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Military Academy

Heart to Heart, Remix Heart, Variable Heart, THE BLUE

One week after meeting Tsubaki and Makoto, Noel met Mai Natsume and they became fast friends. She went to the Ars Magus aptitude test which was presided over by Estella McKenzie, and had the highest aptitude ever recorded at the Academy. She cooked for the dorms that evening, finding that Mai was the first ever person to not only like, but love her “death dinners”. She learned about Mai’s super-taste, met Kajun Faycott, and helped when Mai fainted in the changing rooms later that evening. [1] The Torifune Festival arrived not long afterwards, and Noel was introduced to Akane Teruhiko and Taro Sasaga'e; Jin was there, and gave her a dirty look. Noel helped form a plan for Tsubaki to win the contest so she could be closer to Jin. [2] Days later, the girls ate some watermelons, although Noel swallowed seeds - they went deep into Torifune to try and find more watermelons so Noel could create a dish for Mai, but they wound up lost since Noel was reading the map upside-down. They were choked by a thick cloud of seithr, and retreated into a nearby mansion where the seithr mutated the seeds inside her, causing watermelon sprouts to come out of her navel and attack everyone. Mai saved them, and they found the Evolution Grimoire nearby. The girls decided to name themselves Team Remix Heart. [3]

Spring cleaning was ordered by Estella, and Remix Heart were ordered to clean her quarters. They discovered a hidden room with numerous frilly dresses, and the girls tried them on. Noel found bra padding, and begun wearing it, finding herself very happy to not be able to see her feet. They accidentally stumbled onto the Ammit Cryas, and brought it back to Estella, but they were issued the maximum penalty ("death dinner") when she ripped out the padding that Noel had stolen. [4] The sports festival soon arrived for the first years, and Team Remix Heart competed. Noel used Ars Magus to protect Makoto and Mai while they made their way to the cards that had to be picked. The team was ordered to find the Conversion Grimoire by their card. [5] They journeyed to the lower levels of Torifune, finding themselves in a desert. Makoto fell into a lion ant pit, and the girls saved her, making the Guardian appear. The girls debated his choice of either the Conversion Grimoire or the Azure Grimoire, but they stuck with the former, passing his test, and they left. When crossed the finish line, they were last, but were awarded MVP for actually finding what they were tasked with. [6]

Torifune's weather system had collapsed, but thanks to Taro, all of Remix Heart and Jin were thrown into a nearby beach. There, Kajun gave everyone Golden Angel, which allowed Noel to slip into a swimsuit. They found the Regulation Grimoire, and returned it to its fixed state when Noel's swimsuit dissolved as she came into contact with freshwater. Soon enough, they were rescued and taken back to the city proper, where the weather had been fixed by their efforts with the Grimoire. [7] Noel, Tsubaki, Makoto, and Kajun found Mai knocked out next to the Hypnagogia Grimoire, and the group resolved to wake her up from her nightmare. Inside the dream, Mai discovered Noel's identity as Mu-12, but never mentioned it to her friend when she awoke. [8] When Mai lost her memories, she regained the ones concerning Noel as she tasted her tears that she formed by cutting onions. Noel later learned that this was because of the Aequivalentis Grimoire having made an equivalent exchange for one of Noel's cookies. [9] Noel stole the Ammit Cryas, the Aequivalentis Grimoire, and the Conversion Grimoire from their multiple Ars Magus sealing's when the girls decided to venture deep into Torifune to find the Azure Grimoire. They had a multiple tasks to pass, and using the third Grimoire, they beat the first trial by changing Noel's death dinner into a heavenly meal. A fissure soon opened up, and swallowed the girls, with Mai falling deeper down than the others. [10] Noel, Makoto, Tsubaki, and Kajun vowed to find her, finishing another trial by using the Aequivalentis Grimoire. They eventually found Mai next to the Aedsqui Grimoire, and took her to the higher levels where she became ill. [11]

