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Boundary Interface Prime Field Device Embryo Storage Test Model 2095

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BlazBlue: Variable Heart

Bell (ベル) is a Boundary Interface Prime Field Device Embryo Storage. She is the 28th test model. The personality of Bell is a limiter to protect the Prime Field at all costs - her body would later be inhabited by Trinity Glassfille and Platinum the Trinity.


Bell is a small young girl with long blonde hair that reaches down to her feet. She has pale skin, bright green eyes and her face is nearly always expressionless. She wears a white, ragged dress that stops at her knees - on the front of it are multiple cross stiches. The cuffs of this dress have large black belts and the left shoulder are the words "Es -No 28-". Bell is usually seen bare-footed and her wrists have individual handcuffs around them. Her collar is similar to a large metal lock, and covers her chin. Dangling from it is a large golden bell from which her name derives. Bell is at least half the height of Mai Natsume, making her around 81cm.


Despite her youth and inexperience with the world, Bell is knowledgeable in complicated subjects, such as the Boundary, Phenomenon Intervention, and cauldrons. She is a limiter personality for the Prime Field Device body, being needed to ensure that the device does not fall into the wrong hands and that she could stay keep it safe.

Over time, Bell developed a strong relationship with Mai, the first person she had truly met. Her inexperience in the world can make her a little naive, but she enjoys spending time interacting with others. Despite this, Bell is a headstrong realist, making sure that nothing can get in the way of her goals, and keeping others grounded in reality.

Powers and Abilities

Physically, Bell cannot fight. She is fragile and cannot do anything to bring anyone physical harm. However, she harbors the LunaSena system within her, which allows for a mutual observation system that can be used to control a Nox Nyctores weapon should she be smelted into one. As a Prime Field device, she has a naturally high resistance against seithr and can survive being inside the Boundary.