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... Yep. I want to be a hero. I want to get rid of all the bad things and people in the world.

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November 8[1]



Voice Actors


Hair Color

Black with white streaks

Eye Color

Red and green


Scissor Hands


Magister's City of Ishana


His cat plushie




XBlaze Lost: Memories

Kiri (キリ) is an amnesiac young man who aims to find justice by fighting the leader of the "bad guys." Kind yet hapless, Kiri communicates with his doll, Brain Cat, but is unaware of his origins. In reality, he was the reanimated corpse of Ripper, but their personalities and appearances are completely different.

He first appeared in XBlaze Lost: Memories.


XBlaze Kiri Freaks Model Sheet 01.png

A pale young man with messy black hair and a singular white streak in his fringe. Kiri has one green eye and the other red, although it is obscured by his bangs. He wears a black jumpsuit that covers his entire body from head to toe and has multiple pieces of blue tape stretched over it at seemingly random positions. The interior of this jumpsuit is purple and the zip extends to the hood itself.

Kiri wears a black choker with a small green barcode dandling from it. His wrists have large handcuffs around them, and on the back of his hands and on his chest are large cross-shaped scars. He is always seen clutching his Brain Cat doll, has simple brown shoes, and has a blue belt dangling from his jumpsuit.


Because of his amnesia, Kiri was unaware of his past; all he could remember was his name. Kiri is kind, warm, and understanding to complete strangers despite his social naivete. He would be concerned for others, such as Es, for walking around late at night in places such as the Restricted Ward. He helps anyone who needs it, even if they have only just met and there is no reward for him; he just enjoys helping others with any task, doing good for its own sake. Unfortunately, Kiri hated being touched because of the experiments done on his body, and would suffer great mental stress at just thinking about being touched; Because of his amnesiac condition, he also suffered from painful headaches.

Because he listened to to Brain Cat, Kiri was manipulated into believing that he was the only one capable of taking on "bad guys" and becoming a hero who could dole justice. Kiri does truly want to make the world a better place by eliminating bad people and the problems that they created. He has a bond with Es, calling her a "comrade" and finding kinship with her as they were both amnesiac when they first met.

Before becoming friends with others such as Es and Touya Kagari, Kiri would wonder about his old life and if he had anyone special that he cared about.

Powers and Techniques

Kiri's body is stronger than he knows. He has all the abilities possessed by Ripper, such as the Drive Scissor Hands. It allows him to turn his fingers into sharp blades and generate throwing knives; the blades on his hands are strong enough to block an attack from the Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo. As a Strange Red Drive-Union, Kiri's Crystal cannot corrupt his soul or deteriorate to any other Phase.

However, Kiri does not use any of these abilities. While his body is capable of the aforementioned abilities, Kiri himself has not been seen using them.

Official Profiles

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry


A remarkable-looking young man who suffers from amnesia. He is somewhat skittish and high-strung, but is generally a peaceful person with strong opinions about what is right and wrong. Other than his name, he knows absolutely nothing about himself. He hates being touched. Is never seen without his prized cat plushie. [2]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

An amnesiac young man. He is timid and has an agreeable personality, but also has a strong sense of justice. He hates being touched. He feels positively towards Es as a fellow amnesiac.[3]


  • In the BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Character Poll, Kiri placed 46th out of the 84 candidates. He scored one place above the Kaka Kittens and one place below Torakaka. He had 194 votes.
  • The giant scars across Kiri's body were caused by the experiments done on his body by the Magic Guild.
  • Kiri is the only antagonist in XBlaze who is still alive, although he is no longer hostile to the main cast and only was because of Ripper's possession.


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