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Chrono Phantasma

Arcade Mode

Severing the spell that bound her to the Imperator's will and awakening the "Zero Type Izayoi," Tsubaki uses the power of the Murakumo Unit Prototype to follow her own justice and convict all sins. Although she escaped the darkness of the past during which she could only avert her eyes, her sword trembles. In the future lies a "true light" to be obtained.[1]
Stage 7: Hakumen

Hakumen: ...I've been expecting you.

Izayoi: L-Lord Hakumen... what are you doing here?

Hakumen: You've unleashed Izayoi...

Izayoi: Thanks to Jin, I was able to break free of the Imperator's curse. It seems I am able to wield Izayoi's power as well.

Hakumen: I see... Then let me ask you, Tsubaki. Why do you seek such strength?

Izayoi: ...Justice. Unconditional, absolute...justice.

Hakumen: And what does "justice" mean to you?

Izayoi: That is...to punish the evil, and...

Hakumen: "Evil"?

Izayoi: ...

Hakumen: It would seem doubt still clouds your mind, Tsubaki... Continue on this path, and Izayoi will be nothing more than a burden to you. You will fall victim to its power once more.

Izayoi: Lord Hakumen... then what must I do?

Hakumen: ...Draw your sword.

Izayoi: Huh?

Hakumen: I shall be the judge of your determination.

<Izayoi Victory>

Hakumen: Indeed... You are aware of your own justice, yet choose to avert your eyes. Hmph, it is like looking at my self of old.

Izayoi: Lord Hakumen...?

Hakumen: Tsubaki... With these final words, I shall be on my way. Do not be afraid of opening your "eyes."

Izayoi: To...open my eyes...?

Hakumen: My time is up... I shall leave the rest to her. I bid you farewell, Tsubaki. Perhaps next time we cross swords, we can both put our own "justice" to the test.

Stage 8: Mu-12

Mu-12: I've been looking for you, Tsubaki.

Izayoi: ...Noel?

Mu-12: You know, we're all worried about you, Tsubaki, even Makoto is, so... I-- um... I'm not really sure what to say in a situation like this, but... But...I'm sorry? Can you please come back to us?

Izayoi: *Chuckle* You really haven't changed, have you, Noel. Always apologizing.

Mu-12: O-Oh, I'm...sorry...

Izayoi: There you go again.

Mu-12: ...

Izayoi: ...Noel, you know I was really jealous of you. After graduating from the academy, you got to be close to Jin, and...you had everything that I didn't...

Mu-12: But Tsubaki, I really looked up to you back then...a-and even now. You're so nice to everyone, and you could do just about everything.

Izayoi: It's not that I could do everything... I just tried twice as hard. Though it seems that was a mistake...

Mu-12: You couldn't have made any mistakes, Tsubaki. I was always the one....causing others trouble.

Izayoi: When you do that...it reminds me of a rabbit.

Mu-12: T-Tsubaki, stop saying weird things... I was being serious!

Izayoi: Now...I think it's about time we settled this.

Mu-12: ...Tsubaki, if possible I...don't want to fight you.

Izayoi: Noel, please... I want to see what it is that dwells inside of me, with my own eyes...so I beg you.

Mu-12: You're...serious, aren't you?

Izayoi: Don't hold back.

Mu-12: ...Summoning Lux Sanctus. Murakumo Unit, activate!

Izayoi: ...Thank you, Noel... In my right hand, I wield the sword of judgment, and in my left, the scales of truth. I serve as the judge... to condemn those who have sinned!

Mu-12: Are you ready, Tsubaki!?

Izayoi: Let's go, Noel!

The Awakening


BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Izayoi Arcade 01.png

Izayoi: ...Where am...? ...I see, this must be my..."darkness" ...The darkness inside my heart, which I refused to see...

Jin: ...Don't look away, Tsubaki... Don't become... like me.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Izayoi Arcade 02.png

Izayoi: Huh? Lord Hakumen...? Makoto...Noel......Jin. Even in complete darkness... I can see clearly. *Chuckle* I can't believe it was that easy. How did I not understand this before?

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Izayoi Arcade 03(A).png

Izayoi: I don't want to lose them... I don't want to feel separated.

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Izayoi Arcade 03(B).png

Izayoi: Because... I love you all.

Story Mode

Central Fiction

Arcade Mode

Tsubaki, who awakened the power of the "Zero Type Izayoi (Sixteenth Night)." Following her own justice, she convicts all sins. In order to bring the "World's Evil" Ragna the Bloodedge to justice by her own hands, she searches Kagutsuchi.[2]

Act I

Stage 3: Hibiki Kohaku

Izayoi: ...

Hibiki: I've been looking all over for you, First Lieutenant Tsubaki Yayoi.

Izayoi: Hibik... err, Captain Kohaku.

Hibiki: Your mission was to locate Captain Jin Kisaragi... I do not understand what you were doing here.

Izayoi: ...I am fulfilling my true responsibility.

Hibiki: And what might that be?

Izayoi: To destroy the Grim Reaper...

