nine's shackles.

Battle of the Ten Sages.

Furious, Nine broke free of her magical shackles with her sheer magical strength. She created multiple explosions, turning the corner of the meeting hall in rubble. Nine continued her fury by blasting a nearby wall into dust and walking through into the outside air. In front of her were her two opponents: Seven and Eight. Instantly, Nine created countless thick spears and launched them all Seven, who swallowed them using a water-based spell. This water turned into a colossal dragon which leapt down into Nine's body; unfazed, she created multiple fire balls, unleashing them into its body and smashing it apart. Eight continued the assault, creating multiple tree roots to attack Nine.

Nine scorched the roots with lightning but they continued their advance and grabbed her with enough force to kill someone. However, Nine had teleported besides Eight just as the roots touched her. Eight's eyes widened in shock as Nine's leg whipped round in a circular motion, kicking her fellow Sage in the stomach and sending her careering across the pavilion. The fight was not over, as Seven bound Nine using water twisted into a rope-like form. He conjured multiple globs of water to hit her, but Nine dispelled the shackles, repelled the water, and launched an invisible blast that sent Seven back into the assembly hall.

The Sages continued to taunt Nine, calling her monster for her sheer aptitude with sorcery. Before the fight could continue, a group arrived: Trinity, Valkenhayn, Hakumen, Jubei, Terumi, Nirvana, and Celica. OLN soldiers and other members of the Ten Sages were coming into view from afar, advancing towards the group thanks to the large noise created by the earlier battle. The group retreated, having no choice lest they wanted a fight to the death with the Mage's Guild. As they made their way through the busy streets of Ishana to escape from their pursuers, two shadowy figures appeared in front of them. Nine was on edge, but Jubei made her aware that they were on her side. Together, the group was taken to a secluded on Ishana's edge where mana was in abundance. Nine took a large swathe of its energy, refuelling herself and began to teleport the group away to a location away from Ishana.[30]

The new location was unfamiliar to Nine; it was a place determined by the mental images of others in the teleportation circle. She demanded that Hakumen put Celica down, earning crude remarks from Terumi that prompted Nine to kick him to the ground. The two shadowy figures then introduced themselves: Suzukaka and Totokaka of the Kaka. Nine fell in love with their feline features, but as soon as Jubei introduced them as his “daughters” her temper exploded and she unleashed an explosion nearby.

Nine immediately calmed down and began apologizing endlessly to her partner as he began to explain that they were made from his genes. Nine was cautious, avoiding calling them clones in case it would offend them. Yet it was Suzukaka who brought up the word, telling them all that the Kaka were happy with the life that they have. Nine also learned about Jubei's younger brother, Munefuyu, who had visited the village earlier; she began to tease Jubei, telling him that he had good daughters in Suzu and Toto. Eventually, the two Kaka guided the group to their village.

To relax after the stress of the day, Nine went with Trinity, Toto, Suzu, and Celica to the Kaka hot springs. For the first time in a long time, Nine was able to relax and soak in the atmosphere with little interruption. Once she finished, she erected a barrier around the village, but had to borrow power from Valkenhayn and Terumi in order to do so. Now drained of her power for the time being, Nine came to continue her explanation of the Nox Nyctores and Take-Mikazuchi to the heroes. Nine explained Logic and why Celica was needed to control Take-Mikazuchi before resigning herself to bed for the rest of the night.[31] Trinity followed, asking if Nine was hiding anything from them. But Nine told her otherwise and went to sleep shortly afterwards.

The following morning, Nine and the other heroes followed Hakumen and Celica as they investigated a nearby old train station. Suzukaka and Totokaka followed, and together the group went down the train tracks. They found an old tunnel, but Terumi felt sick – Nine ordered him to stay outside and the group went ahead, discovering a cavern filled with glowing blue crystals. Celica began to glow with them and Hakumen came to conclude that they were filled with the Power of Order, and were capable of neutralizing seithr.

Celica and the crystals.

