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Growing up, Cypher wanted to become a hero that would go down in history, someone that the public would love. He gained an obsession with sorcery, believing that with the Burning Red Grimoire, humanity would be able to become closer to Nine the Phantom, one of the Six Heroes. He was openly mocked for his pursuit for the Grimoire, many telling him he would not be cut out as a scientist.

At some point, he joined Sector Seven as a scientist, becoming acquainted with Kokonoe. He stole a core that allowed for the creation of artificial beings before defecting and radically changing his appearance. Soon afterwards, he was hired by the Military Academy as a professor, and was rarely seen, spending his time in his laboratory. He would kidnap living subjects and attempt to fuse them with Grimoires, but none of them survived.

Remix Heart

Cypher picked up on Jin Kisaragi going berserk with his Nox Nyctores - the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa. He telepathically told Mai Natsume to lure him into the courtyard of the Academy, being brought time by Noel Vermillion and her Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk. He activated an Ars that knocked Jin unconscious and he took him to rest, congratulating Noel and Mai on their efforts. He took note of both Nox's and Mai, who was the host of a Grimoire.[1]

In his lab, Cypher heard warning signals, using surveillance to see that Relius Clover had entered the desert level of the Academy and taken out the Guardian. He went back to check on the Conversion Grimoire, also finding it missing. [2] In the school's baths, he saw Jin, Akane Teruhiko, and Taro Sasaga'e, refusing to teach Taro how to open up a letter sealed with an Ars. [3] He returned to his lab, using surveillance to watch both Mai and Chachakaka fight against one another. Cypher took notice of Mai activating a Grimoire despite not carrying one on her person. There, he realized that she is a Remix Heart, one of the main components needed to create the Burning Red. [4]

Determined to now capture Mai, Cypher used the Ammit Cryas, alchemy, and the core he stole from Sector Seven to create an alchemic creature that would hunt down Grimoires. Later on, he saved her at the last second from the beast, earning her trust. Cypher took Mai back to quarters, making her tea and learning that she had become the Intermediary Grimoire; by earning her trust, she allowed him to place a device on her chest. [5] When survival training came, Cypher tortured the Mountain Jellyfish to go berserk and attack students. He noticed that Mai held two Grimoires in her body, the other only activating when her friends were in trouble. To this end, Cypher sped up his plan, using the device he placed on Mai to put her into a coma. [6] He feigned being able to save Mai, telling her telepathically that he would feast on her heart. He then ordered Makoto Nanaya, Noel, Kajun Faycott, Shiori Kirihito, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Estella McKenzie to seek out the students with the greatest Ars Magus aptitudes. When they succeeded, he gathered them next to Mai and trapped them in an alchemy barrier, and began to sap them of their ability to use Ars. [7]

When Cypher looked back at the group, he saw that Mai had awoke and destroyed the barrier. He went to them, revealing his intentions to create the Burning Red, and fought Mai, using alchemy to manipulate the area around him, forming pillars of earth and creating spears out of nearby railings. Now thoroughly annoyed, he teleported Mai and Shiori to the Academy's cauldron. [8] He battled the girls, seriously injuring Shiori and knocking out Mai as he created an incomplete version of the Burning Red with parts of her Remix Heart. He demonstrated the incredible power he had just achieved before being struck in the back by the Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros by Hazama. He fell to the ground and his life's obsession was stolen from him. [9] By the time Chacha arrived to find Mai and Shiori, Cypher had disappeared. It's presumed the blow from Hazama killed him. [10]


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