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"Oh dear, 'murder.' Please don't say something so scary. I may look like this, but I'm a pacifist, you know?"[1]
Kazuma Kval

Kazuma Kval


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Kazuma Kval (カズマ=クヴァル) is a former student of the Mage's Guild and the vessel for Yuuki Terumi during the Dark War. A shy student who did not wished to get involved with other's affairs. Kazuma was seduced into his inner darkness by Terumi and betrayed his friends to fulfil his destiny as the God's vessel. He was very close to Trinity Glassfille.

Kazuma first appeared as the main protagonist in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1 and then as one of the major antagonists for the rest of the novel series. He was revealed for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War on February 14th, 2018.


Kazuma's school attire

Pale, skinny, and with amber eyes that gave the impression that they were permanently shut. Kazuma had green hair that obscured half of his face and always wore a smile described as being similar to a crescent moon. He was always seen in the Mage's Guild's uniform, which was a white shirt with golden hemming, black trousers, black leather shoes, and a black mantle with golden rims. After his encounter with Tomonori, Kazuma had a large scar on the right side of his abdomen that was shaped like large slashes.

When possessed by Terumi, Kazuma's face was obscured by the hood of the signature yellow coat usually worn by the spirit. Because of this, the people around him, including the Six Heroes, were not immediately able to tell that he was among their ranks.


Kazuma gave the impression to all that he was a meek and average student. He had no hobbies and no friends outside of Trinity. His grades were average and he spoke very little to anyone, only really talking when necessary. Nobody paid attention to Kazuma and that was how he liked it. Kazuma cared little for food with the sole exception of hard boiled eggs, which are the only things that he likes. He often struggled to interact with others because he had no idea how to react. With no recollection of his "parents" or doing anything that normal people would do, Kazuma struggled to understand others and their emotions. Even if it was an inconvenience for himself, Kazuma would feign a smile for others and lied often for them.

Underneath his shy behaviour lay a personality extremely similar to that of Terumi's. He hates being underestimated and will do absolutely anything in the pursuit of his own goals. He's much more intelligent and manipulative than others would want to believe, and a cruel side of him will surface when he is angered. Despite all of this, he seemed to have genuine feelings of attachment towards Trinity at some point, and hated lying to her because of how sincerely kind she was to him.

Powers and Techniques

Being a student at the Mage's Guild, Kazuma had a good understanding of sorcery and alchemy, being able to employ both. He had a unique ability engineered into him by Relius that allowed him to heal from nearly any wound in a short space of time. Kazuma had an almost inhuman ability to dodge attacks that were aimed at him by even some of the fastest creatures alive. With sorcery, Kazuma has employed several spells. He can cast defensive sorcery which can deflect and absorb attacks, and can also use sorcery that causes strong shock waves from the palms of his hands. Kazuma had a high Ars Magus Aptitude since he was able to wield Ouroboros and also wield it with deadly accuracy.

Otherwise, Kazuma is a strong liar and manipulator, being able to fool both Nine and Trinity at least for a while with his continued lies.

Official Profiles

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Library Entry

Kazuma Kval

A student who also attended the Magic School during the Dark War - he is classmates with Nine and Trinity. His grades were average at best; he didn't have any hobbies, and never stood out. He has a bizarre trait, where his wounds seem to heal on their own; however, he keeps this a secret from his colleagues.

He is polite to everyone he meets, but that effort takes its toll on him. Trinity and he often relate to one another, sharing such experiences.

He has no memories of the time before entering the school. One day he suddenly decides to search for his own reason of existence - he leaves the academy behind and disappears one day without a trace.

He was in fact, the basis for Yuuki Terumi's body, as constructed according to Relius's plan. Behind his quiet gentility lies a cruel and malicious personality, shared by Terumi. Once he merges with Terumi's soul, all of the memories come flowing back.[2]

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Site Profile

A student at Ishana's Academy of Magical Arts.
A person who spends an exceptional amount of his time away from others, he is truly a loner. Whenever it's time for lunch, without fail he always orders his adored boiled eggs. [3]

BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Official Site Profile

The protagonist of "Phase Shift 1". A quiet young man studying magic in the Magister's City of Ishana. For some reason, he feels ill when he makes contact with Celica.[1]



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