Noel listened to Kajun as she explained that Mai had become the Intermediary Grimoire. Mai accidentally transferred Noel's cooking to Taro, which knocked out him, Jin, and Akane, although the girls did not realise this until much later. [12] In the baths, they met Shiori Kirihito and Chachakaka, and Noel watched as they both groped Kajun and Mai. Shiori formerly introduced herself as a weak and frail girl afterwards, and left them alone after a short while. Noel did not help tend to the injuries of the boys, aware of Jin's intense hatred for her. [13] Despite this, Noel did help make porridge for them to consume so they could feel better, taking some medicine that Shiori had gifted her. While waiting outside of the boy's dorms, she felt the presence of a Nox Nyctores. [14] She saw Jin go berserk as he tried to kill Mai with the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, and helped stop him by firing Bolverk close to his face. By doing this, Cypher Albar was able to knock Jin unconscious. She earned his praise. [15]

Because of her involvement in the Yukianesa incident, Noel was forced to watch over the icebergs created by Jin. She cheered on Shiori when she took on Taro in eating shaved ice, and was attacked by a Torifune panda. She realised that Mai had feelings for Taro, talking about it with the other girls. [16] Tsubaki and Makoto warned Carl about Noel's cooking, making her slightly upset. She soon helped ready Mai for her date with Taro, writing a letter inviting him to a discreet location for them to meet. [17] She and the rest of Team Remix Heart berated the young man for being extremely late to the date. [18] Team Remix Heart was split for survival training, with Noel being paired with Tsubaki and Makoto - they helped find the mountain jellyfish, discovering its main body. Working together with Shiori, Mai, and Kajun, they all defeated the beast, returning back to Estella and discovering they had all passed in first place. [19]

Mai went into a coma shortly afterwards, and Noel was told by Cypher to help gather the strongest Ars Magus users to save Mai. She did, and with Remix Heart, they reconvened, but were attacked by the professor, who locked them in a barrier created by alchemy. Noel's ability to use Ars Magus was being sucked out of her, but Chachakaka saved them. [20] Mai soon awoke and broke the barrier that would have crushed them, and Noel watched as she fought Cypher. Chacha had revealed to the girls that Mai is the Hazuki heir, but Noel did not care, and hugged her, recognizing how hard it must have been for her. [21] When Cypher teleported with Shiori and Mai to another location, Noel was ordered by Jin with the others present to gather everyone in the Academy to foil Cypher's plot to create the Burning Red Grimoire. They succeeded, and the professor went missing. Noel, Mai, Kajun, Shiori, Tsubaki, and Makoto then began to enjoy the rest of their first year together in the Academy. [22]

In her second year, Noel was invited with Tsubaki, Makoto, and Mai to the 2nd Hierarchical City of Iwatsuchi for Jin's medal ceremony, as he had just ended the Ikaruga Civil War. She briefly met Kagura Mutsuki, but Makoto knocked him out before they were properly introduced. Hibiki Kohaku soon came to put the girls to work with organizing the celebrations. [23] Mai, Kajun, and Shiori went missing soon after, but thanks to the efforts of Akane, they were able to reunite. [24]

Almost immediately following the ceremony, Noel was approached by an NOL official, who invited her to graduate early from the Academy and be placed directly under Jin's new squadron. There, she would publicly become his secretary, but would moonlight as an assassin and spy. Aware that this would be the only way to save her family's reputation and rights, she accepted, graduating early by six months. [25]

purgatory hell

Upon her premature graduation, Noel journeyed to Jin's office. She gifted him a letter that told him of her graduation and being placed directly under his order, much to both of their dismay. She was dismissed to find another officer who would help her get used to her surroundings.

