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"Don't worry, Tao. If you go on a journey, the time to meet again will surely come."[1]

BlazBlue Torakaka Story Mode Avatar Normal.png





Voice Actors

YAGI Kaori (Japanese)
Kate Higgins (English)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Kaka Clan


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (non-playable)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (non-playable)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (non-playable)
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (non-playable)
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (non-playable)
BlazBlue: Central Fiction (non-playable)

Torakaka (トラカカ) is a Kaka warrior who was the former guardian of the Kaka Village. She is an accomplished warrior and traveller, being unique amongst her species for her incredible intelligence.

She first appeared in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.


Like all Kaka, Tora is of a dark complexion which is usually hidden underneath her unique Kaka hoodie. Unlike Taokaka, Tora's hoodie is primarily black with golden lining, and has a dark blue zipper, but the two remain identical in physical design. Unique to Tora is her unruly orange hair which is loosely tied into two different tails via blue bands, and her tiger-striped tail.

Like all others of her species, Tora's face is hidden underneath the shade of her hood, with only her blood red eyes and bright smile illuminating the darkness that they rest in. Tora is of a noticeably darker complexion than the other Kaka of her species.


As a mentor to Taokaka, Tora is understandably patient, but also surprisingly reserved, only speaking when need be. She is also kind enough to bring around gifts for the Alucard Clan, is obedient to Jubei's orders, all while her grace and manner also makes her one of the select few who have failed to earn Rachel Alucard's scorn and sharp tongue.

Like Totokaka, Tora rarely uses the verbal colloquiums that the majority of her clan commit to. She is not exempt from the rule, however, and will occasionally indulge herself in the pleasure. A further difference to other Kaka is that Tora is remarkably intelligent. She is fairly educated in the world she lives in, and uses said intelligence to guide Tao along the correct path, albeit this struggles to go according to plan.

Powers and Techniques

As a former guardian of the Kaka clan, Tora has considerable strength although it has yet to be seen thus far. Besides this, Tora is agile enough to evade Tager's detection for a short amount of time, which is an accomplishment in itself.


Shuichiro AyatsukiMotherMarceline F. Mercury
Unknown relation
TomonoriJubeiNine the PhantomCelica A. Mercury
KokonoeRagna the Bloodedge
Jin Kisaragi
(Fostered, later adopted by the Kisaragis. Becomes Hakumen in different timeline)
(Fostered, merged with Noel, Izanami, and Mu. Identifies as Noel)
Kaka Clan
Created from Jubei's genes
(Clone of Saya)
Noel Vermillion/Mu-12
(Clone of Saya, adopted by Edgar and Claire Vermillion. Merged with Saya and Izanami)
(Clone of Saya)
SuzukakaTotokakaChachakakaTorakakaTaokakaKaka Kittens
Cali-Kaka, Feisty-Kaka, Fluffy-Kaka, Spotty-Kaka

Official Profiles

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry


A warrior of the Kaka Clan. Rare for her breed, she's extremely smart and resourceful -- in charge of protecting the village before Taokaka.

That is, until Taokaka herself decides to go on a journey, leaving Torakaka in charge, once more, of the village. [2]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

A warrior of the Kaka clan who was the protector of the village before Taokaka. Compared to Taokaka, she seems more present; she is deeply knowledgeable and properly observes etiquette.[1]


  • In the BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Tora placed 45th out of the 84 candidates. She scored one place above Kiri and one place below Saya Terumi. She had 219 votes.
  • In Taokaka's Astral Heat, Tora will deal the final blow only if it used against Jubei. She also assists Tao in the move Aerial Dancing Edge.
  • Some of the tea that Rachel drinks are gifts from Tora as she travels the world.
  • Tora's story mode portrait is nearly identical to Tao's. They have different skin tones, jacket colors, hair, and tails, but the rest is identical.


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