A Kaka came into the tunnel and asked the group to return to the village for urgent news. The heroes learned that the OLN and Ten Sages were gathering tens of thousands of villagers in a village in Asia. Nine deduced that they were going to use them to summon Take-Mikazuchi. Celica insisted on going as she begged to see Ragna. Nine was hesitant, but her sister's pleas caused her to relent. [32] Nine teleported the group to the outskirts of the Asian village, including Celica, Suzu, and a group of Kaka. Rachel was waiting for them, noting that they were late. Nine listened as Hakumen dished out orders, but objected as she requested that Terumi be sent to stop Seven and Eight from completing their summoning of Take-Mikazuchi. Nine saw the barrier around the village and deduced that Seven set it up; she knew that Trinity would have little problem dismantling it. She then ordered that Celica follow Hakumen and stay close to Nirvana, never leaving her side. Terumi failed his task and Take-Mikazuchi was summoned as it fought against the Black Beast, which had just appeared.

Nine and Jubei ran towards Seven and Eight, demanding them to stop trying to make the Nox retreat. Nine took Eight, launching various lightning spells at her, but they were unsuccessful. The Beast bit down hard on Take-Mikazuchi and the both of them were dragged into the magic circle used to summon the Nox, causing a massive explosion of seithr that swallowed the village. When Nine awoke from the impact of the explosion, she was on a hill in Ishana with the other heroes, Celica, Suzu, and Eight. They looked over the hill and saw a nightmarish sight: the Black Beast chewing on Take-Mikazuchi's shoulder. It stopped and stared back at them before smiling and disappearing. [33]

Take-Mikazuchi's crash into Ishana had destroyed most of its center. The heroes and Celica were granted a brief respite by the Guild and OLN. Nine was summoned, alongside Seven and Eight, to explain what had happened in the Asian village to a committee of executives. Nine calmly explained what had happened, a stark contrast to the heated behaviour exhibited by Eight as she tried to spark hostility within the conference room. She told them that had Seven and Eight continued with their teleportation then they would have not only have lost control of Take-Mikazuchi, but the entire Black Beast would have been transported to Ishana, leading to the complete annihilation of humanity's last bastion. Two, the head of the Ten Sages, asked what was going to happen next. Nine replied that the Beast was now making its way towards Ishana.

As the meeting ended, Nine left. Outside she found Jubei, Celica, and Valkenhayn. She explained the situation to them and that she was under the impression that the Mage's Guild and Duodecim were likely to merge with the OLN. As she said that she was interrupted by Seven, who was followed by Eight, Three, and Four. He told her that the Duodecim would never sell Ishana, something which Nine fought back against. Their squabbling was silenced by Three, who reminded them that people of their status could not argue on the streets. Nine attempted to justify her words, but Three's sharp words forced Nine to swallow her own, a sight seldom seen. Three looked more closely at Celica, but fearing for her sister's seithr ability to be discovered, Nine forcibly told the elder to not involve Celica. Eight took offence to this and the two Sages had a shouting match, neither one adhering to Three's earlier statement.

After the argument, Nine asked Trinity to meet outside her home; upon returning she saw both Celica and Nirvana and asked them to follow her and Trinity to the Ishana center, where Take-Mikazuchi lay. She explained to them that she was going to half its core and then divide that half into new cores for new weapons. The Black Beast was intelligent and knew to prioritise Take-Mikazuchi in a fight. As well as this, it was too unstable to wield and required the use of innocent souls to properly control. With this said, Nine asked Celica to use Nirvana to handle the core and for Trinity to seal it. The women worked in tandem, excavating half of Take-Mikazuchi's core before heading to a special room in Ishana to store it. Once the core was placed, both Celica and Nirvana left. Trinity asked Nine what composed Take-Mikazuchi. Nine could not answer, not being able to bring herself to reveal the secrets of its creation. Instead she promised her best friend that she would tell her once the war was over, and the two shared an embrace before leaving the ominous, glowing core sealed within the room.[34]

Two days after Take-Mikazuchi's crash, Nine gathered the other five heroes to discuss a war plan. She revealed to them that was going to create weapons, the Nox Nyctores, but would need time to do so – time that humanity would not have. Together they devised a plan that showed the Beast's current trajectory, noting that it would stop at a cauldron to gather energy before continuing towards the one at the nearest continent's edge. It would be five months until the Beast arrived at Ishana, and they agreed to form a plan to stall it at every opportunity so Nine could complete the Nox Nyctores. [35]

Two months had passed and boats arrived back to Ishana carrying the army that had stalled the Beast. The plan was a success, but over half the army was lost. Nine waited on the pier with Celica and Trinity – the second she saw Jubei she ran down the pier, losing her hat. She hugged him and cried into his shoulder, so unsure if he would have returned from the fight. Hakumen, covered in blood and dirt, came down beside him and sternly asked Nine if the Nox Nyctores were ready. She wiped back her tears and confirmed that they were.