Not long afterwards, Noel gave another letter to Jin, telling him of the appearance of Ragna the Bloodedge. She was to enter the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and investigate the appearance of the wanted criminal. She watched as Jin began to manically laugh, unaware of his relationship with the Grim Reaper. [26]

Calamity Trigger

Arcade Mode

A lieutenant of the NOL, hailing from the remote and minor noble family of Vermillion. Excelling in battle and in Ars Magus, she is a direct subordinate of the young Major Jin Kisaragi. Although the two attended Military Academy together, her relationship with him is bad. Her current mission will change her fate significantly.[27]
Stage IV: Carl Clover

Carl: Ah, hello! You're from the Librarium, right? I'm Carl Clover, a vigilante. Pardon me, but I need to ask you a few questions regarding Ragna the Bloodedge.

Noel: Eh? Oh, hello. I'm Lieutenant Noel Vermillion of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Uh... I'm sorry, but Librarium officers aren't allowed to pass information directly to vigilantes. If you need certain information, you must fill out the appropriate forms and submit them at the central office. You should receive an answer in about two weeks.

Carl: What should we do, Sis? She doesn't want to tell us anything.

Noel: Wait. You're Carl, aren't you? I knew it. You were in the Military Academy. Why are you a vigilante?

Carl: Right... Right. She can't do anything about it because it's her job. But I'm sure she'll tell me if I do that, so please don't be sad.OK, Sis?

<Noel Victory>

Noel: C-Carl, are you OK!?

Carl: Guh...I wasn't prepared for that. I will retreat for today. Let's meet again, Cadet Noel.

Noel: Hey, wait!

Stage VIII: Jin Kisaragi

Jin: Brother, what are you fighting with?

Noel: Major... I finally found you... I've been given a direct order to come here. They say that if you return right away, they'll overlook this incident. Please, do as they say.

Jin: You don't remember anything before five years ago, right? Let me ask you... What's the earliest thing you do remember?

Noel: !? Major, this isn't the time--

Jin: Answer me! That's an order....

Noel: The burning fields of Ikaruga. That's where I was rescued.

Jin: I see... Then your parents?

Noel: ...They adopted me.

Jin: Hah! I see... I'm beginning to understand now... Hahaha... So, you insist on obstructing me after all!

<Noel Victory>

Jin: Gugh... You always... have to get in... my way...

Noel: ...He's unconscious. The major was injured prior to fighting with me. I wonder what happened? And...why did he bring up my past? My past... The major was interested in whatever is further inside... I guess I have to keep going...

Stage IX: Hakumen

Noel: I never knew all of this was down here... !? Who goes there!?

Hakumen: that the Nox Nyctores?

Noel: Answer me!

Hakumen: I am... Hakumen.

Noel: Hakumen? But...I think I've seen you somewhere before... No... Impossible...! You''re one of the Six Heroes!?

Hakumen: Now it's time for me to ask a question. Who are you?

Noel: L-Lieutenant Noel Vermillion, Praetorian Guard, Fourth Division.

Hakumen: I'm not interested in whatever you call yourself. I was questioning your existence.

Noel: M-My...existence?

Hakumen: I don't "know" you.

Noel: Wh-What are you talking about?

Hakumen: Well, I can't deny it... You are standing before me, confronting me. Perhaps there is a reason for your presence here... Very well. I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

<Noel Victory>

Hakumen:Guh, how dare you interrupt me, Grimalkin!

Noel: Eh? He disappeared... Why?

Stage X: Nu-13

Nu-13:Loading...loading...loading...loading... Complete...

Noel: I've...seen this before. What? Huh... What?

Nu-13:Scanning: complete. Auto-mode: confirmed.

Noel: Are memories? Or...yours? Mine...? Or are they...ours?

Nu-13: Scanning: complete. IFF determined. Processing... Subject determined to be hostile.

Noel: Who...are you...? I... I... I...

Noel and Nu-13: Activate termination protocol.

-Sleeping Beauty-

Imaginary Spaces

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion Arcade 01(A).png

Noel: Huh? Where is this...? Umm... What was I doing?

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion Arcade 02.png

Noel: I can't remember... And I'm... I'm really sleepy.

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion Arcade 01(B).png

Noel: A rabbit? Who... are you...?

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Noel Vermillion Arcade 03.png

Noel: Who... am I...?

