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"Calling me an enemy, aren't you painting me in a bad light?"[1]
Another Dark Mai

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BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War

Another Dark Mai (アナザーダーク=マイ), also known as Dark Mai and Mai Hazuki, is a character in BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War. She is a possibility of Mai Natsume that has a calamity factor included within her existence. Fighting has become her reason for living, and she is currently acting on behalf of a certain someone.[2]

Another Dark Mai was officially announced for BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War on January 13th, 2021. She was revealed as playable on the 26th of May, 2021. Dark Mai serves as one of the antagonists within the game.


Another Dark Mai is a slender young woman with gray skin, red eyes, and dark purple hair; red patterns decorate her cheekbones. With the exception of these features, her physical shape is near identical to the original Mai Natsume, although she weighs slightly more than the original. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail and she wears a headdress with two dark horns.

Her outfit is similar to Mai's. She wears a backless black and red halter top which has a large cut down the middle, revealing her cleavage. This top has a collar with large red feathers and a white cape attached. Her black and red pants are cut at the hips and have red feathers around the inner thigh. Another Dark Mai's look is finished with gray boots, black gloves, and a large metallic tail.


Completely unlike the original Mai Natsume. Another Dark Mai revels in violence and battle, loving to fight against whoever is in front of her.

Powers and Abilities

Another Dark Mai has roughly the same physical abilities as the original Mai Natsume, but because of her lust for battle and death, she is more dangerous than the original. Her power is enough that she can kill Trinity Glassfille, a member of the Six Heroes, but this was reverted as Trinity was within her own Phantom Field. Another Dark Mai can also battle Ciel Sulfur to a standstill.

Unlike many others, Another Dark Mai is capable of leaving a Phantom Field via a cauldron, a feat that is usually impossible without the Phantom Field being corrected.


Head family
Branch family
Rin HazukiHouichirou Hazuki
Mai Natsume/Another Dark MaiShiori Kirihito

Official Profiles

BlazBlue Alternative: Dark War Official Site Profile

Website Profile

A Possibility of Mai Natsume that has a "calamity factor" included in her existence. Fighting has become her reason for living, and she is currently acting on behalf of a certain someone.[2]

Character Introduction (BBLab Ep.7)

A mysterious girl who showed up out of nowhere. Her personality is abnormally aligned with conflict, and she will often attack without warning. She accepted someone's "request" and came here, but her true motive is unknown. Kagami calls her a "Stranger" (unidentified existence).



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