BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

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ブレイブルー オルタナティブ ダーク ウォー
BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

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Arc System Works


JP: Arc System Works


RPG (Role-Playing)


iOS, Android

  • JP: TBA

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War is an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android systems. [1] A companion promotional webcomic, BlazBlue Walker, is serialized with biweekly releases.


This is a story of arriving at the Azure.

Taking a step away from natural peace,

The world starts to end...

The hell known as possibility begins.[2]


BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Hero(Female) Icon.png
Hero (Female)
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Hero(Male) Icon.png
Hero (Male)
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Ciel Sulfur Icon.png
Ciel Sulfur
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Kazuma Kval Icon.png
Kazuma Kval
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Trinity Glassfille Icon.png
Trinity Glassfille
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Jin Kisaragi Icon.png
Jin Kisaragi
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Noel Vermillion Icon.png
Noel Vermillion
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Tsubaki Yayoi Icon.png
Tsubaki Yayoi
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Bullet Icon.png

Other Characters


After the initial announcement of Dark War in August 2017, Toshimichi Mori, the producer of the BlazBlue series, began occasionally posting on Twitter teaser sketches. The initial website included music, the Dark War logo, and two pages of a prologue.

On January 11, 2018, the game's official website was updated with a short pitch for the story as well as the initial image and information of Ciel Sulfur. [3] The first episode of BlazBlue Walker was also released, and their plan to serialize it on a biweekly schedule was announced.

On February 14, 2018, preregistration opened along with a website update that added images and descriptions for both the male and female protagonist, as well as six other returning characters (Kazuma Kval, Trinity Glassfille, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Bullet) alongside that of Ciel Sulfur. The Dark War logo was also replaced with a splash featuring Raquel Alucard, Trinity Glassfille, Kazuma Kval, Jin Kisaragi, and Trinity Glassfille.


BlazBlue Alternative Dark War Preregistration.jpg

Preregistration opened on Feb 14, 2018 and was available via the official website by signing up with email or by following the official Dark War Twitter. The accompanying step-up campaign confirmed that the game would contain a gacha.

The step-up campaign provides the following cumulative bonuses when the respective number of preregistrations have been hit:

Reward Date Reached
3,000 150,000 P$ + AL Recovery Item x5 N/A
5,000 Crystallized Azure x60 (2 gacha pulls) Feb 15, 2018[4]
10,000 Gacha Ticket x2 Feb 16, 2018[5]
30,000 Crystallized Azure x90 (3 gacha pulls)
50,000 Crystallized Azure x150 (5 gacha pulls)
100,000 ☆4 Military Academy Uniform Noel

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