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Raquel was created when a user of Soul Eater went havoc and killed hundreds upon thousands of people. Clavis Alucard stopped the user and killed them, but was forced to take the lives of 128,932 people in order to do so. When this happened, he held an Embryo. Three years later, the Embryo became Raquel and she was born.

When Raquel awoke, she was inside a coffin with Clavis looking down upon her. He named her and in the first months of her life, he taught her everything he knew. In the months afterwards, he connected her spirit to the Boundary and she gained even more knowledge. This causes Raquel great pain and suffering until it finally ended. When she turned 2, Raquel ran away from the Alucard Castle and made her way to Shin Kawahama City, Japan. She began to search for the Azure, being naturally drawn to it, and was being chased down by both Clavis and Spinner Superior, a former mage.

Bloodedge Experience - Part 1

In October, Raquel was being chased by an Apostle, one of Spinner's agents. She ran past a boy and entered an abandoned district in her attempts to flee. The boy followed after her and got in the way of the Apostle. Raquel smacked the boy for commenting on her chest size, even though she was stark naked, and the Apostle grabbed her by the throat. She saw the boy run away, and she let slip a smirk, remembering what Clavis had once said about human nature. However, the boy came back and hit the Apostle over the head with a fire extinguisher, killing it. Unfortunately, a bug erupted from the man and cut the right arm off of the boy. Raquel bit him, and made him her servant.[1]


She learned from biting the boy that his name was Naoto Kurogane, and took him back to his apartment. When he awoke, she explained the situation to him, and how they share the same life-force value. Haruka Hayami, Naoto's cousin, entered the apartment and saw Naoto trying to put clothes on the young vampire. Raquel used Slave Red to make convince Haruka that they were cousins, and she was not a stranger. Haruka dragged Raquel into Naoto's room and fitted her with clothes bought by Yuki Hayami.

Raquel convinced Naoto to return to the abandoned complex that they met in, and saw that all traces of yesterday's incident had disappeared. They then went to a local park since Raquel wanted to explore the city. She melted into her servant's shadow, tired from walking in the sunlight. Naoto was attacked by Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, an Immortal Breaker, but was saved by the man's partner, Relius Clover. When Relius left, he gave some parting advice to Raquel to better hide herself. She then explained to Naoto who the men were and left sorcery based writing on the wall of the arcade. It was addressed to Spinner, and was a taunt for him to come after her and Naoto, saying that if he could defeat her servant, she would be his.[2]

When the two arrived back at Naoto's apartment, they were met by Clavis. Raquel refused to return to the Alucard Castle with him, but before the conversation could continue, they were once again interrupted by the Immortal Breakers. Raquel watched as her father effortlessly fended them off and disappeared as quickly as he came. Moments later, Kiiro Hikagami, an agent of the Mitsurugi Agency, walked into the building. She introduced herself and gave Raquel a menacing stare, giving the girl a severe anxiety attack.

With the apartment destroyed, Raquel was relocated to Haruka's apartment. She almost watched Naoto and Haruka share a kiss, but she interrupted them to point out that Yuki Hayami was hiding behind the frame of the door. Yuki took an immediate liking to Raquel and began to fawn over her delicate features before Haruka had to drag the vampire out of the room to save her.[3]

First day

The following morning, Yuki took Raquel out shopping and bought her a school uniform; she then enrolled the girl into Shin Kawahama First High School, and also into Naoto's homeroom. She unintentionally made his life difficult: demanding tea; stripping bare when she heard she had to take PE; and calling Naoto her servant all caused the boy to have a terrible day. At lunch, the two met behind the school and Raquel cast a sorcery circle to detect Remnants of Azure nearby. She noticed that there were 8 Drive users at the school, but only one of them caught her attention. They were then interrupted by Kana Kirishima, who introduced herself as Raquel had an anxiety attack. As the girl left, Raquel noticed that one of Spinner's Remnants was lingering around Kana.

The duo decided to investigate Kana. The following day, Raquel abruptly asked her if she knew Spinner, which only confused the girl. In the evening, they tracked her down to an adult store down a dark alley. They were too late and Raquel spent time with the store assistant who showed her various wares. Using Slave Red, Raquel managed to get the information on Kana that she needed, and tracked the girl down to an abandoned set of apartments, using her Drive to transport herself and Naoto to the location. When they found Kana, she broke down, and explained that Naoto's teacher, Tadayuki Isa, was coercing her into sexual acts. Raquel entered the empty apartment and deduced that Tadayuki had become an Apostle. Naoto had rushed to the school upon hearing that Haruka was in trouble, and Raquel trailed after him.[4]

