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The enigmatic leader of Babel. Under his orders, members of the organization are monitoring and gathering data on Phantom Fields and their Observers.

Alternative: Dark War

Hearn directed Zara to monitor the Phantom Field that was subconsciously created and Observed by Kokonoe. Curious, Hearn entered the Field himself, taking over as its Observer and finding Zara locked in a fight against Ciel Sulfur, Rei, Raabe, Kokonoe, and Iron Tager. He asked Zara on their progress regarding the data, finding that they were in the process of summoning a Bringer of Demise through a cauldron. Hearn then introduced himself to the three agents of the Mitsurugi Agency, and went to attack Rei before being blocked by Ciel.

Ciel, being a Prime Field Device, caught Hearn's attention as he questioned why she would put her life on the line for a human. He also noticed the BlazBlue Alternative she possessed, calling it flimsy imitation. Kokonoe then launched an attack at Hearn, which Zara blocked. Upon Raabe's demand, Hearn told them that they were Babel, but he turned his attention away from the group as he realized that the Bringer of Demise was about to appear. Tager went to attack him, but Hearn's own Observation prevented the blow from landing. Hearn then left, leaving the rest to Zara.[1]


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