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Part 2

As Jin had abandoned his post, Noel was sent on a secret mission to retrieve him in the late December of 2199, not long after her birthday. En route to Kagutsuchi, Noel daydreamed about her Military Academy days on the Ars Magus vessel there, opposite of a slim man with green hair - Captain Hazama, from the Intelligence Department. When they landed at the Kagutsuchi Port, Noel was given further details of her mission by Hazama. She was told that should she encounter Ragna the Bloodedge before Jin, she would be given free reign on what to do; Noel and Hazama separated, going their separate ways with Noel being ordered to search the lower areas of Kagutsuchi. [28]

In time, Noel arrived at Roningai, where she found Bang Shishigami on the floor, defeated and surrounded by ice. She came to the conclusion that Jin must have assaulted the ninja with Yukianesa, and attempted to tend to his wounds, but was stopped by the ninja's subordinates. Bang's subordinates believed her to have been the assailant who caused his wounds, but their boss came to Noel's rescue, telling them the situation. Noel soon left to continue her search for the Major, apologizing for what had happened to Bang. [29]

The following afternoon on December 31st, Noel began to wonder about her origins, where she was born and reminisced about her time in the Vermillion household. Awaking from her daydream, she saw Jin walk past her, and weakly told him to return back to the NOL headquarters. Jin turned to face her and drew Yukianesa, swinging the blade down to cut at his secretary - Noel summoned Bolverk immediately to protect herself, but she refused to hurt him. Hazama appeared, creating a smokescreen and grabbed Noel to pull her away from Jin, who would have surely killed her. She thanked the Captain and they agreed to come back to the NOL branch at night to apprehend Jin, knowing that Ragna would likely make his move before the year ended. [30]

Inside the NOL branch, Noel ran, and was drawn to the scent of blood. Following the smell, she found Jin unconscious on the floor. Noel noted that it must have been the work of Ragna, but when she thought about the name, she found herself no longer afraid of it, but rather found herself with a warm feeling of familiarity. Before she could contact someone, Hazama had approached her, and she screamed to his dismay. It was only at this moment that Noel noticed that the entire branch was empty, and left Hazama to take care of Jin while she would apprehend Ragna, and he told her to go to the cauldron laying at the bottom of the branch, for that was Ragna's objective. [31]

In a trance, she entered the elevator leading to the lowest level, and walked past a battle between Ragna and Hakumen, the former leader of the Six Heroes. The cauldron opened up in response to her, and she was met by a young girl with white hair - Nu-13. Memories came flooding back to Noel as she looked into the Boundary, and she allowed Bolverk to take her over - the two battled, but Noel lost and was nearly killed by her sister unit. Ragna suddenly appeared and took the blade meant for Noel instead. She watched Ragna lose to Nu. The two of them were soon to fall into the Boundary, but Noel shouted out to Ragna, begging him to let out his hand - she caught him, and Nu fell into the Boundary alone. By doing this, Noel had become the Eye of the Azure, and had stopped time loops caused by the Amaterasu Unit. She pummelled Ragna's chest, calling him an idiot until she fell asleep in his arms. When she awoke a short time later next to Ragna, she was found by Hazama, who demanded that she Observe him - in reality, this was not Hazama, but Yuuki Terumi. In a trance, she called him the Black Susano'o, and was teleported out the area by Rachel Alucard after she was saved by a Iron Tager from a killing blow by Terumi. [32]

Continuum Shift

Arcade Mode

An Ars Magus of the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron with the position of lieutenant. She is the secretary of Jin Kisaragi. While preparing to return to headquarters after the previous incident, she learns that Jin has disappeared and goes to follow him not through fate, but by her own true will.[33]
Stage IV: Iron Tager

Tager: You... You are Noel Vermillion. What are you doing here?

Noel: You're... the Red Devil!? I'm sorry, but I don't have any bysuness with you, so if you'll please excuse me...

Tager: Unfortunately, I have business with you.

