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Embryo Incident

Code: Embryo, Lost: Memories

Elise was first seen staring at the Himezuru residence, which Es found suspicious since most people shouldn't have been able to see it thanks to a special ward. Elise then introduced herself to Touya Kagari and Es, explaining that she was sent by the Magic Guild and thanking him for taking care of Kuon. She had been sent to review Kuon's performance and take her home if it was inadequate, but Kuon refused. Elise tried to get Touya and Hinata Himezuru to admit that Kuon was being a burden to them to make her leave but it failed. Kuon said that Elise was just trying to get back into her life while Elise insisted that she genuinely cared about her. Kuon countered by revealing that Elise became Kuon's roommate by telling her RA that Kuon was trouble to get herself assigned to look after Kuon. Elise then told everyone the real reason she wanted to be with Kuon; that she was in love with Kuon, which convinced Hinata to let Elise stay the night.

The next day, Kuon and Elise went on a shopping spree, forcing Touya to carry their stuff. After they finished, Elise suggested they go to a nearby café. They were then approached by Hinata, who was out shopping with Akira Kamewari. Elise introduced herself to Akira and Akira commented how lucky Touya was to have another girl staying with him. Upon figuring out that Akira had a crush on Hinata and was trying to get her help in buying a gift for her, Elise and Kuon dragged Touya away to leave the two alone. At the café, they spotted Acht. Elise told Acht that the rogue Ten Sages had been marked for death and a bounty hunter had been hired to eliminate them. Kuon demanded to know why Elise didn't tell her this but Elise said if she did Kuon would have been even more determined to stay. She warned Kuon not to attack since magic could only be used in emergencies, but Kuon ignores her once Acht reveals herself to be a Union. Once Acht left and Kuon said she couldn't leave after being humiliated like that, Elise cursed Acht, with Kuon remarking that Elise's true colors were showing and Elise saying to pretend she didn't hear that. [1]

The next night, Elise, Kuon and Mei Amanohokosaka arrived at the Himezuru residence to find Akira standing over an unconscious Touya, Es and Hinata. Once Akira fled, she introduced herself to Mei, who was surprised by how polite she was. Inside the Himezuru residence, Mei discussed with Kuon and Elise how unnatural it was for Akira to already be in phase three and what the Ten Sages were planning, specifically to push Touya over the edge. Mei told them that she had heard a strange Discover Call from Touya. She confirmed that he wasn't a Union, but was worried about the Discover Call's meaning. After strengthening the barrier around the house, Elise said that she would return to Ishana to hack into the Magic Guild's database and find out more about the Wadatsumi Incident, the Origin of the Grimoire and the Embryo. Kuon was initially hesitant, but Elise convinced her by revealing that she had covered up Kuon's own attempt to get into the restricted database. Elise said she didn't just come to hang out with Kuon, but to help her, making her promise to come back as soon as she was done. The next day, she returned to Ishana. [2]

After Touya was branded as a Union, Elise used her hacking skills to send out false leads that Touya had left Shin Yokozaki City on a bullet train and set up fake sightings of him throughout Japan. Elise sent Kuon a letter that contained her findings about the Wadatsumi Incident. She discovered that Souichiro Unomaru was a survivor of the incident and that he was not working to treat the Unions he captured, but rather to gather their crystals so he could refine the Embryo. She also had found that TOi is powered by the T-System and was created to be a high-level information control system. [3]

One month after the Embryo Incident, Elise called Touya with Kuon's phone. Kuon took the phone back, calling Elise embarrassing. Ringo Akagi interrupted, saying she would leave now that she'd stolen Hinata's recipe, which relieved Touya. Ringo said she didn't expect to see Touya any time soon and left. Kuon was surprised to find Zwei at the Himezuru residence but Touya had no idea what she was talking about. Kuon gave Touya an update on his request; saying she found out how the Origin of the Grimoire ended up in Wadatsumi. 10 years ago, the Magic Guild and the Takamagahara Group cooperated to open the gate to the Boundary. Takamagahara wanted the infinite energy source of seithr while the Magic Guild wanted to find the “Roots of the Azure.” The Magic Guild had members of the Ten Sages try to force open the gate and they were lost in the Wadatsumi Incident. When asked where they got this information from, Elise nearly let slip that she had contact with Zwei, but caught herself and claimed it was because of her and Kuon's love. Elise then told Kuon they needed to get back to their room since the dorm manager was making her rounds so Kuon hung up in a hurry. [4]

Elise helped Mei cover up the Embryo incident. One month later, Kuon sent Hinata a letter, which said that Elise wouldn't stop demanding to return to Japan so the two would likely be back soon. [5]

Lost: Memories

When Kuon returned to Ishana from Japan, she had a mission for Elise: to comb through as much information as possible on the Wadatsumi Incident. Elise was fairly successful, having learned about the cooperation between the Takamagahara Organization and the Magic Guild. She learned about the motives for both groups, as well as the involvement of the Ten Sages. She shared this information with Kuon and they called Touya to reveal the findings. Over the phone they heard the voice of Ringo Akagi, formerly Zwei of the Ten Sages. They didn't tell him who she was, but they knew nonetheless.[6]

Both Elise and Kuon eventually returned to Shin Yokozaki. Within the Restricted Ward, Touya would eventually come across a Union named Freaks. This Union was too strong for Touya, Mei, Kuon, and Elise, and managed to kill them all. Es, who watched silently from within the World of Tsukuyomi, could not let them die in vain. She rewound time, but without a variable factor, the event was always destined to happen again and again. This changed when Konoe A. Mercury intervened, repowering the Embryo and allowing Nobody to create a human version of Es in Shin Yokozaki at least a few days before the deaths would occur. [7]

Time rewound. Elise and Kuon were sent on a mission to Japan in order to tie up some loose ends leftover by the Guild. On Elise's insistence, the two of them went to Akihabara first before returning to Shin Yokozaki City, where they met Hinata, Touya, and Es. Unfortunately, their memories were still altered, and were unable to remember who Es was exactly. The mages disclosed that they were on a mission and that they would be busy in the evening; as well as this, they revealed that Zwei and Ringo were one and the same, shocking Touya. After Hinata and Touya explained that they were throwing a welcome party for Es the following evening, both mages decided that they would join in the festivities.[8]

At the party, Mei claimed to have seen both Elise and Kuon in Akihabara reading manga. While Kuon was flustered, Elise was proud. She stood on the table and exclaimed her pride in fandom, asking why she should feel ashamed for loving it so.[9] The following day, Elise and Kuon were called by Mei and Touya for a meeting. Mei requested their help in hunting down a Union which was terrorizing Shin Yokozaki. Later that evening, the mages met up with Mei to tell her that they believed Freaks was the Union.[10] The following day, Elise met with Mei, Kuon, and Touya to discuss how to apprehend Freaks.[11]

As they hunted down Unions in the evening, both Elise and Kuon were unable to contact either Mei or Touya. They ran towards the Restricted Ward and saw them both battling against Freaks while Es was watching. The mages joined the fray, saving Mei from a fatal slash, and they began assaulting the Union with two blasts of Soul Direction spells. Elise boasted that their teamwork was invincible, but this only annoyed Freaks. He activated the New Testament Grimoire and began draining the life-force of everyone present. Es, having activated her own powers, was able to stop this. Mei regained consciousness and the three magic users threw as many spells at Freaks as possible. He was eventually killed by Es.

Elise returned to Ishana after Freaks death. Kuon became the new leader of the Ten Sages with Elise's full support. Es and Elise became close friends during this period, exchanging messages every day.[12]


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