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Ex Machina: Minerva, an Idea Engine wielder.

The Idea Engine (イデア機関 Idea Kikan), sometimes stylized as the IDEA Engine and also known as the Idea Sector[1], is the successor to the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapon created by Kokonoe. Scientifically tailored to boost a wielder's combat capabilities towards that of a Nox Nyctores wielder, only a few are in existence as Kokonoe adjusts its capabilities and performance.


Created some time following the Ikaruga Civil War by Kokonoe, the Idea Engine was designed to not only give its wielders an equal footing against Nox Nyctores wielders, but also to help against Phenomenon Intervention which could be used against them by Observers; this ability, however, has sacrificed the stability that the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapons had. A prototype of the engine was used during the war when Kokonoe needed to detain Azrael. She equipped it to Iron Tager to synchronize with the Enchant Dragunov, which sealed away most of Azrael's power. Doing so was risky and Tager could have lost his life as the engine was likely to explode since it was not designed for that tactic.[2]

The first wielder of the Idea Engine proper was Lambda-11, who Kokonoe deployed during the Continuum Shift in January 2200AD. Lambda later lost her life protecting Ragna the Bloodedge from Yuuki Terumi, but before she passed away, Idea Engine fused with the former's Azure Grimoire This changed the composition of the grimoire, specifically how it harnessed its power.[3] Previously, Ragna had been losing in the fight against Terumi, but the new power granted by the Idea Engine allowed him to best his nemesis.[4] Onward from that point, Ragna would rely on the engine to see him through certain battles.

Another Idea Engine was made and given to Ex Machina: Minerva in 2200. The automaton's functions were raised to that of Nox levels and its power is comparable to both the Deus Machina: Nirvana and Detonator - Fluctus Redactum: Ignis.


Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Idea Engine

A revision of the Artificial Causality Phenomenon Weapons. Its function are not inferior to the Nox Nyctores, but its ability to not be affected by Phenomena Interventions is unstable, and Kokonoe has to continue to adjust it.

It was originally equipped to Λ-No.11- (Lambda 11), but has now been fused to Ragna.[6]


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