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Aedsqui Grimoire

From BlazBlue Wiki

The Aedsqui Grimoire is a Grimoire in the form of a statue shaped like a young woman. It is one of the most powerful Grimoires, possessing the power of creation since it has a small fragment of Azure.

This Grimoire was fused with Elina. Its powers of creation are not omnipotent, and there are certain limits; its primary power is to help those in their pursuits, which is why it took on the power of creation as Elina was searching for a way to resurrect her dead lover. It managed to create two young, sentient women to protect it, and a multitude of men made with mud.

It was within the tenth level of the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune. Elina's soul was freed from the Grimoire after Mai Natsume allowed her to move on to the afterlife by showing her that her lover was within the flowers that covered the statue's grounds. [1]


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