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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit I don't know what's going on, but are you the one who called me here? I see, so you're in need of combat ability. ...Very well. There is none better than I. I'll work under you. My name is Avenge. I worked under the Mage's Association as a vigilante. I'll do the work I'm assigned, just don't interfere.
New Unit 詳しい状況は分からんが、俺を呼び出したのはお前か?なるほど、戦力が必要だと。……良いだろう。他にアテもない。雇われてやる。俺はアベンジ。魔道協会専任の咎追いをやっている。与えられた仕事はこなすが、邪魔はするなよ。
Ascension (SS+) Did you do something to me...?
Ascension (SS+) 俺に、なにをした……?
Ascension (SS++) Honestly, I'm not sure what to think. Gaining this strength now....
Ascension (SS++) 正直、複雑な気分だ。今更こんな力が……
Ascension (SS+++) ...Very well. There is need for this strength now.
Ascension (SS+++) ……良いだろう。この力が必要なのは今だ
Home Screen
Talk I specialized in Drive-Unions, you know.... But now's not the the time for that. There's no way around it. I'll get my equipment ready.
Talk 俺は本来『D発症者』専門なんだがな……。この状況ではそうも言っていられないか。仕方がない。今のうちに装備を整えておくとしよう。
Likes The knife is a weapon I can trust. I use other weapons too, but always find myself returning to it. You might want to carry one around for self-defense too, what do you think?
Likes ナイフは信頼できる武器だ。他の武装も使うが、いざというときはこいつに頼る。お前も護身用に持っておいたらどうだ?
Dislikes ...There's a man whose life I must end by my own hands. No matter what. But that isn't something I need to talk about here. And it isn't something you need to investigate.
Dislikes ……俺の手で始末しなければならない男がいる。なにがあってもな。とはいえ、こんな場所で話すことでもない。お前も、余計なことは詮索しないことだ。
Hobby Oh, sorry to have taken up so much of the floor. I maintain my weapons here. Don't carelessly touch them, you hear? They've got seals to prevent healing carved into them. If you get hurt, it's a pain.
Hobby ああ、床に広げて悪かったな。武器の手入れをしていた所だ。迂闊に触るなよ? 回復阻害の印が刻まれている。怪我をすると面倒だぞ。
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