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A researcher employed by Sector Seven, Kajun is a smart young woman who excels in gathering information and espionage. She was sent by Kokonoe to the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune to pose as a student in the Military Academy. There, her job was gather as much information as she could on the Burning Red Grimoire, and if possible, retrieve it. Obtaining the Azure Grimoire was also a secondary objective. At some point, she witnessed Iron Tager carrying back the coffin containing Lambda-11.

Kajun enrolled, passing all examinations with good marks, but was forced to suffer Noel Vermillion's "death dinner" in her first week.

Remix Heart

Moving into her dorm, Kajun was left without a dormmate for around a week until Mai Natsume moved in. She immediately started taking measurements of her new friend before they left for the cafeteria. Despite having already tasted Noel's “death dinner, she decided to give it another shot; she was immediately knocked back by it and returned to her dorm where she was looked after by Mai, Noel, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Makoto Nanaya. The five of them became fast friends and they all went to the changing rooms together before Mai fainted inside. [1] Soon afterwards, Kajun learnt about the Torifune Festival, and wanted to help Tsubaki win it so she could be closer to Jin Kisaragi, who she had met that day with Akane Teruhiko and Taro Sasaga'e. She tasked Mai with gathering the thoughts of the other competitors by kissing them, and accumulated the data together when she did so - by doing this, Tsubaki nearly won, but Kajun stole the first position once she learnt that winning would only make Jin and Tsubaki grow further apart. Thus, Kajun was crowned Izanami. [2]

Sometime after the festival, Kajun (with Tsubaki, Makoto, Noel, and Mai) wound up lost in the lower levels of Torifune in the pursuit of watermelons. They choked on thick seithr, seeking refuge in an abandoned mansion where they were assaulted by a mutated watermelon - Kajun was saved by Mai, and they discovered the Evolution Grimoire deep within - they soon returned to the higher levels, and decided to name themselves Team Remix Heart. They would search for Grimoires scattered across Torifune in the hopes of curing Mai's super taste ability and potentially come across the Azure Grimoire itself. [3] Spring soon arrived, and Team Remix Heart was tasked with cleaning out the room of Estella McKenzie - by this point, Kajun had tricked Mai into wearing a maid's outfit. They found a secret room that was filled with many traditionally feminine outfits, and the girls tried some on before discovering a sealed room with the Ammit Cryas sealed inside. Kajun peered into it, nearly breaking her secret identity as a member of Sector Seven. They returned it to Estella, but were issued the maximum penalty for going through her belongings - eating Noel's "death dinner". [4]

When the Sports Festival arrived, Team Remix Heart united once again. They managed to overcome the various obstacles and were tasked with finding the Conversion Grimoire [5] They soon arrived in a desert in Torifune's lower levels, encountering the Guardian, who gave them the Conversion Grimoire after two tests. When they arrived back in the higher levels, the team placed last, but were still awarded the title of MVP for actually finding the object they were tasked with seeking. [6] Thanks to the Regulation Grimoire, the climate control of Torifune had broken down, reverting the city back to its naturally cold state. Due to Taro, Kajun, with the rest of Team Remix Heart and Jin, were thrown into a nearby beach outside of the out-of-control weather. On her person, Kajun carried Golden Angel, allowing everyone to enjoy the tropical weather. They soon found the Regulation Grimoire, and Kajun began fixing it before they were rescued by an Ars Magus vessel. With the Grimoire fixed, the weather returned to normal. [7]

Days later, Team Remix Heart found Mai unconscious in the Academy library, having been taken into the Hypnagogia Grimoire. The girls desperately tried to find a way to break her out of her trance, but were largely unsuccessful, being overjoyed when Mai broke out of the trance by herself. [8] Mai lost her memories after coming into contact with the Aequivalentis Grimoire, and Kajun desperately sought a way to restore her memories, eventually finding that Mai tasting tears would restore her memories of her friends. After hearing that Mai thought she was a man, Kajun began to gently question her, and was happy when Mai restored her memories by consuming Kajun's tears. [9]