When Raquel arrived at the school, Tadayuki had already begun his transformation into an insect. Raquel cared for the unconscious Haruka but was soon targeted by the teacher. Naoto took the blow instead and activated his Drive, Bloodedge, for the first time. Upon seeing this, Raquel shed a single tear, but congratulated Naoto on defeating the Apostle. The Mitsurugi Agency entered with Kiiro and they assessed the situation. However, Spinner himself appeared and demolished the Agency soldiers. He began to compliment Raquel, but she blew him off. Kiiro and Spinner began to insult one another and it was only on Raquel's insistence that the mage left, although he promised he would return.[5]

Some time later, Raquel was reading a book while having lunch with Haruka and Naoto. She stayed in her position as the door opened, with Saya Terumi, Naoto's younger sister, standing at the frame.[6]

Bloodedge Experience - Part 2

Raquel did not interact with Saya, but was dragged out of the apartment by Haruka. Haruka began to explain about Naoto's family. Raquel continued to listen until she felt her life-force being sapped away and burst back into the apartment, using her Drive to knock Saya away from Naoto. She remarked that the girl had the Drive - Soul Eater. The two briefly battled, and Raquel was forced to use defensive sorcery, yet was still cut by the girl's sharp blade. Saya then left, unsatisfied.[7]

The following day at school, Raquel sat with Naoto and demanded information about Saya, since she had none even though she had bitten him. She explained to Naoto about Soul Eater in exchange for information about the boy's past and his sister. Raquel then asked if Naoto's heartbeat was in synchronization with Kiiro's, finding it odd, and having a hunch on what the woman might be. Before lunch ended, they were met by Kana, who had her memories wiped by the Mitsurugi Agency. Raquel hid behind Naoto but listened to the explanation. After the girl left, Raquel suggested that Naoto do some training to prepare taking on Spinner.

In the night, Raquel and Naoto sneaked out of the apartment and were found by Yuki, who let them go after they gave her a poor lie about visiting a book store. They found an Apostle on one of the rooftops, in a stage where he would be unable to be saved by surgery. Raquel watched as Naoto darted around him, but got bored and asked that he just attack already. Using her Drive, she controlled where Naoto went, and was surprised when her servant killed the Apostle with a single blow to the head.[8]

After the fight, the Agency arrived and handled the corpse of the Apostle. Both Raquel and Naoto retired back to the apartment for the night, but the vampire was not done with her servant as she interrupted him bathing and demanded that he clean her. Reluctantly, he agreed. She explained that the reason why he was able to kill the Apostle so easily was because of his transformation into a vampire, but it was thanks to Clavis that he was reaping the benefits of being strong, yet his transformation was still stagnated.


The following afternoon, the trio of Raquel, Haruka, and Naoto spent their lunch break on the school rooftop. They talked about family, and the vampire innocently blurted out that Haruka wants to be with Naoto, something the girl did not deny. They went to the supermarket in the evening, and Raquel was unaware that Naoto had been caught in Phenomenon Intervention by her father. Suddenly, Raquel felt Remnants nearby and both her and Naoto rushed to the source.[9]

When they arrived, they found Saya battling against Valkenhayn. Relius did not participate, but both the man and Raquel called out when Spinner suddenly arrived and kidnapped Saya.[10] Using her Drive, Raquel launched herself and her servant to the rooftop where Spinner laid in wait. Saya was attached to a large bug that was making her Drive go out of control. The pair battled the bug as Spinner watched, and it was only when Naoto found his strength that he defeated the bug that was intended for Clavis. Raquel used her Drive to push the corpse onto Spinner and she briefly looked after Saya.

Spinner, however, was not finished and his shadow extended, catching Raquel. She was dragged into a grotesque fusion with the mage, and without her sorcery, Naoto's right arm dissolved. Naoto eventually rescued her, dragging her out of the monster and held her in his arms. Raquel watched as Spinner mutated into a disgusting monster. Raquel realised that the mage had opened a portal to the Boundary but she was too weak to defend herself and Naoto. They were saved by Kiiro, who killed Spinner, but soon turned her weapon on Raquel. Clavis intervened and the young vampire's life was spared. She smiled at Naoto as he faded into the unconscious from his battle.[11]

Raquel and Haruka watched over Naoto as he was in hospital. She explained Spinner's death, but left the explanation on his new limbs to Kiiro, whom was keeping herself from murdering Raquel. When the woman left, Raquel hugged her servant, and they promised to find the Azure together.[12]

Central Fiction

Together again

The world that Raquel and Naoto lived in began to crumble away from existence. It is a "possibility", the outcome of the decisions made in another world. She sent Naoto to the world that was the source, giving him little information but begging him to save their world. Naoto eventually succeeded by preventing Ragna the Bloodedge from killing Hazama.[13] Her servant returned to his world where Raquel waited for him. She took his hand and they were reunited once again - the goal of Naoto's in all the time he had spent in the other world.[14]


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