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Touya Kagari

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"What on Earth are you?" [1]
Touya Kagari

Touya Kagari


July 20


Artificial Human (Grimoire)


16 (biologically)
10 (chronologically)

Voice Actors

KIKUCHI Yukitoshi





Hair Color

Brown (Reddish-brown with XBlaze)

Eye Color

Brown (Red with XBlaze)


Create weapons from his blood


Shin Yokozaki City






Walks, current events, bonsai


Mitsurugi Agency
Hakuo North Academy


XBlaze Code: Embryo
XBlaze Lost: Memories

Touya Kagari (篝橙八) is the protagonist of XBlaze Code: Embryo and a major character in XBlaze Lost: Memories. He is the former wielder of the Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo. One of the few survivors of the Wadatsumi Incident, Touya has no memories of anything before the event. In truth, he is not the real Touya Kagari but the Origin of the Grimoire transformed into a clone of the original, who had died three years prior to the Wadatsumi Incident.


Touya's usual attire.

Touya is a young man with an average build. He sports somewhat messy, but mostly controlled medium brown hair styled with short bangs and one unruly hair sticking up at the crown of his head. His eyes are a warm amber color. His outfit typically consists of a royal-blue color uniform in the form of a suit. He wears a tucked in, white button-up dress shirt with an emblem emblazoned at the collar. At his neck is a red tie with downward pointing black chevrons at the tie's knot and at the end of the full length. His suit jacket has a black collar, black trim, and a white inner lining. The cuffs are striped white and blue with gold cufflinks. Touya wears a simple brown belt with a silver buckle at his waist. His dress pants match his jacket and have creases down the legs. His outfit is completed with a pair of brown loafers.


Touya is incredibly kind and hates seeing other people get hurt. Whenever he sees a fight he will jump into it to break it up, even if he gets injured in the process. He says he can't even control this as he does it without thinking. Touya also has a lot of survivor's guilt over living through the Wadatsumi Incident and sees himself as a burden to others, hence why he insists he needs to pay rent to live with the Himezuru's. Despite his niceness, there are several ways to make Touya angry. These include threatening his loved ones, suggesting he abandon his loved ones and not treating Es like a human. When pushed too far Touya snaps, unleashing the power of the Origin of the Grimoire. After much persuasion from the Phantom Boy, Touya eventually comes to accept that hurting and even killing others is sometimes necessary to protect those he loves and he comes to terms with living with the sin of killing Sechs.

Powers & Techniques

Being the Origin of the Grimoire, Touya can draw on the power of the Black Beast from the Boundary. This manifests in the form of two abilities. The first is Restriction Release (Limited Penance), which creates a black fog that drains the seithr from everything it touches. The second ability is Awakening Release (XBlaze), which allows Touya to use the seithr stored within the Origin of the Grimoire to increase his physical attributes to superhuman levels.

Touya can hear a Discover Call from up to a distance of 300 meters, when the normal limit of such an ability is only 10 meters. This lets him track down Unions when they use their Drives and lets him detect attacks before they happen.

After Es falls into the Boundary in the climax of Code: Embryo, Touya takes up her Signati Gladio Crystalis: Murakumo. The Murakumo is sharp enough to easily cut through a Union's nigh-indestructible crystal.

As a normal high school student, Touya starts off as a completely unskilled fighter, relying solely on the powers of the Origin of the Grimoire. However, after two months of fighting Unions and training from Mei, Touya becomes a powerful and skilled warrior.

Once Es reclaims the Murakumo in the climax of Lost: Memories, Touya unlocks the power of his Drive, the same one that killed the original version of him. This Drive lets him manipulate his own blood and transform it into weapons. He is only seen using this ability to create a copy of the Murakumo. While the Drive is not named, due to the similarities with Naoto Kurogane's Drive, it is likely called Bloodedge.



Ryouko KagariTouya's father
Original Touya Kagari
Touya Kagari
The Origin of the Grimoire
Adopted by Yuki Himezuru
Lives as Touya Kagari

Adopted (Himezuru)

Yuki Himezuru
Hinata Himezuru
Touya Kagari
The Origin of the Grimoire
Lives as Touya Kagari

Official Profiles

XBlaze Code: Embryo Character Report

Touya Kagari

In addition to being naturally curious, he is also incredibly kind and compassionate. Despite his calm demeanor, he will charge headlong into any fights he sees in order to stop them. He currently lives with the Himezuru family and works part time at the curry restaurant "Maha Raja." Has the ability to hear Discover Calls emitted by Unions from 300 m away, though the norm is only 10 m. Decided to assist the Mitsurugi Agency after learning his mother caused the Wadatsumi Incident. Is being pursued by the Ten Sages because of his possession of the "Grimoire," though he has no idea what it is. After being tormented, Touya was driven to release the power of the Grimoire, which according to the Amanohokosaka clan, embodies chaos. [2]

XBlaze Lost: Memories TIPS Entry

Touya Kagari

In addition to being naturally curious, he is also incredibly kind and compassionate. Despite his calm demeanor, he will charge headlong into any fights he sees in order to stop them. He currently lives with the Himezuru family and works part time at the curry restaurant "Maha Raja." Ever since the incident with the Embryo, his life has returned somewhat to normal, though he now uses his abilities as an anti-ability warrior (aka Sleipnir). And though his abilities as a warrior are improving with the passing of each day, he is still shockingly naive and is almost constantly scolded by Mei, who happens to be his superior officer. [3]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

The protagonist of "XBlaze Code: Embryo. Vigorously curious, with an extremely moderate personality, he seems perfectly normal, but when he sees a fight he can't help but stick his neck out to try and stop it."[1]



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