Nine spoke to Valkenhayn in private, asking if he would like to receive a Nox Nyctores. He told her no, with the reason being that as a being outside of Logic, he didn't need a weapon to hurt the Beast. Nine then summoned the other heroes and Celica to give them their weapons. To Trinity, she gave the Arma Reboare: Muchourin, to Jubei the Mucro Somnio: Musashi, to Hakumen the Interfectum Malus: Ookami, to Terumi the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, and to Celica she returned the Deus Machina: Nirvana. Nine had also created three more Nox Nyctores which had yet to be handed out: the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, which was best suited for Seven; the Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk, which was best suited for Three; and the Phoenix: Rettenjo, which she designed as an anti-Nox weapon. She told each of the wielders in front of her that these weapons were to be sealed after the Dark War due to their phenomenal power and that they would damage their wielder's mentality during usage. Celica was upset at the thought of losing Nirvana, having come to think of her like family. Nine apologized, having never anticipated that they would grow so close, but she remained steadfast in the decision to seal her away as turning Nirvana into a powerful weapon was always the original plan. Nine made one last statement to the group, specifically aimed at Celica: should they fail, Celica would use Nirvana to summon Take-Mikazuchi for one final shot aimed at the Black Beast. This was the last resort – a plan they hoped they would never have to use.


Ishana rallied together with the remainder of humanity to strike the Black Beast for one final time. Hakumen summoned the other heroes and Celica to Trinity's workshop. There he revealed that they were not going to be able to kill the Beast. Their mission was simply impossible unless they tried something else. To this end, Hakumen proposed that Celica go inside the Beast and meet with Ragna. Together, they could fight against the heart of the Beast, Nu-13, causing the Beast to lose some of its intelligence and succumb to its base desires of wanton massacre. It would be baited to follow after a large army, bringing it closer to the Kaka Village and the cave near it which was filled with crystals of Order. These crystals neutralize seithr, so the Beast will only get so close. Once it was close enough, the Ten Sages and strongest members of the Mage's Guild would work together to teleport the Beast above it. The Black Beast would be drastically weakened and could then be killed. In order to do so, however, both the body and the heart would have to be killed at the same time as they shared a life-link. Jubei offered up a solution to get Celica inside the Beast: using the Hihiirokane to cut through it, and then using Nirvana to retrieve her. Nine loathed the idea of using Celica again, but both Celica and Hakumen managed to convince her it was the only way to win the war. Regardless, Nine struggled at the thought of putting her own sister in danger once more.

That evening, while Celica was asleep, Nine invited Trinity to her workshop. There, she handed her the Phoenix: Rettenjo. It was designed to destroy the other Nox's if they were unable to be sealed. Nine confessed that she was unlikely to survive the Dark War, and that her house would be seized after her death. Rettenjo could not be kept here and so it had to go to Trinity. Nine entrusted Trinity with Rettenjo as she was there when Shuichiro died, and the Rettenjo was essentially a miniature Kushinada's Lynchpin. Nine apologized to her best friend, feeling guilty that she was constantly putting her in difficult positions. Trinity accepted the Nox.[36]

Ten days before the Beast was predicted to appear before Ishana, Nine lead a meeting where every organization was present. She explained Hakumen's plan to them, but lied about the involvement of Hihiirokane, Celica, and the Beast's heart as they were unlikely to believe it. If they did not believe those crucial parts, then they would not throw their support behind the plan. Nine eyed Seven and Three as she detailed the parts surrounding teleporting the Beast near the Kaka Village. When the meeting ended, Nine went home and found Celica, who was going to leave for the mainland in preparation for the final battle against the Black Beast. They bickered like old times, and for a moment, it was like the war did not exist. Reality came crashing back to them as Nine said goodbye to her little sister for one of the last times.


