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Kiri was born from the corpse of Ripper. The Magic Guild took Ripper's corpse and experimented on it multiple times because of its properties as not just the corpse of a Strange Red, but also an Irregular Type. In their experiments, they resurrected it, and it developed a new identity as Kiri. Kiri suffered through these experiments and found solace in his one friend – a Brain Cat doll that spoke to him and him alone. Unbeknownst to Kiri, this doll housed the soul of Ripper, who wanted nothing more than his own body back. Ripper took his body back at random intervals, and murdered all the leaders of the Magic Guild. Ripper took his body and escaped to Shin Yokozaki City.

Kiri did not know all this. All he was told by Brain Cat was that there were bad guys who needed to be defeated, and that Kiri would have to track down their leader: Touya Kagari. He also believed that he suffered from amnesia, but this was because he was unaware of how short his existence actually was.

Lost: Memories

In Shin Yokozaki, Kiri continued to hunt down Touya, but he didn't know who exactly he was looking for. Ripper, now identifying as Freaks, would occasionally take over Kiri's body and murder Drive-Unions, eating their crystals. One day, Kiri bumped into Es and Hinata Himezuru, and told them both about his situation. Es had also recently lost her memories and the three conversed for some time.[1]

Kiri was later told by Freaks to go to the Restricted Ward. There, he was found by Es. She told him that her memory had returned, and he congratulated her. He promised to help Es find the person she was looking for, and explained to her that he was hunting a man called Touya Kagari. Almost as soon as he said the name, Touya arrived and Freaks excitedly told Kiri to take him down. Kiri was hesitant because he knew this was someone precious to Es, but he was helpless as Freaks took over his body and bit into Touya. Freaks, now filled with seithr, was able to take over Kiri's body permanently.[2]

As Freaks was killed through the destruction of his crystal, Kiri returned to life. Es cradled him as he regained consciousness. Kiri spent time recovering in hospital with his beloved doll next to him, and received visits from Es.[3]


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