Hibiki: I do not believe even Lord Kagura would give you such a mission. Please enlighten me as to whose orders you are carrying out?

Izayoi: ...

Hibiki: You really leave me no choice. I will stop you before you commit an act of treason.

<Izayoi Victory>

Hibiki: K'uh... How can this be... First Lieutenant Yayoi.

Izayoi: I'm sorry, Hibiki...

Izayoi:...? Why does something feel...? No, it is. Something is definitely different. Could "this" be the correct answer? Then... Where are you, Ragna the Bloodedge...?

Stage 6: Jin Kisaragi

Izayoi: Jin...!?

Jin: Tsubaki...!? Tsubaki, what is that armor...?

Izayoi: Yes, the Zero-type Izayoi keeps me protected. I'm so glad to see you're okay.

Jin: ...Obviously. There is still something I must do.

Izayoi: ...

Izayoi: ...Is that... to kill Ragna the Bloodedge...?

Jin: It is. And then to erase Hades Izanami.

Izayoi: But Jin, you're still not ready to...!

Jin: I'm fine. Noel Vermillion is in this world... which means there's a high chance we're in the right one.

Izayoi: I'm sorry, Jin. But I cannot let you go.

Jin: This is my mission! I will slay anything that stands in my way, even you, Tsubaki.

Izayoi: ...!

<Izayoi Victory>

Jin: K'uh... you've improved, Tsubaki...!

Izayoi: You're in no condition to see that man...

Izayoi: ...I shall inherit your mission.

Jin: Wha...!? W-Wait, Tsubaki!

Izayoi: I will kill Ragna the Bloodedge in your stead, Jin.

Stage 7: Ragna the Bloodedge

Izayoi: There you are... Grim Reaper!

Ragna: Hm? Hey is that... the Sealed Armament? Or is it my imagination. Why does it feel so familiar...?

Izayoi: I am from the Fourth Thaumaturgist Squadron of the NOL -- First Lieutenant Tsubaki Yayoi. In the name of justice, I will condemn you, Ragna the Bloodedge!

Ragna: Wha...!? Wait Ragna? Is that supposed to be my name!?

Izayoi: Yes... You've been affected by the Embryo... but...

Ragna: Whoa--!? What the hell are you trying to pull!?

Izayoi: I cannot have you cause any more pain for Jin. So I'm sorry... but I must remove the source of evil from this world. I will defeat you, Ragna!

<Izayoi Victory>

BlazBlue Central Fiction Izayoi Arcade 01.png

Ragna: Gaaaaaah! Grah... Dammit...!?

Izayoi: This is the end, Grim Reaper. Do not resist.

Ragna: Shit... I'm not gonna die without figuring out what the hell's going on...!

Izayoi: ...

Izayoi: Cease. Give up hope... Your death has been assured from the moment you were evil. As long as you live, the world cannot find peace. That is why...

Izayoi: ...!? Who are you!?

BlazBlue Central Fiction Izayoi Arcade 02(A).png

Nine: Hehe... I'm impressed. You actually sensed my presence...? I've never seen it in person before... Izayoi's true form.

Izayoi: You're... Phantom!?

Nine: I believe this is the first time we've met face-to-face. I am Nine...

Izayoi: Nine of the Six Heroes...

Stage 8: Nine the Phantom

Izayoi: Answer me, Nine... What have you done with Ragna the Bloodedge?

Nine: I can't tell you that. I can't let you defeat him right now, either.

Izayoi: ...! As one of the Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast, surely you're aware of the dangers of letting him roam free.

Nine: I am. But he is still of value for me. I suggest you withdraw from this.

Izayoi: You must be joking.

Nine: Hardly. At the moment, I'm much more interested in you, Tsubaki Yayoi.

Izayoi: Me...?

Nine: Yes. So first, why don't you show me your caliber?

Izayoi: ...!

<Izayoi Victory>

Nine: Ah, the true Izayoi... Haha, fascinating power.

Izayoi: What is it you want? What do you plan to do with the Imperator in the Embryo?

Nine: What I want...? Well, there is someone I would love for you to slay, with your blade, Izayoi.

Izayoi: Don't make me laugh. Do you honestly think I would obey you?

Nine: Defeat this person and killing Ragna the Bloodedge... Making your wishes come true will be easy.

Izayoi: ...What do you mean?

Nine: It's quite simple... if you really want to defeat Ragna the Bloodedge... Then... Before the Day of Reckoning, the Imperator... No-- Izanami must be defeated. By your hands.

Story Mode

Tsubaki only transformed into Izayoi once, to defend the Amaterasu Unit and Jubei from Nu-13 alongside Hakumen. Despite their best efforts, they were nearly defeated until Ragna, Noel, and Jin arrived to help them. [3]

The new wielder of Ookami
In the new world created by Ragna, a woman who used to be called Tsubaki Yayoi threatened to kill Rachel. She stopped when she realized the vampire had fallen into the “Hell” called possibility [4]. Datamining has shown that this woman is called Izayoi.


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