On December 31st, 2109, the Black Beast finally appeared and set its sight on Ishana. Nine and the other Ten Sages worked hard, creating a massive teleportation circle for the Black Beast to be lured to. The plan to put Celica inside the Beast was a success as it began to act wildly, succumbing to its base desires of destruction. It saw Nine and lunged at her – she was unable to move, her body committed to the teleportation circle. Valkenhayn grabbed the maw of the Beast as went to kill her. Nine called out to him, but Valkenhayn made her aware that the Beast was in the perfect position to be teleported. Jubei and Hakumen then decapitated the head that went for Nine's life. The Beast was then successfully teleported above the cave filled with crystals of Order. It was writhing in clear pain and was unable to regenerate any of the wounds inflicted upon it. Nine threw balls of electricity at it from afar until Hakumen ordered that they decapitate each of its many heads. Nine gathered all her power and aimed as many lightning strikes as she could at one its heads. When the seithr cleared from her many strikes, the head wasn't decapitated, it was burnt to ash. Eventually, as the other heroes decapitated the other heads, the Beast stopped moving.

Rachel appeared nearby with Celica and Nirvana in tow. The heart had been killed and the shape of the Black Beast deflated down into the shape of a man. The shape was similar to Ragna's. Hakumen walked forward and decapitated it. With that, the Black Beast was killed and the Dark War had finally ended.[37] Nine, Hakumen, Jubei, Valkenhayn, Trinity, and Terumi were then known as the Six Heroes for their incredible bravery and efforts during the war. Nine and Valkenhayn hated the title. Nine continued to work on restoring Ishana and had yet to seal the Noxs a month later due to how busy she and the rest of the island were in restoring it.[38] Months turned into a year, and Nine gave birth to her and Jubei's daughter: Kokonoe. She soon sealed up the Nox Nyctores, although Yukianesa, Bolverk, and Ouroboros went missing. Take-Mikazuchi, which was unable to be comfortably destroyed, was sent into space. At some point she also began work on the Burning Red Grimoire, a Grimoire which could allow an ordinary person to use Sorcery, but it was never completed. Nine and Jubei helped Celica build a church over the remains of the final battle with the Black Beast. There, they revealed that they wanted to get married at the church, and the three of them sat down with tea to discuss the wedding together, happily drinking tea gifted by Trinity.[39]

Over time, Nine learned about the truth of the world. That it was all a dream created by the SankishinAmaterasu Unit that was continually looping. She resolved to end this dream by creating a new god, the Nox Nyctores – Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem. One day, a year after the war ended, she was beckoned by Terumi to the cauldron below the Ishana Cathedral. She knew that he had broken free of Mind Eater but did not know how. When she arrived, she greeted him as Terumi, but he corrected her. He was Kazuma Kval. Kazuma explained that only Terumi had been bound by Mind Eater, and that the mind that was Kazuma was never bound. Nine still did not understand, and asked what hand he had with Relius Clover and Shuichiro with the Amaterasu Unit. After speaking these words, Trinity revealed she had been hiding around a pillar. She did not understand what Nine was saying and revealed that she had undone the Mind Eater spell on Kazuma and Terumi. Nine forgave her, knowing that Trinity would only do such a thing because she is a kind person.

As Nine turned to face Kazuma, Ouroboros dug into her shoulder and knocked her to the ground. Both Nine and Trinity were then bound by the Nox. Nine cast a spell to remove the feeling of pain and shot Kazuma with bullets of light. The man was unphased, even with gaping wounds in his torso. Kazuma explained the situation again before switching to Terumi. Terumi activated the Blue Grimoire, opening up the cauldron in the cathedral. He kicked Nine as hard as he possibly could, digging his heel into her skull until she was finally knocked unconscious. Trinity was thrown into the Boundary but managed to seal her soul into Muchourin before being killed. Nine, however, was not so lucky. She was thrown mercilessly into the Boundary after having been betrayed by her best friend and killed by Yuuki Terumi.[40]

