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Solo Actions

Blazblue Alternative: Dark War

Situation Quote Audio
New Unit I see, so you're the one who called me here.... This situation is beyond my own theories, but you certainly seem to be in need of combat power. Very well then. I will see your fight through. Magic Guild's Ten Sages, Drei. It's something I've already thrown away, but you can still call me that.
New Unit なるほど、私を呼んだのは貴方ですか……。私などの想像を超えた事態のようですが、戦力が必要なのは確かな様子。いいでしょう。貴方がたの戦い、見届けさせてもらいます。魔道協会十聖・ドライ。既に古巣は捨てた身ですが、そうお呼びください。
Ascension (SS+) So is this power for taking on the world?
Ascension (SS+) これが世界へ挑むための力ですか
Ascension (SS++) There's still a long road ahead of me...
Ascension (SS++) まだ私には先がある……
Ascension (SS+++) Please, guide me.
Ascension (SS+++) どうか私を導いてください
Home Screen
Talk I don't like having to swing these fists to defeat enemies, but it doesn't seem like this situation lets me say that. There's no way around it. I'll give it the best I've got.
Talk 敵を倒すために拳を振るうのは好きではないのですが……。今はそうも言っていられない状況のようですな。仕方がありません。微力を尽くしましょう。
Likes I strive for justice. But it's another question how to reach that justice...Something you can't do without considering.
Likes 私が求めるものは正義です。とは言え、どうすれば正義を貫けるのか……考えねばならないことは尽きません。
Dislikes Cowards and fools.... I can't stand even the sight of them. The ones who should be crying are the ones trying to throw their weight around in the Magic Guild.
Dislikes 卑怯者に愚か者……。そういった連中は、見るに耐えませんな。嘆くべきは、我が魔道協会で幅を利かせているのが、そういった連中ということです。
Hobby Not even a day of training should be skipped. Unfortunately, this place is lacking in opponents I can spar with. What do you think? After all, a healthy spirit rests in a healthy body.
Hobby 毎日の鍛練を欠かすわけにはいきませんね。幸い、この場所では手合わせの相手にも事欠きません。貴方もどうです?健全な精神は、健全な肉体にこそ宿るといいますよ。
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