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Akio Osafune

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"Dumbass... This isn't about money. Seriously, just let me pound on him."
Akio Osafune

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Akio Osafune





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Iron Shooter


XBlaze Code: Embryo

Akio Osafune (長船秋生) is a Union who appears in XBlaze Code: Embryo. He is in a gang of thugs in Shin Yokozaki City. He attempted to steal the Origin of the Grimoire because Sechs promised to cure him if he did. His Drive was Iron Shooter


Akio Osafune looks like a young man with a more slim shape. He has shaggy orange hair cut just above his shoulders and covered by a baggy black beanie which has two buttons pinned to it -- one yellow and the other green. He has a horizontal eyebrow piercing near the inner part of his brow on the left side. He has another visible piercing on his face at his lower lip on the right side. All of these piercings are plain silver studs. His eyes appear to be a light brown color. His black, slightly baggy jogger shorts cinch below the knee and have ties at either side, knotted in a typical bow loop.

Akio wear a lengthy long-sleeve striped shirt in shades of deep indigo and a smokey lavender. The sleeves are cut at the forearm and attached via over-sized staples; the shredded portions of his sleeves continue the rest of the way over his wrists. Over his top he wear a similarly shredded long, very loose vest jacket in a dark navy color. He has runners shoes that are in similar colors to his stripped top, with the heel and toe of the shoe taking the darker color and the center being lighter.


Not much is known about Akio's personality. He is very violent as he wanted to beat up Akira when the other thugs were content with shaking him down. As his crystal progresses into phases four and five he becomes more insane, being beyond reason by the time Ripper killed him.

Powers & Techniques

As a Union, he possesses the Drive Iron Shooter, which allows him to fire any metal object he touches at high speeds. This can range from small ball bearings to a large steel tower.

Official Profiles

XBlaze Code: Embryo Character Report

Akio Osafune

A member of the gang that tried to shake down Akira. A Union with the ability to launch anything metal as high-speed projectiles, he was detained with the help of Kuon. He was after the "Grimoire" because a man with white hair promised to cure him if he somehow retrieved it. Ripper killed him and then ate his crystal. [1]


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