Variable Heart

Alongside Hazama, Nine watched as Meifang Lapislazuli fought against Mai Natsume and Jin Kisaragi near the cauldron in the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu. She saw the event through, watching as Meifang, even with her army of Fuzzy, lost against the duo. With the Colonel's failed attempt to turn herself into a Nox Nyctores, Nine left with the unsatisfied Hazama.[41]

Chrono Phantasma

Chrono Phantasma

Phantom was given the objective of dealing with Take-Mikazuchi by Izanami. She joined the Imperator as they went to the burned remains of Celica's church. Both Ragna and Rachel were there, and she pinned the vampire to the ground using Gravity Seed. When Ragna lunged at Izanami, Phantom bound him, restricting his movement. Both Phantom and the Imperator teleported away on Izanami's command. [42]

Hazama later commanded Phantom to teleport Ragna and Hakumen to different locations, and she sent Ragna to battle against Nu-13. This event was undone by Izanami's Phenomenon Intervention, but Ragna's injuries from the battle persisted.[43] She later teleported Terumi away from the Colosseum, seeing Kokonoe and Celica – she stopped for a second, looking at them both before teleporting herself and Terumi back to Ishana.[44] Under Izanami's orders, Phantom destroyed Takamagahara.[45] Later on, Phantom and Izanami took themselves to the NOL branch in Yabiko, pinning down Kagura Mutsuki, Jin Kisaragi, Hibiki Kohaku, and Homura Amanohokosaka. Phantom watched as Izanami abdicated her position as the Imperator.

Phantom teleported Izanami away and witnessed Take-Mikazuchi being pulled from orbit back onto the planet. Jubei attempted to attack the former Imperator but Phantom's restraints were released by Izanami and she was allowed free reign to attack her husband. The husband and wife battled, but the victor is unknown.[46] As Phantom, she returned to Izanami's side afterward and teleported Hakumen to an unknown location. [47]

Sector Seven

Izanami and Phantom teleported again some time afterwards, instead finding themselves at the church again with Celica standing before them. Phantom gazed at her little sister before being commanded to teleport them out of the area once more.[48]

Six Heroes

Phantom appeared to save Terumi from Hakumen and Jubei. Before she left, she stared at Celica, but left when Hakumen went to attack her. She later trapped Hakumen and Platinum in Barrier: Infinite Corridor and created a shadow of Hazama with her pure hatred for him and Terumi. When Hakumen and Trinity broke the spell, they found Phantom staring straight at them, her shadowy figure alone in front of an NOL building. The two of them revealed her true form as Nine, but she was burning with the aura of murderous intent.[49]

Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

The true form of "Phantom" who dissolved the spell binding her to Izanami's will. She was once known as Nine, one of the Six Heroes.[50]

Act 2: Nightmare Memory

Stage 3: Kokonoe

Rail Station
The 6th hierarchical city -YABIKO- Block.06

Kokonoe: You're...!? Nine the Phantom...?

Nine: Aww, you're making Mommy sad. You used to call me "Mother" don't you remember? Then again... That was almost a hundred years ago. And right now, I think I'm more like a daughter than you are. You know... I hated my parents, too. They were arrogant and selfish. Hehe, just like me, I suppose. ...Really. It's the parts you wish they don't take after, that they end up being. Your distasteful patterns of thought... Same thing. You won't choose your means if it's for your goal. Oh, I understand the logic, but... I can't forgive you for getting HER involved.

Kokonoe: Her...? Is this something another me did?

Nine: Your memories might be hazy, but it doesn't change what you've done. If presented with the same options now, I doubt you would do any different. You are, after all... my daughter. Right, Kokonoe?

Kokonoe: ...!?

Nine: And bad girls need a little punishment... from time to time...

<Nine Victory>

Kokonoe: K'uh... One of the Six Heroes, Nine...

Nine: Stop wasting your time plotting. You're only going to regret it. No matter what you do, the world is going to collapse. Taking all of your little shcemes with it.

Kokonoe: The world... collapse? Don't tell me you're the cause of the all the bizarre occurences in this world!? What do you want from us, Mother!?

Nine: Aww, Kokonoe dearest. Don't make Mother angry. Don't ask too many questions or I might just... KILL you.