Noel: ...Sector Seven? With me?

Tager: Kokonoe ordered me to bring you in. If possible, I would like to avoid any violence.

Noel: Kokonoe? I don't know who that is, but I don't have time to be going anywhere. I need to find Major Kisaragi as soon as possible!

Tager: Doing your duty, then?

Noel: Du...ty...? Y-Yes, that's right!

Tager: Hmph...

Noel: What's so funny?

Tager: You aren't a very good liar. ...Or, as Kokonoe might say, "There's some odd behavior in your neural harmonics..."

Noel: Eh!?

Tager: Never mind. I can hear your story later. Now, if you would be so kind as to come with me...

Noel: Don't touch me!

Tager: Oh dear... I told you I hoped to avoid any violence...

Noel: Please, step aside!

Tager: You leave me no choice... I had hoped it would not come to this!

<Noel Victory>

Noel: Haah...haah...

Tager: Ugh... How could this happen...!?

Noel: M-Move! I... I need to go... Major!

Tager: I suppose I misjudged you and let my guard down, but... Those guns...

Noel: What... what about Bolverk?

Tager: Hmph... It's nothing.

Noel: ??? A-Anyway, I must be going...!

Stage VIII: Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki: I have finally found you... Lieutenant Noel Vermillion...

Noel: ...Th-That uniform...!

Tsubaki: I am one of the Wings of Justice. ...A member of the Librarium's Squadron Zero.

Noel: ...S-Squadron Zero?

Tsubaki: You know you have been ordered to return to the Librarium, don't you?

Noel: ...Yes.

Tsubaki: Ministerial Secretary, Lieutenant Noel Vermillion of the 4th Thaumaturgist Squad. Return to headquarters immdediately.

Noel: I... I won't go back! Tsubaki...!? Why!?

Tsubaki: Noel, I will find Jin, I promise. I will bring him back... So please, obey this order.

Noel: No... I can't go back.

Tsubaki: Please, Noel... If you don't... I'll have to... kill you.

Noel: ...Tsubaki!? Y-You're kidding, right?

Tsubaki: Do you think I would joke about something like this?

Noel: ... Tsubaki. I'm sorry...

Tsubaki: Noel. I have been tasked with the capture of the traitor, Major Jin Kisaragi. Lieutenant Noel Vermillion has been ordered to return to headquarters. Noncompliance will be considered treason, and in the name of the Imperator I will be forced to strip you of your rank, and permanently excommunicate you from the NOL.

Noel: Ts-Tsubaki!?

Tsubaki: Resist, and your sentence will not be excommunication - it will be death.

Noel: ...No...

<Noel Victory>

Noel: Tsubaki... Are you OK? I'm sorry, I...lost control...

Tsubaki: It's alright, Noel. I understand...

Noel: Tsubaki...were you holding back this whole time?

Tsubaki: No, I was never anything less than deadly serious... But I couldn't win. I must admit, I don't feel sad. I suspected... I wouldn't be able to defeat you, Noel.

Noel: ...Wh-Why...?

Tsubaki: ...

Noel: ...

Tsubaki: Now go, Noel. I'll be fine...

Noel: ...O-OK. Tsubaki... I'm sorry.

Tsubaki: ... I know. ...Ah, wait! Before you go, let me see your more time...

Noel: Huh? Tsubaki, what's the matter...?

Tsubaki: Nothing. I'm fine. Thank you, Noel...

Noel: I'm sorry, Tsubaki, I need to go...

Tsubaki:It's OK...I can still see...

Stage IX: Lambda-11

Noel: Have I... Met you somewhere...?

Kokonoe: Hey, girl, can you hear me? Hey! Noel Vermillion...!

Noel: Wh-What is this!? My!

Kokonoe: Geez... What a kid. Can't believe you're the successor of the Azure...

Noel: Successor? What are you talking about? Who are you!?

Kokonoe: I'm Kokonoe, a scientist from Sector Seven.

Noel: The scientist Tager was talking about!?

