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The Origin

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The Origin


Boundary Interface Prime Field Device

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Character Titles

Zeroth Prime Field Device (第零素体, Dai-Zero Sotai)
First Prime Field (第一接触体, Dai-Ichi Sotai)


BlazBlue: Central Fiction (NPC)

The Origin (原初の接触者ジ・オリジン) is the original Prime Field Device and the wielder of the Amaterasu Unit. She is the creator of the BlazBlue world and the main reason for the Looping World. Lambda-11, Mu-12, Noel Vermillion, and Nu-13 contain pieces of her soul, while Izanami is her Drive.


Having the appearance of a young girl with fair skin and blonde hair that comes down to her feet. Her eyes are never seen, hidden beneath the shadow of her hair.

The Origin is always naked, her thin figure decorated with numerous scars. Her body is crucified against the Amaterasu Unit, with numerous red and blue wires wrapping around her chest and injecting themselves into her hips and thighs. On her chest is a large seithr regulator.


The personality of The Origin is something that can only be glimpsed at by her actions on the world she created. Having created the Looping World and making Ragna the Central Fiction, it appears that she has some kind of affection for him as she would reset the world whenever he was killed.

Powers and Techniques

As the wielder of Amaterasu, The Origin is extremely powerful, having the most powerful Phenomenon Intervention that has been seen in the series. Able to loop time indefinitely with phases lasting for 100 years is just one of the powers she can employ as Amaterasu's wielder, but she is also capable of discreet interventions. As a Prime Field Device, she can survive the influence of the Boundary and seithr as a whole.

Izanami is The Origin's Drive. The two, however, do not work together as Izanami is The Origin's lust for destruction. As well as this, The Origin is also immobile, being fixed to Amaterasu, and should someone be able to enter the Unit, she would be unable to defend herself outside of Phenomenon Interventions.

Official Descriptions

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

The Origin

An entity that was supposed to be sealed away in the Master Unit's coffin. [1]


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