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Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit Don't tell me this is somewhere beyond the Gate.... What, the Mitsurugi Agency? Ugh, not those guys again! Damn, not like I've got any other choice. I'll follow you. I'm the current Amanohokosaka priestess, Amanohokosaka Mei! You better remember that!
New Unit ここはまさか、『門』の向こうなのか……?御剣機関だと?ええい、またお前らか!仕方ない、他に選択肢もないだろうし、お前たちに従ってやろう。私は今代の天ノ矛坂の巫女、天ノ矛坂冥。覚えておけ!
Ascension (SS+) New strength...not bad.
Ascension (SS+) 新たな力か……悪くないな
Ascension (SS++) To come this fearsome.
Ascension (SS++) これほどとは……恐ろしい奴だな
Ascension (SS+++) I'll put all the compensation I owe you to work.
Ascension (SS+++) ここまでの対価分は、働いてやる
Home Screen
Talk What's this? It's a business proposal. Eventually, we're going to start a company so we can market our "Shrine Maiden Idol Group (tentative name)" through them! Heh heh heh... if we take our time and meticulously plan this out, success won't escape us!
Talk これか?企画書だ。いずれは大きな社を立てて、巫女アイドルグループ(仮)で売り出していく予定だからな!くくっ、これだけ綿密に計画を練れば、成功は間違いない!
Likes What do I like? Listening to music. I don't care about the genre, I'll listen to anything. You should also try listening to all kinds of music, not just the major ones.
Likes 好きなこと?音楽を聞くことだ。ジャンルにこだわりはない、何でも聞くぞ。お前もメジャーなものばかりじゃなく、色々と聞いてみるといい。
Dislikes I dislike the Magic Guild. I can't stand their underhanded methods. What? You're related? Hmph. It's not too late for you to drop out.
Dislikes 魔道協会は嫌いだ。やつらの陰険な手口は見るに耐えん。なに?お前も関係者だと?ふん、鞍替えするなら今のうちだぞ?
Hobby Hobbies? Let's see...Researching and developing Ars[1] and talismans, I guess. It's got practical uses, too. Don't underestimate the occult now, you hear? My research has led to all sorts of strange occurrences before. You can look forward to it.
Hobby 趣味?そうだな、術式や護符の研究と、開発だな。実益も兼ねているが。 オカルトだと侮るなよ?私の研究のおかげでどうにかなるという場面も多いのだ。まあ、期待しておけ。
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  1. An update changed this from 術/Jutsu (arts/spell) to 術式/Jutsushiki (Ars magus), despite her being from a time before the development of Ars. I believe the intended change was supposed to be 魔術/Majutsu (Sorcery)