Kokonoe: Look kid, I don't have a lotta time. I already got all the data on you that I need from Tager. All I need now is your eyes.

Noel: M-My eyes!? Wh-What are you talking about!?

Kokonoe: C'mon kid, I don't have time to explain this. Didn't I say that? Whatever. Don't move. It'll only take a second.

<Noel Victory>

Kokonoe: Shit... Didn't count on this much power... No... Maybe...maybe she can pull on more of the Nox's power as she gets close to the void... Back off, Lambda!

Lambda: Affirmative.

Noel: Wh-What was that...?

Stage X: Hazama

Hazama: Mmm, yes, yes...good... Perfect. Noel Vermillion!

Noel: Y-You!

Hazama: Nothing less than the best from the successor of the Azure! That Lambda...thing was a pain in the ass. Thank you, Lieutenant Vermillion.

Noel: Wh-Who are you?

Hazama: Huh!? Could've sworn I introduced myself... Lieutenant, pardon me for asking, but...are you quite all right?

Noel: D-Don't patronize me!

Hazama: Why, I'm Hazama, from the Novus Orbis Librarium's Intelligence Department. I think my rank is...ah...captain?

Noel: That's not what I mean! Who are you really?! What are you trying to do?!

Hazama: ...Is this what they call a "woman's intuition"? Or did you happen to see something with those eyes of yours? Oh, or did you hear something from Lieutenant Tsubaki?

Noel: Tsubaki...? Are you the one that did that to her?!

Hazama: Did that? I'm sorry... Did what, exactly?

Noel: Tsubaki's eyes... There was no light in them...

Hazama: Oh, so you noticed? Well, she chose that path, not me...

Noel: You're twisting her words...!

Hazama: Well, I was hoping she might be a little useful... Help me wake up the successor, but... Well, it doesn't look like she did very well, does it?

Noel: S-Successor...? A-Are you talking

Hazama: Of course, Vermillion. Doesn't look like all that care with breeding has done the Yayoi family much good, hm? Taking out the trash doesn't mean you aren't trash.

Noel: Trash...? Are you talking about Tsubaki?

Hazama: Eh? Did I stutter? Ah well, I'm sure she's off dying somewhere, anyway... Scared and alone in the darkness, her strength fading... Dying like the trash she is.

Noel: I'll never forgive you...!

<Noel Victory>

Hazama: I see... No wonder.

Noel: *Pant* *Pant* ...Apologize!

Hazama: ...Hmph.

Noel: Apologize to Tsubaki!

Hazama: Hm, yeah, I...ah, don't have any words of apology to give to, you know... Trash.

Noel: Why you - !

The Pain


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Noel Vermillion Arcade 01.png

Hazama: Yes, YES! That's that pretty face I wanna see! More...MORE! Feel the hate!

Noel: Uh...Ugh...!

Hazama: Yeah, that's right... Pull the trigger! Do it! Strike me down. Or should I start killing the people you care about? Hmm... Let's see... Maybe I'll do Tsubaki first... Or Jin?

Noel: Wha - !?

Hazama: You wouldn't want me to do that, would you? You better hurry, then!

Noel: Ah...aahhhh...

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Noel Vermillion Arcade 02(A).png

Hazama: Ku...hyaahahahahaha! You did it! Finally, Bolverk's seals are released!

Noel: Ahh...aaahhhh

Hazama: Come, successor of the Azure! Come into the darkness with me! Open those eyes! Don't you wanna see the destruction of your world!?

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Noel Vermillion Arcade 02(B).png

Noel: Ah...ahh... No, I don't want it... I don't want this world! I don't know anything! Myself! Present! The past! The future... I don't want it... I don'

Hazama: Now...! Murakumo activate!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift General Arcade 03.png

Hazama: Hehehehehe! Ahahahahaha! I've got everything I need, right in the palm of my hand! Just wait, Master Unit Amaterasu! I'm comin' for ya!