After receiving a tip from Kokonoe about the Azure Grimoire possibly being inside the ninth level of Torifune, Kajun convinced the rest of Team Remix Heart to journey down to it. They encountered a cooking challenge, barely passing, and were separated from Mai when a fissure swallowed them. [10] Now presented with a laundry challenge, the remainder of Team Remix Heart managed to pass, and found Mai on the tenth floor with the Aedsqui Grimoire - Kajun determined that to be the source Kokonoe was talking about, when in reality, the Azure Grimoire had actually been near Mai while they were separated. [11] Mai soon became sick after encountering the former Grimoire, and Kajun conducted her own investigation, finding that she had a surge of Azure within her, and revealing that Mai was now the Intermediary Grimoire. [12]

While bathing with the rest of Remix Heart, Kajun was interrupted by Shiori Kirihito and Chachakaka, who begun groping her and Mai. She soon learned that the former would be her new roommate with Mai, and fell for her lies of being frail and weak. She looked after Jin, Taro, and Akane while they were sick, [13] soon seeing Jin go berserk with his Nox Nyctores - the Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa, [14] helping guide Mai out of his directed wrath. Kajun saw her being rescued by professor Cypher Albar, telling the others about him, but being unable to deliver much information since he was reclusive. [15] The following morning, she was not terribly happy with how close Shiori was attempting to become with Mai. [16] With the others involved in the Yukianesa incident, Kajun watched over the massive icebergs that were created, soon saving Tsubaki from a Torifune panda that had taken some of Shiori's personality thanks to Mai. She soon saw Mai blush when she saw Taro, deducing that she has feelings for him. [17] Knowing this, Kajun prepared her for a date with Taro after having been introduced to Carl Clover earlier that day, preparing her clothes for the event, and then later assaulting him when he turned up extremely late to it. [18]

Upon noticing that Mai had not finished doing the laundry, Kajun investigated, finding remains of a monster on the rooftop of the dorms. She contacted Kokonoe, sending her some data and discovering that it was made with alchemy - they deduced that it was created by a former scientist from Sector Seven, in reality, Cypher Albar. [19] She teamed up with Mai and Shiori during survival training, making a good team with the latter as they hunted down the Mountain Jellyfish. They eventually found it when they teamed up with Makoto, Tsubaki, and Noel, putting it down and finishing in first place for the training. [20]

Mai became seriously ill, and Kajun, under Cypher's orders was to use Ars Magus to help break a seal around her to make her conscious. Kajun, alongside the rest of Remix Heart, were then caught in an alchemic barrier created by Cypher as he attempted to murder them to recreate a Burning Red Grimoire. Her power was sapped out of her but she was saved by Chachakaka who revealed, using the Ammit Cryas, that Mai is the heir to the Hazuki family and formerly a young man. [21] Kajun hugged Mai after she was saved from the alchemic barrier. She managed to gather enough people with Chachakaka to create a massive Ars Magus barrier that prevented Cypher from killing everyone in the Academy. Kajun later contacted Kokonoe, asking about the Burning Red and reporting that Cypher had escaped. The researcher was told that Kokonoe sought it in order to try and power Iron Tager. Kajun soon told Mai that her status as an Intermediary Grimoire had vanished, and Team Remix Heart continued to enjoy the rest of their first year. [22]

Variable Heart

In what should have been her second year at the Academy, Kajun returned to Sector Seven where she began to create the Gallia Sphyras: Outseal, a replica Legacy Weapon. She came into contact with Kagura Mutsuki under Kokonoe's orders and contacted Mai as she fought against Meifang Lapislazuli. She sent her friend the Outseal and teleported her out of the area soon after. [23] Now together again, Kajun explained to Mai that she was an agent of Sector Seven and that she works under Kokonoe. She begged her friend to join her on venturing back to the organization's headquarters, and Mai agreed. Together, they infiltrated an NOL train destined towards the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. While aboard, Kajun explained that Mai had become the No-Name Grimoire, as well as the origins of Outseal. They saw a coffin, and Kajun noted it to be similar to Lambda's. The two of them were soon to be assaulted by NOL guards, but they were rescued by Jubei, one of the Six Heroes. [24]