Stage 6: Celica A. Mercury

Varubtuke Source

Nine: I've looked all over for you, Celica. I let my eyes off of you for a second, and you're off to who knows where!?

Celica: T-Tell me...! Why are you with those scary people? Are you trying to destroy the world with them?

Nine: Ahh, don't look so sad. You're the last person I want to hurt... ...Soon, the world will transform. I hoped you wouldn't have to witness that... That's why you should come with em...

Celica: Tell me. Are you the one doing scary things? If you are, I want you to stop.

Nine: You don't need to know that... You just need to stay by my side.

Celica: ...That's what you always say, Sister. But, this is the first time it's made me so... sad.

Nine: ...Don't disobey me. If you do, I won't be choosy about how...

<Nine Victory>

'Celica: Sister, please stop this...

Nine: There's no need for you to worry... I'll make sure you're safe. You don't need to be in pain any longer. ...I'll make sure that tragedy will never repeat itself.

Stage 7: Ragna the Bloodedge

The 8th hierarchical city -WADATSUMI- Block.09

Ragna: Hey, you're the one from back...!

Nine: You're still wandering around here? So... you think you can kill Izanami?

Ragna: ...Hah, haven't even found her. So what's your deal? What are you plotting. I know you're the one who teleported all of us here, right?

Nine: Please... Don't stare at me with those combative eyes... You're making my heart ache. ...I want to kill you so badly. Who knows if I'll be able to suppress this feeling any longer.

Ragna: ...!?

<Nine Victory>

Nine: If only you never existed... If you weren't here, the world wouldn't be the way it is! If only you...!

Ragna: G'uh...

Nine: Sure, if killing you would change anything, I'd do it in a heartbeat! How rotten is this world!? I mean really!?

Ragna: What... the hell...!? I don't understand a word you're saying!

Nine: ...It's coming. Why don't you STAY down and watch the world end as you crawl around on the surface...

Stage 8: Hakumen

Sight of Gods
Central Core

Nine: ...I had a feeling you'd show.

Hakumen: Nine.

Nine: All our fates are intertwined on the Day of Reckoning. I wouldn't want some specter from ages past getting in my way.

Hakumen: The pot calling the kettle black... Hah. Why do you assist Izanami. And why do you so desire the Day of Reckoning!?

Nine: I thought that would be obvius... Because it pissed me off! A world that lives and dies by the will of some girl!? This twisted world is better off gone. Wouldn't you agree...? Are you not here to right the wrongs of the world? ...But doing things your way, the world won't change. It's too far gone to fix it, so it needs to be destroyed and recreated!

Hakumen: ...I believe you've spent too much time in the Boundary. Your wits have left you. Before you end this world, I shall end you...Phantom.

Nine: My thoughts exactly, little hero.

<Nine Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 01.png

Nine: You haven't changed after all these years... Kill everyone you meet. Do you really think that'll bring about change!? Fool! You and I... ... have lost so many people we hold dear. Because of that weak mind of yours...

Hakumen: And that is the reason you assist Terumi? You disappoint me, Nine.

Nine: Ha-! You twist my actions... Well, then let me open your eyes! I'll show you exactly... POINTLESS your actions are!

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 02.png

Hakumen: That's...

Nine: ...One of the chosen that defeated Izanami and obtained the Azure. The Azure takes ones of the chosen's wishes... ...and materializes it in this world. ...But...

Nine: ...the world that's created is both heartless and cruel. Like the one we live in now. No one's wishes will be granted.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Tsubaki Yayoi Arcade 03.png BlazBlue Central Fiction Carl Clover Arcade 03.png

Nine: The world will once more return to the Azure and rebuild itself, endlessly.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Kagura Mutsuki Arcade 02.png BlazBlue Central Fiction Bullet Arcade 02.png

Nine: It doesn't matter who the chosen one is... The cycle is endless.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Valkenhayn R Hellsing Arcade 02.png BlazBlue Central Fiction Celica A Mercury Arcade 02.png

Nine: Why? Because there is a single person who stands above the rest. She can unconsciously change the state of this world. To the same thing it always is. Until she's removed from the picture. The world won't change... You understand now? She's the world, itself. She needs to die for others' worlds to be realized... Noel Vermillion...!

