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"Touya, this is your friend."
Ryouko Kagari

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XBlaze Code: Embryo (mentioned)
XBlaze Lost: Memories

Ryouko Kagari was the mother of Touya Kagari and a scientist for the Takamagahara Organization. She betrayed the organization in an attempt to stop their experiments and managed to contain most of the damage wrought during the Wadatsumi Incident, which killed her. Her legacy was tarnished by Souichiro Unomaru.


Ryouko was a youthful-looking woman with a fair complexion, long messy brown hair, and brown eyes. She was seen in a pink turtleneck sweater, black pencil skirt, black tights, and black shoes. She was also seen wearing a white lab coat.


Little is known about Ryouko's personality. She was dedicated to her research, but ultimately her belief in doing the right thing was more important to her. She was good with kids and demonstrated a childish side with Touya and Hinata; on one occasion she asked to play hide-and-seek with them in the laboratory.[1]

Ryouko's closest friend was Sui Amanohokosaka, the shrine maiden of the Amanohokosaka Clan. She was also friends with Avenge, Sui's bodyguard.


Ryouko KagariTouya's father
Original Touya Kagari
Touya Kagari
The Origin of the Grimoire
Adopted by Yuki Himezuru
Lives as Touya Kagari

Official Profiles

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Ryouko Kagari

Touya Kagari's mother and the head researcher and project lead at the Wadatsumi Research Facility. Generally believed to be the one behind the disaster that occurred there, but it was later discovered that Unomaru fabricated information implicating her. In reality, she betrayed the Takamagahara Organization and attempted to sabotage and bring a halt to their experiments. Though she was unable to stop things completely, Ryouko managed to contain the worst of the damage, thereby protecting the surrounding area. However, she disappeared along with numerous others in what is known as the Wadatsumi Incident.[2]



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