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Noel Vermillion Arcade 03.png

Hazama: I'll drag you out of that well in no time!

Chrono Phantasma

Noel, a soldier of the NOL, was awakened as the Sword of the Godslayer: Kusanagi through Hazama's plan, and was rescued by Ragna. She then escaped to Ikaruga with the help of her friend Makoto Nanaya. After knowing that another close friend, Tsubaki Yayoi, has arrived in pursuit, Noel begins to move to save her.[34]

Central Fiction

Excelling in battle and in Ars Magus, she is assigned to the 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron under the highest ranking official of the NOL, Colonel Kagura Mutsuki. She searches for the missing Captain Jin Kisaragi, and aims to capture the Grim Reaper. For the sake of her mission, she goes to Kagutsuchi with her colleagues.[35]

In the fight with Ragna, Noel saw the Gate, and was forced to split her soul into two, one half keeping itself as Noel, but the other separating off into Mu. Having survived her encounter with Ragna, Noel returned to Ibukido. She was summoned by Jin, whose injuries had left him bedridden, and she interrupted a conversation between him and Tsubaki. Jin had lost his memories of the encounter with Ragna, so Noel filled him in on the details before being ordered to find Ragna before Tsubaki. Rachel found her, and the young vampire told Noel that her powers as Mu had been severed from her, something she had yet to remember. Against their wishes, both of them were teleported outside of the facility to the Master Unit by Izanami. Noel accidentally Observed the Embryo, transporting most of the cast inside it. Her memories were altered so that she believed the date was the 12/31/2199. Inside, Noel became one of the chosen. [36]

Now believing she was still with the NOL, Noel was paired with Makoto to track down Ragna, who she still believed to be a massive threat to the NOL as she had forgotten the relationship they forged. [37] Independently, she investigated Roningai, where Ragna had been sighted – there, she encountered Bullet and began to place her under arrest before Tager intervened and escaped with Bullet close behind. Before she could contact anyone, Hazama interrupted her, and directed her to the Kaka Village where Ragna was. [38] There, she met Litchi and began asking her questions about Ragna’s location – the doctor’s cover was blown when Bang arrived and loudly proclaimed that the Grim Reaper had ran from the village. She ran after Litchi for more information while Bang was following her to prevent her from doing any harm to the doctor. [39]

Saved from Arakune by Ragna
Inside the sewers where Litchi was headed, Noel was assaulted by Arakune, who had sensed her piece of the true Azure. She was saved by Ragna, but nonetheless knocked unconscious by the monster. [40] She later began to wake up after Tsubaki had found her and taken her to the surface [41] After Tsubaki saved her, she woke up in the local NOL branch and heard rumours that she had actually battled Ragna, and not that he had saved her. [42] She later directed Hazama to Ragna’s cell, and watched as he interrogated the Grim Reaper; the branch came under attack from Hakumen, and Noel left to deal with the incident. [43]

The tremors that Hakumen created opened cracks in the floor, and Noel fell through them, landing deeper inside the branch. [44] She fell unconscious, waking up to see the Grim Reaper and the legendary silver knight fighting against one another. Noel accidentally Observed the cauldron, opening it and revealing Nu-13 inside; they began to battle. She lost, and Ragna once again came to her rescue. [45]

She was transported to Ikaruga by Nine the Phantom when she was unconscious and was found on the roadside by Mai, who took her into a small house and looked after her. When she awoke, Noel told her former classmate about the events that had transpired, and cooked her some food. [46]The following day, they went to Kazamotsu, but were found by Hazama – despite Mai protecting Noel, she failed, and they were only saved by Kagura’s intervention. All three of them went back to Yabiko. [47] There, Noel met Kokonoe, Tager, and Hibiki, but since her memories had yet to return, the entire situation greatly confused her until a memory came flooding back that made her resolve to prevent Izanami and Ragna from meeting. [48]