Nine Act 2 END

Act 3: The Replacement Blue

Stage 3: Noel Vermillion

Hanging Gardens -After-
The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-2

Noel: Y-You're...!

Nine: Hehehe... You've been running all this time? From people who want to kill you? How does it feel? Familiar faces wishing for your destruction. Fighting against each other to have their dream made real. You must've grown tired of such a shameful world... It's toxic, really.

Noel: Do you want me to deny everything in this world? You know that my doing so will destroy everything... But right now, I don't have such strength... I don't understand what you're thinking... Why are you here?

Nine: What a talkative little doll... I don't like how calm you are right now. You need to understand how powerless you are in the grand scheme... Some things can't be conquered with strong intentions alone! I'll make sure you never forget!

<Nine Victory>

Noel: Uh... ah...

Nine: I'm not going to finish you. You should open those eyes wide and take it all in... Your predicament. Your absurdity.

Noel: Absurdity...?

Nine: We'll meet again... as soon as you realize how heartless this world actually is. Foolish little doll. Oh, and one more thing... You know, I'm incapable of killing you. So live... live and suffer. I won't forgive you if you just die on me.

Stage 6: Carl Clover

Grave Marker of Bases
The 5th hierarchical city -IBUKIDO- Block.00

Nine: Carl Clover... I'm afraid I need you to give me back Nirvana.

Carl: ...I refuse. Although, I'm fairy certain you already knew the answer to that before you asked.

Nine: I thought you were smarter than that... Looks like I need to put you back in place, child.

Carl: I fail to see your logic... You could have easily created a new one from scratch. Why are you so attached to the ones in existence?

Nine: Nirvana's very well put togheter. I've used special alloys for her nails, and it's not something I can easily reproduce. Besides... What I really want isn't the body. It's what's inside... her core.

Carl: Core...? The core of a Nox Nyctores? What use do you have for a spiritual vessel?

Nine: Aww, your answer's no fun. You're becoming just like "him." I think that's enough chit-chat... Very soon you're going to WANT to give her to me.

<Nine Victory>

Nine: Still putting up a fight? I might actually kill you...

Carl: I'd never let you have her... My sister is inside her! C'mon, Sis... Let's get out of here!

Nine: ...Hehe... Hahahaha... "Sister?" You call that child your sister... Oh, you make me laugh. She's only a weapon, her entire existence... Don't treat her like she's anything more.

Stage 7: Jin Kisaragi

Lakeside Port
The 7th hierarchical city -KAZAMOTSU- Block.08

Jin: I thought I sensed a dark presence... Nine the Phantom.

Nine: Why, hello there Hero. Perfect timing... I was going to have you give me back the Yukianesa.

Trinity: Nine... What do you intend to do with all the Nox Nyctores? Without one to wield them, what you are doing serves no purpose.

Nine: Oh? I thought you would know, Trinity... What happens when you collect all the Nox Nyctores. You've seen it before, too.

Trinity: Don't tell me... You intend to bring that back...!? No, Jin... You must stop Nine no matter what! She cannot have all the Nox Nyctores...!

Jin: That was my intent. I don't care who stands in my way... I will remove them.

<Nine Victory>

Jin: Tch... I can't spend any more strength here...

Nine: You were prepared to withdraw...? I'm not letting you get away so easily, boy. Buuut, on second thought... This presence... Hehehe, yes. I should probably at least say "hi" while he's here.

Stage 8: Relius Clover

The 8th hierarchical city -WADATSUMI- MissingBlock

Nine: I've made all the preparations on my end. How are you doing?

Relius: No problems. Now, we wait for the Successor to meet her fate.

Nine:Which reminds me... I ran into your son. He was like a carbon copy of you... It made me want to beat the crap out of him.

Relius: Oh? He's grown so old that even the Great Sage Nine would present a compliment... I look forward to his future.

Nine:...Say, Relius Clover. We're not far from the Day of Reckoning, and the end of this world... ...When that happens, you and I will become enemies. After the same thing... right? There will be a time when either your god or mine will create the new world...

Relius: ...Continue.