Outseal gripped Mai's mind and she attempted to harm Jubei. Kajun frantically attempted to snap her out of the stance, but was unsuccessful. Moments later, the train cart derailed as the result of a clash between Jubei and an NOL soldier. [25] Kajun managed to find her way around the snowy mountains, eventually finding Meifang and a group of soldiers. She was caught spying on them, and fled, frantically attempting to both escape and find Mai. Unfortunately, she was surrounded by the Wings of Justice, but was saved by by Taro and Shiori. [26] The three of them ran after Mai, with Kajun being carried by Taro to the destination, one which they ascertained by Outseal's activation. [27] When they found her, she was being choked by Ragna the Bloodedge and was accompanied by a young girl - Bell. [28]

Ragna broke free of the wires that Taro had ensnared him with, shocking Kajun. The fight was interrupted by a Fuzzy, who descended into the group and summoned multiple ghouls for the group to fight while he battled Ragna. Kajun was able to keep them at bay by setting them alight with her chemicals. [29] She continued to fight the ghouls while ordering Shiori and Taro to protect Mai, and was astonished when Fuzzy summoned a massive Bone Dragon to fight against the group. After having dispatched the majority of the ghouls, Kajun taunted the vampire to distract him from a blow from Mai. [30] After seeing Outseal harm Fuzzy, Kajun became quite proud of it, explaining to Ragna that the Nox Nyctores' were based off the Legacy Weapons themselves. Mai fell from the power needed to activate the spear, and she apologized for giving her friend such a dangerous weapon. Together, however, they prevented the activation of Ragna's Azure Grimoire, and Kajun created a large explosion to distract Fuzzy as Mai assaulted him with Outseal. [31]

Fuzzy, however, was not defeated, as Meifang herself blocked the killing blow from Mai. The group was then surrounded by the Wings of Justice, but the group was teleported out of the area by Rachel Alucard. When they awoke, they were in the 11th Hierarchical City of Shinatsu, near the Hazuki estate, but Ragna was not with them. Kajun herself was shocked at what had happened, not believing teleportation to be possible on such a large scale. [32] When they entered the Hazuki estate, they were greeted by Julian, and then Rin Hazuki, Mai's mother. She watched as Mai battled against her father, Houichirou Hazuki, and lost. [33] Kajun also watched as Mai trained against Rin, and saw her use Vision. Shiori told Kajun about Vision, as it was one of the few things she was not versed on. Later that evening, she talked to Mai about her father in the Hazuki library. Soon enough, the rematch between Mai and Houichirou began, but was interrupted by Kokonoe and Litchi Faye-Ling, shocking Kajun as she had not expected her senior scientist to arrive in person. [34]

Demanding an explanation from Kokonoe, Kajun was ignored, but sided with Mai's decision to follow her back to Sector Seven. [35] The group, consisting of Kokonoe, Litchi, Mai, Shiori, Taro, Bell, and Kajun, journeyed to Shinatsu' cauldron to return to the Sector Seven headquarters. They were ambushed by another Fuzzy, making the group realise that they had only dealt with one of a large number of Fuzzies. Bell was snatched by one and Mai followed after them, but an overwhelming number of Fuzzies prevented Kajun from following. Kokonoe teleported Tager to their location and the group fought against the vampires. [36]

Nearly overwhelmed, the group were granted some respite in the Fuzzies crumbling into dust. Kokonoe, with the assistance of Litchi and Tager, teleported Kajun, Shiori, and Taro into a Phantom Field created by Meifang. Here, the four of them battled against her, with Mai landing the killing blow. Kajun noticed that Outseal had become finished, it had a limiter, and the group escaped from the crumbling Phantom Field. When they arrived outside of it, they were met by Jin, who coldly walked away. Later on, Kajun was reunited with Noel, Tsubaki, and Makoto thanks to the efforts of Akane. [37]

Central Fiction

Although it is unknown if she was one of the chosen, Kajun was taken inside the Embryo in the February of 2200AD. She supported Mai as she became one of the chosen herself. She managed to stop Makoto and Mai from fighting berating the latter harshly, but was helpless when Mai was teleported by Relius to a different part of the Embryo. She found Mai after she was beaten by Relius, and brought her back to Litchi's clinic in a distorted version of Kagutsuchi where she was looked after by Linhua. [38]

Kajun was last seen in the new world created by Ragna. She and Mai took Platinum the Trinity to Litchi's clinic where she would be looked after. [39]


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