Kagura later took Noel to meet Ragna, and Celica, but her memories had yet to return and she still believed the former to be an enemy of the NOL. Jin eventually arrived and casually insulted her. She remained at the conversation that Ragna, Celica, Jin, Kagura, Jubei, and Kokonoe were having, so she returned to her room. [49] Ragna eventually came for her, and they journeyed to the branch’s cauldron. Noel saw Mu, who she had fractured from her soul, but rejected her, fainting immediately afterwards. [50] The following day, she was part of the strike squadron sent to Nine’s workshop, where she watched as Nine not only defeated Jubei, but also explained her desire, the Prime Field War, the reason she created the Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem, and the world they lived in. [51]Noel watched as Ragna defeated her. The area was soon assaulted by Izanami and Nu, forcing Nine to sacrifice herself to delay Doomsday and for Jubei to stay behind to ensure Requiem would not be destroyed. Noel was teleported out of the area. [52]

Noel finally accepts herself
She arrived with the others at Celica A. Mercury's Church‎, a location she had never been to before. Noel ordered Minerva to carry Celica, who was unconscious, inside to be laid down on one of the beds; she had navigated through the area almost as if she had lived there before, seemingly relying on the memories from Saya. [53] She made breakfast with Celica the following morning after having woken Ragna up from a bad dream. Noel perfectly described Ragna and Jin’s childhood to them through her memories from Saya, [54] and went with Ragna and Rachel later in the night to where the Azure Grimoire of that era lay. There, she eventually accepted her other self, and had her memories restored. It was also here that Noel realized that she could absorb Izanami into herself as she has a part of Saya’s soul. [55] The following morning, she watched Celica die, and teleported back to Yabiko with the others – she cried out for her, but had no choice but to go on. [56]

In the Yabiko branch, Noel was reunited with Kagura, Kokonoe and Tsubaki. She met Hakumen and Lambda, the former expressing a desire to kill her. She explained that she holds one half of Saya’s soul and is a reflection of The Origin in the world. [57] Noel agreed to be sent to the frozen time-space in the Embryo, becoming separated from the others and seeing a vision of Izanami telling her and everyone else that they had a limited time to find her and the Requiem before it explodes. [58] Noel, with Ragna and Minerva, travelled to find the cauldron underneath Ibukido where they believed the Requiem to be resting. She heard of Jin and Kagura’s victory over Azrael. They soon found Izanami and Requiem, and Noel watched Ragna fight her, turning into Mu-12 and absorbing Izanami into herself. She said goodbye to Minerva as she sacrificed herself to destroy Requiem. [59]

A tearful farewell
Noel’s memories were now scrambled with Saya and Izanami’s souls within her. She was asked about Es, finding some information in the memories, by Kokonoe. Noel felt Makoto dissolve into seithr, crying out for her. At some point, Noel, Ragna, and Jin found Nu fighting against Jubei, Izayoi and Hakumen. She watched Ragna defeat Nu and told him that her soul was too independent to be absorbed. Noel was assaulted by Nu when she was sent insane by Terumi, and tried to stop Hakumen from nearly killing her, being unsuccessful. Noel watched as Terumi shattered Hakumen’s soul, took over the Susano'o Unit and became Susano'o – she attempted to fight the God, but was defeated and taken by him to the Gate outside the Embryo. [60] Susano'o fused with her to make himself immune to Phenomenon Intervention, but Noel opened up the Gate and exited the Unit when Ragna dragged Terumi’s soul outside of it. [61] When she awoke, Ragna carried her inside the Amaterasu Unit where she fully fused with Saya. Outside, Trinity materialized clothes for her, resembling her old NOL uniform. Noel, choosing to be called that instead of Saya, had her dream taken by Ragna, and she hugged her brother with Jin, crying softly into his chest. Eventually, she returned to seithr, and awoke in the new world created by Ragna. [62]

In this world, Noel lives as a nun with Lambda, caring over Nu. They were visited by Tsubaki and Makoto who stayed for dinner, extending an open invitation from Kagura for Noel to return to the NOL at any time. She declined, saying that she would like to help people a different way. [63]


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