Nine:Simple. We'll both be busy after the world ends, so... I thought this might be the last opportunity I get to beat the shit out of you. How about we settle who's more suited to create the new world?

<Nine Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Story Mode 76.png

Nine: This world is going to be denied, and once the Master Unit is destroyed... The world and its system will disappear.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 03.png

Nine: A new god will appear in the blank space... ...And she will create a new world.

Relius: God is only the system that will manage the world. Creating the system means... ...Creating the god... The only problem is... What kind of god to build?

Nine: I've had enough of our disobedient Master Unit... ...And arrogant Takamagahara... I am going to create an entity with no emotion. A system that won't alter the course of the world from feelings or thoughts. Humans have more than enough emotion in the world.

Relius: Your hatred of our "god" led you to create an unbiased idol...

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Hakumen Arcade 02.png

Nine: I wasn't born to become a god's plaything... ...Or for the sake of this world, either. No one can tug on my strings to make me dance. It doesn't matter if you are the gods... No one should have that much power! I'm not here for Father or Mother, or my sister... We're not acting out someone's comedy! I'll smash it all...

BlazBlue Central Fiction Nine the Phantom Arcade 04.png

Nine: This pathetic world that doll created. This is how I intend to slay the gods!

Relius: I see... That's why you're after the core... Nox Nyctores' cores were created by shattering a single core into the fragments it is now... Uniting them will unleash its full power. Even I have not yet seen it in its complete form. I look forward to witnessing this power... ...Said to equal even that of the Black Beast.

Nine: I wasn't doing this for your entertainment, but... Regardless, I'll put on a show you'll never forget. After I complete the core, I'll use the seithr inside the Embryo... ...To destroy the Master Unit. The chaos I create... ...Will put an end to this mad world...!

Nine Act 3 END

Story Mode

Standing over the defeated Ragna

Nine entered the embryo, keeping her memories and free of Izanami's contract. She absolved to finally bring about her new world and to stop Izanami at all costs. In there, she found Carl Clover and began mocking him over his father. She told him that Relius was partially responsible for the beginning of the Dark War [51] She began using the Phantom Field as a base of operations, specifically Purgatorium. At some point, she created multiple illusions to taunt Hakumen over the Dark War [52] Eventually, she summoned Ragna, and the two battled. She won, and told him to defeat Izanami as she had to the chosen, and used phenomenon intervention to send him back to Embryo. [53]

Using phenomenon intervention, she teleported all the chosen to the Embryo's version of Ikaruga and emitted a voice telling them to defeat Izanami and claim their piece of the Azure. [54] She found Relius, and they talked about the Nox's and how to remove the Tsukuyomi Unit from guarding Amaterasu. Nine claimed that by retrieving the other Nox's, she can remove their cores and make Take-Mikazuchi even more powerful than before. [55] She later found Nu-13 attempting to retrieve the Rettenjo from Bang Shishigami and interrupted their fight, making it a three-way battle. Unfortunately for her, Bang managed to flee with his Nox and its core. [56] She used the Requiem to constantly move Ragna through possibilities.

Later, Nine found a group consisting of Jubei, Iron Tager, Kokonoe, Jin, Ragna, Celica, Rachel, and Trinity entering her workshop. She fought Jubei, who was standing guard, defeated him, and threw him into the group. She explained that she was going to end the world, with Requiem becoming its replacement God. She told the group of the Dark War, and during its aftermath, how it should have been impossible to create Ars Magus in such a short space of time. She then told them of the Prime Field War and how the world as they know it came to exist before finally fighting Ragna – the battle was going her way for a great portion of it, but Nine was distracted by looking at Celica, which bought the Grim Reaper enough time to gravely wound her and steal her dream. Jubei and Celica rushed to her side, and she promised them that she would meet them in the afterlife. [57]

Nine passes away with a smile

Izanami came to her workshop, making Nine use the Radiance of Extinguishment, allowing her to both activate Requiem and bind Izanami. Nu entered, and was stopped by Jubei, who rushed to her side to protect his wife. Nine gave Ragna a warning that they would have one week until the space-time around the workshop would return to normal. She died, dissolving into seithr – her last moments spent being happy that Jubei could protect her one last time. [58]


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