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Linhua was born in Kagutsuchi, and lost her parents while she was still young. She was raised by foster parents, and became a medical assistant for Litchi at some point between the Ikaruga Civil War and the events of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. She attends Orient Town's New Year festivities every year, and hopes to become a doctor.

Calamity Trigger

A gentleman brought Noel Vermillion to Litchi's clinic after she was defeated by Iron Tager. Linhua went out to buy supplies, and saw Ragna the Bloodedge carrying Taokaka back to the Kaka Village. She made her way back to look after the clinic while Litchi and Noel left to go back to the Village. [1]

While she was on her own, Linhua looked after Bang after he lost to Jin Kisaragi. She took him to Dr. Han, another medical specialist, while Litchi was away.

Continuum Shift

The following day, Linhua and Litchi celebrated the New Year together before the latter started to feel strange, and retreated back to the clinic. Later on, Linhua found Tager and Litchi fighting, watching as Litchi lost. Terrified and crying, Linhua approached Tager and began punching his metal hide until her fists began bleeding. On Kokonoe's orders, Tager stayed with Linhua until she calmed down. [2]

Central Fiction

It's unknown if Linhua was one of the Chosen, although it seems unlikely. Regardless, a version of her appeared inside the Embryo, fulfilling much the same role as she did in Calamity Trigger. After Mai Natsume fought Relius Clover, she and Kajun Faycott came to the clinic where Linhua helped to patch her up. [3]

Linhua is last seen in the new world Ragna created. She was running the clinic when Litchi, Kajun, and Mai dropped off a nervous Platinum the Trinity there. [4]


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