BlazBlue: Remix Heart

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ブレイブルー リミックスハート
BlazBlue: Remix Heart

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Publication Date Volume 1: February 8, 2013
Volume 2: September 12, 2013
Volume 3: May 9, 2014
Volume 4: September 6, 2014

DEKO Akao (Scenario), MORI Toshimichi (Planning, Supervision)




Fujimi Shobo

Page Count Volume 1: 150
Volume 2: 158
Volume 3: 160
Volume 4: 176
ISBN Volume 1: 978-4047128552
Volume 2: 978-4047128972
Volume 3: 978-4040701042
Volume 4: 978-4040701783

BlazBlue: Remix Heart (ブレイブルー リミックスハート) is a manga series published by Fujimi Shobo in Monthly Dragon Age. The scenario is written by DEKO Akao with supervision from MORI Toshimichi, and the illustrator is Sumeragi.


Mai Hazuki was transformed into a woman after an incident with a rampaging grimoire. Going into hiding as Mai Natsume and enrolling in the Military Academy, Mai begins to search for the Azure Grimoire. Connecting to the original series' 0th and 1st episodes, the curtain rises![1]


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BlazBlue Remix Heart Volume 2 Cover.jpg
Blazblue Remix Heart Volume 3 Cover.jpg
Blazblue Remix Heart Volume 4 Cover.jpg


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